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chapter 2

Chapter 2

After we got off the car there was a lot of cameras on the by the red carpet and there were all these rich families there and even celebrities there were a lot of people there and I was excited but also frightened because when I walk the red carpet they’ll be a whole bunch of cameras flashing and I hate the Flash because it makes me feel like something’s bad happening I don’t know how to explain it but it’s like that.

“Look all these celebrities are here man I love these event,“Kylie said then we started to walk the red carpet I walked it with my mom and Dad and kylie walked it with her parents. I smiled and waved and blew kisses trying to act like I enjoy this maybe this is the price being rich and basically famous I’m not really famous my parents are but we don’t have cameras following us everywhere we go we’re just completely kind of normal and say. After that we went inside to the ballroom and I decided I wanted to drink maybe a glass of water so I went to go get some then I met this mysterious boy.

" oh sorry excuse me ma’am”, he said in a deep voice you can tell you he’s a little bad you just trying to act little bit nice I don’t know why but I feel drawn to him.

“Its okay,“I said then he gave me a glass of water.

“Hey do you want me to keep you company,“He asked and I nodded he led me to the back of the ballroom which had a balcony.

“So what’s your name?“He asked in a deep but sweet voice.

“My name is Alexis Valentine and your is?” I asked and I politely manner.

“You may not or may know me I’m Nick James.

“Wait your the famous actor and singer” I said and I try not to sound too excited cuz I know what he goes through every single day and I don’t want to be like those people so I acted com but inside I was buring with excitement.

“Yeah well my life isn’t too excited you know every want’s something from me it doesn’t matter what it is they just wanted.“He said and I try not to feel sorry for him because I know that he might not accept my pity.

“Your life might be like that but you should try to enjoy your life maybe put a disguise on and try to act normal.“I said and I know that he was thinking about what I said then my phone buzzed and there was a text from my mom telling me its time to go then I look at the time and then I realized that I’ve been talking to him for the past 3 hours.

" Nick I have the girl we was nice talking to you.“I said and I got up and I was about to go but need grab my hand.

“Wait came I have your number please,“He said so we exchange numbers then we put a mask back on and then went into the ballroom once again after that me ,my mom ,and Kylie went to home.Then me and kylie went to my room and I told her what happen.

“I can’t believe you met Nick James and got his phone number!!!“she said and I smiled.

“We will talk more tomorrow,” I said then we both fell asleep.

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