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Alexis is a rich 17 year old girl who gets invited to a masquerade ball.What happens when she meets Nick and her whole life changes for the good or bad and what will happen when she wants more?

Romance / Drama
Nya Chandler
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Chapter 1

ForeverMore by Nya Chandler

Chapter 1

Do you think everything is forever? well it’s not,everything is not forever I wish everything was but it’s not. I want more than forever I want forevermore you’ll see what I mean they all will see forevermore.

I woke up to my mom yelling my name I wonder what she wants if you haven’t if she hasn’t guessed it I’ma asleep how people irritate me sometimes.

“Alexis!!!” Mom holler from downstairs again. After that I went downstairs to go see what she wants before she gets mad again.

" yes mother I was asleep so what do you want,” I said in positive manner and she looked at me to see what I was wearing which I was wearing my sleeping clothes.

" Alexis tonight we have a ball to go to and I need you to be on your best manners oh and it’s masquerade ball so make sure you pick out a mask and we will meet down here at 7 p.m. and don’t be late now I’m off to go shopping do you want to come,” mom said and I shook my head no.

" no I want to go shopping with you I was planning on going with Kylie maybe we can go next time mother,“I said then she nodded and then she left the house. After that I took my plate of food and went upstairs to my room to call Kylie. I told Kylie to meet me at my house.After 4 minutes she was here because she only lives down the street.

“Hi girl are you ready for the ball well the masquerade ball I meant I bought you a dress and did you buy me one,” Kylie said and I nodded to tell her I did buy here a dress and she got excited after that we’ve binge watch on Netflix to wast time then after that we put on our dresses and our mask then we went into the car.

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