That Incredible Man

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The day after our first conversation I met him on the stairs into the office again.

We have to stop meeting like this.” He jokes

I laugh. To my ears it sounds too loud and unnatural but he doesn’t complain. He chatters on and on about insubstantial nonsense and I feel as though he is a human cup of coffee. I am suddenly awake and I feel something that takes me a while to pin point as excitement. When last have I felt excitement? When last have I felt good?

He joins me in the Scanteen & yes that is what they call our Canteen. Whether it was named this because it is on the same floor as our gossip magazine or whether the powers that be knew how much scandal ling took place in the canteen, I do not know.

He tells me about his huge family, (9 kid’s omg!) and his girlfriend (sigh), he asks me millions of questions about my kids, my job, my interests. It is only after lunch that I realize that not once did he mention or ask about my husband, despite my very obvious wedding ring. I tell myself not to obsess over it and so naturally I do.

By the time I pull into the driveway at home I have already thought up several scenario’s in which we have a passion filled 50 shades love affair, fall deeply in love and the husband loses his mind and begs me not to leave him. And I feel sorry for him as the kids and I pack to move into TGWTDG’s mansion after our Caribbean cruise. Strange though, in none of my scenarios do I become TGWTDG’s wife….

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