That Incredible Man

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

There was little time for moping though. Unfortunately mother’s don’t get to enjoy their melt-downs. Nope. We have to get on with things. And the things I had planned was a 3 day soccer long weekend with my boys at soccer camp.

Ofcourse the husband couldn’t be there because he had to attend some sportmans award thing the Saturday night.

Being stuck at the camp was’nt as bad though. It helped distract me from my embarresment. I had blocked TGWTDG number and recited the words “it doesn’t matter” over and over to myself.

The ridiculous thing was that I felt guilty as fuck.

Imagine that? After all the husband has done, I still managed to feel guilt. It killed me. It really did. Knowing that despite the husbands betrayal my marriage vow’s still meant something to me.

It hurt nearly as much as the day I found out about his affair.

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