That Incredible Man

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Chapter 16

Chapter 15

I went to Mass the following Sunday. Something I hadn’t done since this whole cheating business began. My children didn’t make any comment about it, even though my eldest son and my daughter had been going every Sunday. I knew my eldest boy was just doing his sisters bidding by taking her to Mass. She has had him under her spell since the day she was born.

I planned to go to confession but found that I couldn’t. it is not that I didn’t feel bad about my sins, it had more to do with the fact that I didn’t think I would be able to promise that I would stop.

My best friend The Irish Ready Anytime met me after Mass and joined the kids and I at our house for lunch. She of course had a hang over of note and had spent the previous night getting jarred with a fellow young enough to get her arrested or so she claimed. I call her the Irish Ready Anytime or IRA because unlike me she was 100% Irish, born in Dublin to Irish parents and unlike me who got my dads Italian looks and my mum’s red hair, she actually looks Irish.

Also calling her the IRA makes her laugh so loud she snorts.

The thing I loved about the IRA is her straight forward no nonsense attitude. When I told her about the affair, she exclaimed but “you are supposed to be the dull one!!” and then laughed her head off at the thought of her settling down now because we both cant be no moral bitches at once. The IRA had been incredibly lacking in morals for years. Her favorite date was a married man until my husbands infidelity. Now she hates them all and dates “toddlers” as she calls the early twenties pretty boys she has been shagging lately.

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