Vampire Blood - ON HOLD

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Chapter 9


“Yeah, Kade. It’s me. I’m alive.” I tell my brother, and I hear him sigh in relief on hearing my voice. I cried when I heard his voice. I missed my brother so much. His little rant upon answering made me laugh. It felt so good to hear my brothers voice, even though he was yelling like a lunatic. And that was so like him. To scream at a salesman. I’ve heard him do it multiple times. I always thought it was rude, but this time it just made me laugh.

It was more so on hearing my brothers voice again that made me laugh, but it was just so him and I missed him so much. He may be an ass, but he’s my older brother and I love him. I just hope he can find me before it’s too late. I don’t want my friends and family to have to deal with the cops finding me dead. I want to get home to them, but I don’t know how or if I will. I’m really scared that there is no escaping. I’ve tried and it’s gotten me nowhere. I just hope Kade can come up with a plan or something. I’m sure he and Coby can come up with a great escape plan to get me the fuck out of here in one piece.

Now, if I can execute whatever plan they may have perfectly, that will be a miracle because I can be clumsy as shit sometimes and if I do anything wrong in any escape plan, I’m screwed. I just hope they have an idea.

It’s a good thing Ryer didn’t notice that his phone fell out of his front pocket before he left the room. Also good that he doesn’t have a passcode. Or I would’ve been screwed. Although it does have the emergency call button so I could’ve called 911 without unlocking the phone. I’m just glad I could call my family. I know they have to of already called the police. Which is the only reason I called Kade instead of 911.

I just hope the police are searching for me right now. And if Kade has an escape idea, maybe I would run into the cops. That would be a miracle if I did. I just have to pray to God that I make it out of here alive.

So far Ryer hasn’t hurt me in a little while, but he is probably waiting for me not to be as dizzy as I was. Well, jokes on him, since I’m getting the fuck out of here asap. I just hope my brother has an idea of how I can get out.


“Hold on baby sister, I’m coming to get you.” I promise her, already throwing my shoes on and running down the hall like a bat out of hell to grab my keys. I don’t even think to tell my parents right now. I’ll call them on the way to wherever she is. Right now my first priority is getting my sister back. “Please tell me you guys already called the police.” She says, almost hesitantly, like she thinks we might not have.

“Of course, we did. Last night. When I saw you were gone...” I let my sentence hang and shake my head. I can’t let my sadness fuck me up right now, I need to focus. “Where are you?” I ask and I hear her sigh sadly. “I have no idea where I am, Kade. All I know is that I’m in this gigantic mansion in the middle of the woods or something. And the names of my kidnappers.” She says and I practically growl in anger.

“Yeah, Ryer, Jay, Lucas and Theo. I know.” I tell her and she gasps so loud I wouldn’t be shocked if they heard her. “ do you know that?” She asks, clearly confused and surprised. This is our fault. We should have told her years ago. If we had, she wouldn’t of been so vulnerable. “Other than the ransom note Ryer left, I had a bad feeling. There is a lot we need to tell you, baby sister.” I say to her as I walk out the front door and head to my Charger.

“Ok. Well, do you have an idea of how to get me out of here? Like an escape plan or something?” She asks nervously and I growl in anger. “Alexa, I’ve taught you self-defense techniques, use them. And as for the escape, these bastards are smart, so you need to be smarter. If you see any open windows or anything, jump out. Be as silent as possible, then run. I don’t care what direction, just run. I will find you.” I instruct her, hoping she manages to do this and that they don’t catch her trying to escape.

“Um. Ok. I can try, but there is no way I can outrun them if they see me. Kade, these guys, they’re not, um, normal, so to speak. I’d never outrun Ryer if he saw me. He would probably kill me right then and there.” Alexa tells me, and I grip my phone tight. I know they aren’t human. And she is clearly trying to tell me that without sounding crazy. But does that mean she knows they are vampires or just that they have some creepy abilities and she can’t explain it?

“Make sure you’re not seen, Alexa. You have to be quiet, smart and sneaky to get away from them. And be careful.” I inform her, hoping she takes what I say seriously. She better take what I say seriously or she will be in deeper shit than she is already in. I need her to listen to me and jump out a window.

“Ok, I will. I got to go. Ryer probably already realized he dropped his phone and is probably on his way back for it as we speak. I love you, Kade. Tell mom and dad I love them too. And Audrey. And most importantly, tell Coby that I love him. So, so much.” I nod even though she can’t see me and agree. “I love you too baby sister. And we’ll find you.” I promise her, then the line goes dead.

I quickly type in the code to track the phone she called me from before I send a quick text to Coby to get his ass outside, without any explanation whatsoever. I trust that Coby knows enough to not question and just do what I said right now.

I hop in my car, turn the key and slam on the gas. Coby is standing on the sidewalk outside his house and doesn’t even wait for my car to come to a full stop before he’s opening the door and jumping inside. “What’s happening?” He asks once his door is closed and I’m already driving. Before he even has a chance to put his seatbelt on I’m already going forty down the street. “She called me.” I respond, turning the corner way too quickly. I’m lucky I didn’t flip the car.

His eyes bug out and he looks shocked but yet more hopeful than I’ve ever seen him look. “Is she ok!? Where is she? What happened? Is she hurt!?” He starts bombarding me with questions and I cut him off. “She sounded ok, but I have no fucking idea where she is. She used his phone to call me so she couldn’t talk long, but she has no idea where she is. All she said was he owns a giant ass mansion in the middle of nowhere.” I grit out angrily. Fucking bastard is a monster and owns a giant ass mansion in the middle of fucking nowhere and holds my sister hostage. Motherfucker.

“How the hell are we going to get her then!?” He yells with a glare and I smirk. He is too pissed and worry to think rationally right now, otherwise he would’ve figured it out. “I am tracking the phone as we speak.” I inform him, pressing harder on the gas, even though if a cop sees me I’m already asking for a ticket. I’m nearly going sixty on the damn streets. He gets a look on his face like he realizes he is an idiot for not already knowing that answer.

“What did she say?” Coby asks me and I answer. “She said to tell you that she loves you and I promised her that we would find her.” I explain vaguely. I’m in no mood for questioning, I just want to get to my sister. I swear I see him gulp out of the corner of my eye. “What does she know, Kade?” He asks me, concerned and somewhat nervous. “I don’t know.” I answer honestly. I hope she knows enough to keep her alive. “I didn’t have much time to ask her many questions, so I don’t know how much she knows or what has happened to her since getting kidnapped. But I did tell her to jump out a window and run.” I tell him, my knuckles white on the steering wheel as I imagine all the shit they could have done to her. If they raped her, I swear to God I will torture them so fucking badly they will beg me to kill them.

“Ok good. I hope she does. Even if she ends up in the woods we would still find her.” Coby agrees, and I nod. “You don’t think they’d, rape her, do you?” Coby asks what I was thinking, nervously, but I can also see the burning rage behind his eyes and fists clenching at his sides as he says it. “I fucking hope not.” I say, knowing damn well if they did, I don’t know how she will recover from that. I would be dying inside and she would probably just feel empty. I don’t want my baby sister to go through that.

I swear to everything if they laid one fucking hand on her they will die a slow, painful death. That’s not a threat. It’s a promise. Ryers going to die anyway, but how quick or slow depends on Alexa’s wellbeing. If he harmed one hair on her head, well, let’s just say Ryer will be in an unbelievable amount of pain for a while.

Maybe I’ll rip out his fangs and keep them as a trophy. I’m really not sick, I just despise this bastard. I have every reason to hate him, even if Alexa has no idea about anything our family has been through and dealing with for years.

I get onto the freeway onramp and speed up more. Seventy-five mph now. I pass by a few cars and cut off a few slow idiots, who honk at me. “How far away does it say she is?” Coby asks. I look down at my phone. Fuck. “Two hours.” I reply, gripping the steering wheel tighter and pushing impossibly harder on the gas pedal. I’m now going ninety-three mph in a sixty-five zone. At this rate I’m going to be pulled over within ten minutes. “Two hours!? Are you fucking kidding me!” Coby yells in anger and worry, pulling out his phone. I press harder on the gas. One-hundred mph now. Its far, but I’m going to go as fast as possible to get to her.

“What are you doing?” I ask as I swerve around a slow car, who slams on the breaks and lays on the horn at me. Nearly causing themselves to get rear-ended by hitting the breaks so hard. Idiot. “Texting your parents, and mine. Since I’m assuming you didn’t tell anyone before you left.” Coby says knowingly, and I nod in thanks.

“Should we call for backup? It is Ryer who has her, Kade. Who knows what he might do.” Coby asks me, and I shake my head. “Exactly. It’s Ryer. If we come in guns blazing with an army behind us, he won’t hesitate to kill her. And most likely in front of us.” I shudder at the thought, as does he. “No, just us is safer for her. And I told her to try to run and jump out a window.” I explain, but he looks at me like I grew another head. “And if she does escape, how would we know? We would end up at Ryer’s place when she could be charging through the woods!” Coby nearly shouts at me and I give him a quick glance.

“They would be losing their minds if she escaped. Trust me, we’d know. Then we would just head into the woods. Alexa would absolutely end up leaving a trail on accident since she doesn’t know how to cover her tracks, and we would just have to find her trail first. And make sure we find her first.” I gulp. If she escapes and they find her…I don’t want to think about what Ryer would do to her for doing that. I just have to pray to God that she jumps out a window, runs into the woods, and gets far away. I’ll find her. We will find her. Always.

Let’s just hope she can be sneaky and get away. It would be better if she made it to town, but I’m assuming that Ryer is nowhere near a town, or it would take her awhile at most. She’s fast so she could do it if she tried. As long as they don’t find out.

“Kade, do you think they…drank from her?” Coby asks me nervously, and his fists are clenched. My fingers grip the wheel tighter. “I hope not, but knowing that bastard, its possible they all did.” I answer him, trying to go faster, but the pedal is already on the floor. “You don’t think they would turn her, right?” This time, I ask the question. Coby’s head flips toward me and he has a bewildered look on his face. “Fuck me. I didn’t even consider they would turn her. It’s Ryer, he would just kill her. He wouldn’t turn her. Would he?” He successfully answers my question with his own question. Wonderful.

“She couldn’t handle that. She would never want to hurt people. It would kill her.” I answer, but its more to myself. Coby nods in agreement. “She sounded normal on the phone right?” I nod absently, following the tracking on my phone. It will take me straight to them, as long as Ryer doesn’t leave the house with his phone. Ah shit. If he leaves and takes his phone we will fucking lose the location. Shit. Lets just hope he stays put.

“Wait. What do you mean normal?” I flip my head in his direction and he cocks his head, giving me a look and instantly I know what he means. “Mother fucker!” I shout, then recall how she sounded. Scared. Quiet. Relieved. Her voice wasn’t off. She was gasping for breath. She didn’t have a raw throat. She didn’t start screaming that she was craving… I quickly shake my head. “She is fine, well, as fine as she can be. She’s still her.” I assure him and I see him visibly sigh in relief. “You’re sure?” He asks and I nod confidently. “I’m sure. She’s alive.” I say, not wanting to even think of her becoming a monster like them. It would kill us. So, I push it to the back of my mind.

“How much fucking farther!” I scream angrily, looking at my GPS. “Fuck!” I scream when I see how long it will take. At least another hour and a half. I really hope my sister can get out a fucking window. It will be so much easier for all of us. If not, we somehow have to sneak in and that won’t be easy. Shit.

I press harder on the gas if possible, and by now I’m going ninety-five in a sixty-five. I’m going to get arrested if I’m caught. Not that I care about that right now. I’d probably keep driving.

“How the fuck is she going to escape? Don’t you think if she could, she would’ve by now?” Coby asks irritably and I can tell he is so damn scared. I shake my head. “I’m sure she has tried, but I’m sure she tried to run from them instead of actually coming up with a plan. She needs to outsmart them, not just try to run past them. So I made that clear.” I explain, getting onto a different freeway and cutting off several cars who angrily honk at us.

“Well, what’s the plan once we get there? We can’t charge in guns blazing, and how will we even know if she does escape?” Coby asks a question I didn’t think threw, and then I slam my hand on the steering wheel in frustration. “Fuck.” I scream, not knowing how the fuck we will know. “Well, they would be freaking out, but that’s only if they knew. If not, we have no fucking way of knowing. We’ll have to search the house first, then the surrounding woods. Or, we split up. Me at the house, you searching the woods?” I suggest and he nods but looks uneasy.

“It’s not going to be easy just one of us if we’re caught, but it’s the best option.” Coby agrees and I nod my head, knowing this rescue mission could possibly get all of us killed.

I drive faster. It’s already past six and it’s going to be getting dark soon. I don’t know if that will make this easier or harder for us. The last thing I want is Alexa running around in the woods in the dark all by herself. But if it’s broad daylight it will be easier for Ryer to spot us. Shit. Maybe the dark will be a good thing. Easier to hide that way.

I just need to get there.

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