That Incredible Man

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Alternate Universe

Alternate Universe

My phone lights up


It took you to 20 minutes to reply to “That’s nice””


LOL, maybe I spent that time thinking about other nice things… “

I picture him grinning. I still marvel at how good looking he is. I don’t have to close my eyes to see his soft full mouth, to picture his head of black thick curls and those soft gentle eyes that he tries to hide his quirky square glasses. He wears the craziest clothes in the craziest colors and yet, it suits him. It fits. He is literally everything I have never wanted, a musician when the only thing I play is the fool and a writer when I can barely finish reading my e-mails. He wasn’t as tall as I prefer but he had strength in his arms that I swear I have never ever felt before. It feels as though his strength seeps into me through every touch. Love has made me feel scared, lonely, frustrated and venerable for so damn long. And here it was making me feel invincible.

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