That Incredible Man

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The wedding was a first class affair. (ughh that word again).

A gorgeous wedding venue with a Parisian theme. I am sure I could pay off all my debt and put my kids through university with the money they spent on that one day but yeah that is life…

Husband and I walked in to the usual admiring looks, and a few “you two look so gorgeous together”s.

Bluh it’s enough to make you puke.

Do not think of me as ungrateful. I am not complaining that I am good looking, I am not complaining that my husband is good looking (well, maybe just a little) or that our children were extremely beautiful.

We look good in photos, our kids are well behaved but what really goes on in our home is anything but beautiful.

We know it; the kids know it and the therapists they will eventually see knows it. When my baby daughter asked me about daddies’ boyfriend last night, I threw a glass at him. I missed, but yeah you know.

So our marriage and family was a farce and yet there we were looking like the “future goals” family.

TGWTDG was at the same table as we were and was quite the talker. I was not surprised that he was smart, with the amount of research I have seen the writers put into their work; everyone I worked with was very intelligent. I was surprised by his familiarity. He was friends with nearly everyone and it seemed strange that he only been with the company for such a short time. Besides noticing that, I didn’t really pay any attention to him at the wedding. In fact, when he went up to the stage to perform a song for the couple (I didn’t know that he sings and plays piano); I was in the ladies room helping my baby daughter go “potty”.

It was not like the movies or even my favorite sitcoms.

But and not to brag, it was better. The passion, the need, the crazy confusion and sexy “wrongness” of it all. It was something I never dreamed possible. Maybe it hit me so hard because I swear, I never saw it coming.

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