That Incredible Man

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Chapter 12

Chapter 11

I hoped he would leave me alone as I wished he wouldn’t. He was at my desk the next morning before I even had a chance to put down my handbag.

Before we could say anything Shelley C strutted in and exclaimed “shame on you!!”

I nearly wet my pants in my shock. I couldn’t believe that she knew.

Then I realized she was only looking at him and he was looking at me with a pleading look. She turned to me then and instructed me to get his final payments sorted as he was clearly in a hurry to leave us.

He laughed off her suggestion still looking at me sadly and mumbled something about being freelance and how he could be back in a week; we could never really be rid of him.

I felt myself turn cold inside. “He knew it was his last t day. That is why he made his move.”

I refused to meet his eye as I worked and with Shelley C standing there he couldn’t make me, as he often did by putting his hand under my chin and lifting my face until we were eye to eye.

I have in all my life never felt so foolish. So stupid. So used.

When you think you share something special with someone. Only to find out that it is only special to you.

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