That Incredible Man

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

In the morning light reality hit me, followed closely by guilt.

I kissed another man. I thought about having sex with him. Good grief what was wrong with me. I was nice to the husband that day, well nice’ish. Being nice to him was a habit that died in the arms of a whore nearly a year ago. And yes, we have been going on like this for a year.

I know what you are thinking. I should have left if I couldn’t forgive him. The problem is that I thought I could forgive him but I was wrong. Maybe it was that apology that I never got that really stuck in my craw.

You would imagine that a man caught cheating by his wife would be fighting to keep her, trying to win her trust back and what not. Not my dear husband though. Shit head walked around the house as though I had hurt him, as though I had humiliated him. And days later he was bloody well asking after her, trying to find out if she was okay???

I read the news every day in the hopes of finding an article detailing her gruesome death. No luck yet, but there is no harm in hoping.

I used to be baking cookies for forest creatures while singing songs sweet and now I was bitter. A sweet peach that became a durian fruit.

Makes me wonder about TGWTDG… how is he attracted to this awful odour coming from my wretched heart???

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