She Thought It Was Love

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He said he is scared of commitment, yet he had tattoos inked into his skin He said he couldn't love, yet he loved to get drunk He said he would never die for anyone, yet he smokes another cigarette This is for everyone who has ever felt like they weren't enough or like they were too much, for those who were taught their happiness had to always come in last. This is for you.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

As I study for my Anatomy test tomorrow my phone rings. I ignore it and I focus on my studying. I am an A honor roll student, so one little test can’t hurt my A grade for Anatomy but I am an over achiever; I need to get a 100% on that test correct. Ever since I was young I have studied my butt off to get and stay on the A honor roll through out my high school years.

My phone starts ringing again and I look over at it from my book. There my phone sits on my desk with my older brother calling me. He only calls when he needs something. He graduated last year but still acts like a child that needs me to save him out of trouble.

I shake my head and look back at my book.

My phone starts to vibrate now as I get a text message. I clench my jaw to keep myself from answering my brother; I always give in though.

I grab my phone and read the message:

Hey sis, could you lend me money for my rent and pick up some pizza? — Michael

I huff, leaning back in my chair as I cross my arms over my chest and think about it. He’s been living on his own in a small apartment and so far he’s wasted all his rent money on alcohol and can’t even afford to by himself food.

I bite my bottom lip (it’s a bad habit), before I stand up and grab my bag to go get my brother food and pay his rent.

When will I learn to say no to him?

I knock on the door of room 15 and wait for my brother to answer. About 3 minutes later without him opening the door I raise my hand to knock again but before my hand can touch the door, the door flies open showing a dark haired boy with a cigarette in his mouth.

It’s like I have lost my voice and can’t say a word as he moves his tattooed arm, motioning for me to come in.

I swallow hard and walk in to see the apartment a disaster; pizza boxes covering the counters along with other foods, the sink piled full of dirty dishes, the floor of the little living room covered in empty cigarette boxes and empty beer cans along with vodka and whiskey bottles.

As I look around at the messy apartment I feel the dark haired boy looking at me. Nervous, I open my mouth to say my brother’s name, but just like he read my mind, Michael came walking out of his tiny bedroom with only sweatpants on and his hair messy.

“Hey Kitty!”

“Hey Michael.” I say as I set the pizza that I brought down on a chair so I can hug my brother. He wrapped his strong arms around me and the smell of alcohol stung my nose. I thought for a second that I couldn’t breathe until he let me go and I could breathe better.

“What kind of pizza is it today?” Michael asks smiling as he moves behind me slightly to the pizza I brought him.

“Chicken Alfredo— oh my god you got a tattoo!” I say quickly as I stare wide-eyed at his back that now is inked. Michael doesn’t answer me as he chuckles and grabs two slices of pizza before taking a bite out of them.

I didn’t realize my mouth was open until Michael’s dark haired friend came up behind me and said, “Close your mouth darling or else you’ll catch flies.”

I shiver and think, ‘no how about you close your mouth, it smells like smoke.’

I roll my eyes as Michael answers, “Last week. Don’t tell mom or dad.”

“Well, I won’t tell them because that is your job.”

“Thanks little sis.” Michael says to me as he sets himself down on the small red couch covered in cigarette boxes.


“What?” He asks in between bites of pizza. “You have to tell mom and dad sooner or later that you dropped out of law school and that you have no job.” I tell him as his friend grabs the whole pizza box I brought and carries it into the little living room with him.

I stare at the tattoos on Michael’s dark haired friend’s strong arms; they are just a bunch of random things mixed together, it is so stupid, why stain your skin with something so meaningless?

“I know, I know.” Michael sighs out before he grabs a cigarette out of a box and lights it.

“I can’t keep paying for your rent either.” I point out before grabbing the cigarette out of his mouth and put it out on the ash tray. Michael leans forwards on the couch so his elbows rest on his knees and his head in his hands.

“Wow Michael, taking your sister’s money for rent? That’s wrong.”

I turn and look at the dark haired boy as if I’m saying thank you before looking back at my brother.

“Oh Kitty this is Jordan, he’s been helping me find a job.” Michael says changing the subject.

“A job? Like what?” I ask.

No offense to poor Jordan, but he don’t look much like a guy who has a job of even his own.

“A professional fighter.” Jordan says from behind me.

“A professional fighter? What is that?” I ask both of them as I cross my arms over my chest. “I get paid to beat people up. It’s like boxing.” Michael says smiling.

“No.” I say.

Michael raises an eyebrow at me. “No?” He asks like he doesn’t understand what no means. “No. I will not let you have a job like that!” I say angry.

“You can’t pick what I do Katerina. I’m a grown man.” Michael says annoyed.

“Yea, a grown man that needs his baby sister to pay his rent and buy him food.” I point out. Michael stands up, “If I get this job I won’t need my baby sister to pay for anything anymore.”

After a minute of silence I say no again.

“Katerina.” Michael sighs.
“What if you get hurt?” I ask him.

This time Jordan answers, “He won’t. I’ll be training him. He won’t even get hit once.”

I roll my eyes at the cocky dark haired boy. “Yea cause you training him makes me worry less.” I could just see the anger in Jordan’s eyes after I said that, they were covered by a black tint warning me to not say anymore.

Jordan picks up a bottle of Jack and takes a big swig — his green eyes not leaving my brown ones. It felt as if he was seeing right through me, as if I was nothing. I turn around to face Michael again because I didn’t like the feeling Jordan was giving me.

“You should get home. It’s getting late.” Michael tells me, looking at his watch. He then stands up and walks into the bathroom. I sigh and pick up my bag before turning around, only to come face to face with Jordan’s chest. His body only a few inches from mine and his whiskey breath hitting my face.

He leans down slightly to whisper in my ear. My knees feel as if they are going to give out but my hands making fists to punch him if needed.

“I know what I’m doing. Don’t worry about Michael.”

He steps back after he says that and I gain myself back together before pushing past him and out the door.

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