That Incredible Man

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Before he walked into my office I had led a pretty reserved life. Good daughter, long suffering wife and harried mother of 4.

I worked hard, went to church, didn’t drink and lived for my family.

To sum it up: my life was a snooze fest…

I don’t know if I would have fallen for the guy with the dorky glasses if I hadn’t just found out about my beloved husbands unfaithful heart but I would like to think so. If I was going to fall for him anyway then that makes the story about me. Not about my husband. Not about the guy with the dorky glasses. About Me.

And as anyone who has ever been taken for granted will tell you “Selfish is the best high to get….”

But I digress (God I have always wanted to say that, ha la deed ah ha ha).

Let me get back on point.

He walked into my office. The guy with the dorky glasses. Let’s call him TGWTDG. Because I have spent my life not being difficult, allow me this pleasure. Who ever named a character TGWTDG before, huh? Any who, so he walks in to my office. I didn’t look up immediately; I was trying to balance a very tricky spreadsheet and could not be disturbed. Not because I am a perfectionist or workaholic but because I had managed to get a job as a junior bookkeeper despite the fact that I am horrid with numbers.

You see I went in for my interview at Menace publishing for the receptionist position and I accidently sat in the wrong boardroom waiting for the interviewer. So impressed was I with the fact they were offering me more money then they had advertised (because it was a different position). I enthusiastically agreed that I can and will perform all the duties they mentioned. Only once I have received my offer of employment did I realize my mistake. And by then it was too late to back out and there I was two years later still drowning in a position I had no business having with TGWTDG watching me as he waited.

Finally I felt sort of, kind of, sure that the spreadsheet was done right and I looked up.

Now don’t expect stars and magic and all that love at first sight BS, there was none. In fact later I would marvel at how I didn’t immediately notice how attractive he was.

Are you Moira?” He asked

And I burst out laughing. I had watched the movie sisters the night before (while ignoring the unfaithful husband.) and the scene where the Korean girl Have –Won and Moira tried to say each others names was still playing in my mind.

TGWTDG looked at me as though I was insane, which was understandable. I cleared my throat and apologized.

My name is Saoirse , spelt S-A-O-I-R-S-E but pronounced as “Seer Sha”. But Mrs. Bates calls me Moira because she says I remind her of her late daughter Moira, even though I have seen pic’s and see no resemblance. Maybe she just can’t pronounce my name? “I laugh again.

TGWTDG looks at me for a very long minute before speaking.

Slowly and deliberately he says “Seer Sha, I am the new freelancer, I was told to bring you my bank details and invoice”

Yes, of course.” I said all business like and took the envelope from his hands.

I was about to make a wise crack but Shelley C the accountant called me from her desk.

For the next two weeks I didn’t see or think about TGWTDG once. Shelley C and I had our hands full with year end and the company was gearing up for Shelley B (The Editor’s) wedding whom she had generously invited us all too.

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