An Unwritten Destiny

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(This is YOUR story! Dan X Reader) You've always been a fan of Dan Howell, you'v always crushed on him. One thing you didn't he crushes on you also. Whenever you try to get close to him you always embarrass yourself until you're best friend Zoe Sugg tried to help you guys get closer Try FAIL Trying Failing Trying Maybe You'll Succeed You probably would if it wasn't for your abusive EX-boyfriend Felix...A.K.A Internet King Pewdiepie. He'll beat you until you bleed if you get close to Dan You never know It's a unwritten destiny

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter One

First, This is a readers perspective! Which means YOU! You’re in the story!

A little info you will need is...

P/O/V ~ means ~ Point Of View

Y/N ~ means ~ Your Name

Y/F/N ~ means ~ Your Full Name

Y/L/N ~ means ~ Your Last Name

Y/T/U ~ means ~ Your Twitter User

Y/Y/A/N ~ means ~ Your YouTube Account/Name

(And btw you’re British)

And this is written in second person ! Not first, not third, second!

This is a new experience for you and me so lets get through this together

Anyways that’s most of the info you will need! I hope you enjoy! Here we go with “An Unwritten Destiny”

You are the biggest female youtuber with 54,938 Subscribers

You’re were almost the biggest youtuber but Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie) Beat you with 55,635,151 subscribers and of course you’re obsessed with the youtubers Daniel Howell and AmazingPhil

You’ve always tried to meet them at YouTube conventions but whatever you do you always embarrass yourself

When your best friend Zoe tried to introduce you at PlayList 2014 you split your drink on yourself and Dan

~PlayList 2014~

“Y/N!” Zoe ran up to you

“Hey Zoey!” You hugged her

“I’m so happy you came!” She smiled

You laughed “Why wouldn’t I come!”

She handed you Pepsi/Fruit Punch

“Thanks” You whispered

“Y/N I know how you’ve been feeling after your break up with Felix” She said quieter

“Hey” You touched her shoulder “I forgot about him”

She smiled and squealed

“What?” You laughed

“Look who just got here!” She turned you around to see Dan and Phil getting their passes

Zoe knew you would FanGirl if you turned around

“Bloody Hell” You whispered to yourself

“Phil and I are childhood best friends” Zoe looked at you staring at Dan “I could introduce you guys”

You turn to her quickly “You can!?”

She nodded

“You” You stuttered

“Y/N We’re going to say hello” Zoe grabbed your hand

“Zoeyyyyy” You whined

Dan stood next to Phil as they talked

“Hey Phil!” Zoe had that smile that no one could say no to

“Hey Zoe!” Phil smiled hugging her

“Dan!” Zoe hugged him which made you feel jealous

“Hey Zoey” Dan laughed

As she was distracted talking to them you slowly try to inch away when she wasn’t watching

“Y/N!” She turned around

“Yeah” You laugh nervously

“Phil, Dan” She paused “This is Y/F/N or as many of us know her as Y/Y/A/N”

“How could we not know who the queen of YouTube is” Dan laughed

He got down on one knee “My Lady”

You started to blush vigorously

“Dan...get up” Phil said

Dan laughed and got up

“Sorry” He smiled

“You’re fine” You whisper

“Hi” Phil held out his hand

“Hi Phil” You smiled

Alfie was running from his “Fans” and “accidentally” ran into you

He stumbled , spilling your Pepsi/Fruit Punch on you AND Dan

Dan stumbled back

Aflie cupped his hands over his mouth trying not to laugh

“Alfie!” Zoe scoffed

You were on the floor and Dan was staring down at you

Everyone was staring

“’m...” You stuttered

He didn’t reply he just stared at you as you got up

Everyone watched you

You looked down then ran off

“Alfie! Look what you did!” Zoe yelled

“Y/N” Zoe yelled and rushed after you

“Dan?” Phil touched his shoulder “Are you okay?”

Dan just nodded slowly

“Come on lets get you changed” Phil lead Dan back to their hotel

“Y/N!” Zoe yelled in the halls

“Y/N!” She said searching everywhere for you

She heard sobbing coming from the girls restroom and went to look for you

“Y/N!” She said relieved she found you

Your make-up was running

“Sweetie” She hugged you

You also embarrassed yourself at PlayList 2015

EVERYONE saw you

Everyone gasped and laughed

No one forgot this time

~PlayList 2015~

Zoe and You grabbed your passes and walked into PlayList

“I’m happy you decided to come with me Y/N” Zoe said

“Yeah...I just hope Dan and Phil don’t come” You said

Zoe nodded as you both walked to Joe’s panel

You both sat in the first row

“GO JOE! LOVE YOU BRO” Zoe smiled and laughed

“And there is my big sister” Joe laughed

“YEAH I AM” Zoe yelled

“And there is her best friend Y/N” Joe pointed at me

You smiled and waved

“Come up here!” Joe pointed the mic towards the crowd “What do you think! Should they!”

Everyone screamed

Zoe looked at you and then grabbed your hand

“Zoe...I...don’t think we should” You whined

By the time you finished your sentence you were already on the stage

“Round of applause for Zoella and Y/Y/A/N” Joe started clapping

Every clapped and whistled

“So you guys” Joe said “Lets do a Q&A”

“Tweet us using the hashtag PlayListQ&A” Joe continued

Everyone rushed to get their phones out ad tweet out #PlayListQ&A

You just kinda stared out into space

“Y/N” Zoe whispered

You looked up “Oh haha”

“This question’s for you” Joe said

You nodded

" Skylar41103 asked ~ Do you have a crush...on another YouTuber” He asked

Everyone stared at you

“Um...” You looked into the crowd

Joe started walking closer to you with the mic pointing towards you

You backed up

You back up even farther

“Y/N!” Zoe said seconds before you fell off the stage

Everyone gasped

A few laughed

You hit your head knocking yourself out

Little did you know that you fell right at the foot of Dan and Phil

“Y/N” Zoe jumped down beside you

She shook you “Come on Y/N...Wake up”

Joe ran to get the paramedics

Phil and Dan knelt down next to you

Dan put his ear to your chest to see if you were breathing

“She’s still breathing but very weakly” Dan said

The paramedics pushed Dan and Phil back

Zoe refused to move

“Look she’s my best friend” Zoe said

“You have to back up” They said

Everything seemed in slow motion to her

Joe pulled Zoe back

Phil took Dan away

“Look Phil I have to make sure she’s okay” Dan pleaded

“No, she barley knows you” Phil said “She probably doesn’t know you exist, leave her alone.” Phil looked Dan into the eyes

Dan looked back at the commotion and almost cried

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