Vampire Blood - ON HOLD

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Chapter 1


It’s after ten, pitch black and fucking freezing. It’s so cold, my fingers are starting to get numb. That’s what I get for ridiculing the idea of wearing gloves. As Mom said, “Wear gloves honey. It’s going to be really cold tonight.” I scoffed at her and said, “Mom, I’m a big girl. I think I know my limits. I don’t need stupid, fuzzy gloves. I’ll be fine.” I’m so not fine. My fingers are so cold. Mom is so going to say, ‘I told you so.’ when I get home tonight. And I deserve it, this time. At least my toes are warm, on account of me wearing my Uggs.

I walk through the dark parking lot towards my white shitty AF 2004 Toyota Corolla that sits on the very edge of the parking lot. The headlights are very dim -almost non-existent-, the seat warmers barely heat up, the sun visor on the passenger side is broken and won’t stay up and constantly falls open. So, it has hit my best friend Audrey, my older brother Kade and my BF Coby in the head on more than one occasion. I felt bad for them all, but poor Audrey got a small bump and a bruise since I was on the freeway and the visor flew open quickly when I slammed on the brakes.

My Mother, Elaine, has been pestering me about getting it fixed, while I have been begging my Daddy, Jack, to buy me a new car. Mom gets mad when I beg Dad for a new car and tells me to be grateful for the car I have and to just get it fixed. I can’t afford it. I don’t have a job, although I have been looking. I’ve asked Kade for a loan, but he just laughed and said no. I could only ask him once, since bugging Kade is a very stupid decision. He is a very obvious bad boy, and not to be messed with. Albeit, he would never in a million years hurt me, but he will tell me off, cross his arms -which makes him look very intimidating-, give me a hard look, then shut and lock his bedroom door so I can’t continue bugging him.

Kade has short brown tousled hair, with those brown eyes that all the girls go crazy about. He attracts many girls, and makes me give them the morning after talk cause he is never home the morning after. It’s always the usual, “He went to work, but he will call you.” Which means, he bailed and made me lie to you, because he isn’t calling. They’re all just an easy lay to him. He has so many, I can’t even count on two hands how many he’s fucked. In his room. Which is beside mine. So, I usually have my TV on and headphones in. I don’t want to hear that.

I have heard it a couple of times though. Once, it was after midnight so my TV was off, and then I heard loud moaning. I literally almost threw up. My TV was turned on immediately and I put in my earplugs. The second time I walked to the bathroom, and I heard the shower running. I assumed Kade was taking the shower and I was going to knock to ask him how long he would be. Then I heard a female voice yelling out Kade’s name. I shrieked and hightailed it away from there.

Why Mom and Dad don’t do anything about that is beyond me. They should yell at him or ground him, but no. They don’t do anything. They know about his one night stands, but don’t put a stop to them. But with me, they gave me a full on speech about waiting for marriage, and that having sex will make me a slut, and how I could get STD’s or pregnant, etcetera, etcetera. I understand, and agree, mostly.

I’m a virgin anyway, and I plan on staying a virgin until I’m in love and I’m ready. Yes, I love my boyfriend Coby, but I’m not ready for sex yet. Coby wants it, but he said he is willing to wait until I’m ready, which only made me love him more.

Kade is two years older than me, and he just turned eighteen two months ago. My sixteenth birthday was yesterday, and I had a huge sweet sixteen party with all my friends there. It was a large masquerade themed party which was very similar to the vampire diaries masquerade ball. I even wore the same dress, which was envied by my friends.

I did my waist-length golden blonde hair up like Katherine Pierce’s, and wore the same mask, and similar shoes.

Coby wore the same mask Stefan wore, along with a nice tux and we were the hottest couple there.

He has light brown hair, and beautiful green eyes. His skin is tan from all the time he spends in the sun playing sports in school. He is a jock, as he’s the football quarter back.

After the masquerade party, all of us girls had a spa night at a fancy hotel, while the guys all went to some sports club or something.

Coby is the same age as Kade, and my parents weren’t happy about me dating a guy two years older than me. But, they have known Coby since he was in kindergarten since he is my brother Kade’s best friend, and eventually I got my parents to agree he is a great guy.

I have always had a crush on Coby. Well, it really started when I was eleven and he was thirteen. I would always admire him, but I never let him know I liked him that way. He always saw me as Kade’s little sister, nothing more.

Then one night when I was fifteen and he was seventeen, he was slightly drunk -while Kade on the other hand was hammered and passed out in his room- Coby was staggering through the living room toward the couch. Mom and Dad were away, and Kade took full advantage of the empty house and threw a huge fucking party. So, anyway, while I was walking out of the kitchen Coby tripped and landed on me, spilling my ice water on both of us. I giggled. “Shit, sorry Alexa.” Coby apologized to me, but I laughed it off. And the way we landed, was an intimate position. I was on my back with him on top of me, pressing into me. Then he just kept looking into my eyes, and drunkenly leaned forward and kissed me.

I was more than shocked and froze for a second. When he went to pull back, I responded, stopping his movement. Then we ended up making out on the floor, covered in ice water. After that, we talked on the couch for hours, in between make-out sessions. We ended up falling asleep cuddled next to each other. Thank God Mom and Dad weren’t home, or they would of freaked.

Kade was still asleep when I woke up that morning, so he didn’t see -thank God-, otherwise best friend or not, Coby would’ve had a black eye. Even though all we did was sleep, nothing else. I woke Coby up, and he asked me out and told me he’s been wanting to do that for weeks, but didn’t know how I felt. I smiled widely while blushing, and agreed. We have been together ever since.

Oh, and Audrey happens to be Coby’s little sister. Kade and Coby are the same age, and Audrey and I are the same age too.

Audrey freaked when I told her. She was grossed out at first, then was really happy.

I pull my jacket tighter around me, trying to conserve some more heat. I should’ve worn more layers, because I’m fucking freezing. And I’m not close to my car at all. I’m just lucky the heater works in it, because if it didn’t I’d be screwed. The seat warmers heat, but not to the full warmth it should get to. I’m shivering, and covered in chill bumps. My teeth are chattering at this point, and I’m sure my lips are turning blue.

At this rate, I’m going to get the flu and hypothermia.

MOM: Alexa, honey, where r u?

ME: Walking to my car. Y?

MOM: Just wanted to know. I thought you’d be home by now, was worried. Love you.

ME: Sorry I worried u. Love you too.

This is why I hate taking care of Mrs. Drake’s apartment when she’s on vacation. I’m always here till super late because of her many annoying, tedious, daunting, demands. Her yappy little Chihuahua’s have to be fed a certain fucking diet that takes twenty minutes to prepare twice a day, have to be groomed twice a day, and given baths every other day -which I told her is way too much, she got mad- and blow dried on low. Never yell at them even when they yap for hours on end, always go outside with them so a bird doesn’t carry them off -which I laughed at, the odds of that happening aren’t high, possible though- etcetera, etcetera.

I also have to turn off all the lights in her apartment except the living room. And if I must go to the bathroom, use the guest bathroom. I also have to turn off and on the alarm every time I come and go. Plus, dusting the whole apartment. Every. Single. Day. Fuck, I should be getting paid more.

But, she was my Mom’s favorite teacher in school, so I do this as a favor to her. Plus, the ten bucks an hour doesn’t hurt, especially when I’m here from seven A.M. to nine A.M. and four P.M. to ten thirty P.M. Truth be told, that’s the only reason I still apartment sit for her.

Stupid little irritating dogs. Scratch that, Mrs. Drake is more irritating than the dogs, although they are annoying little things too. And that’s coming from me, and I love dogs.

AUDREY: Still at Mrs. D’s apartment?

ME: Yeah, but I’m leaving now. Finally.

AUDREY: Poor u. That is one demanding lady. Plus, her dogs r annoying af too.

ME: Tell me about it.

AUDREY: LOL Coby says hi BTW, and he wants to talk 2 u, I said no. HAHA LOL I’m evil.

Typical Audrey. I laugh.

ME: U R. Tell him to text me pls.

AUDREY: He is already going for his phone. LOL He’s like a love sick puppy. It’s kind of adorable and very amusing to watch. LOL


She makes fun of him for being adorable with me when he’s normally a bad boy like Kade.

It was less than a minute before I got a text from him. I love it. Coby is the best boyfriend.

COBY: Hey babe.

ME: Hey. Y R U up?

COBY: Wanted to talk 2 u, then Audrey said she was talking 2 u already, so I told her it’s my turn. UR mine.

I laughed.

ME: Yours.

COBY: Exactly.

I laughed again. He’s all mine, and I’m all his.

COBY: Where r u?

ME: Leaving Mrs. D’s house now. Almost to my car.

COBY: Are you watching ur surroundings? There could be crazy people.

I laughed. Hard. I love that he cares though, but the odds of there being crazy people in an apartment parking lot, is low. There are other people around, and in the apartment lobby, so I think I’m pretty safe. But I’ll humor him, like always.

ME: Yep. Very alert. No crazies.

COBY: I’m serious Alexa.

ME: I know. I’m very alert and aware, you know that. There is nobody that seems off. Promise.

It’s true. I am very aware of my surroundings. Sure, this parking lot and the apartment building do give me the creeps a little bit, but that’s only because it’s an old building.

But now Coby got me freaked out a little. Damn him. Now I’m constantly looking from side to side, like a paranoid person in a horror movie. Ha. That made me giggle to myself.

COBY: Ok. Just be careful. Love u.

I smiled.

ME: Love you too. TTYL

COBY: Gr8 Bye.

I put my phone back into my jeans back pocket, then continued walking towards my car. Ugh. God. Why’d I have to park so fucking far? I’m so cold, and I feel likes it’s dropped at least two degrees in the past few minutes. I should’ve listened to my Mom and worn more clothes, and gloves. I’ve learned my lesson, and I’ll listen next time. Lesson very learned, the hard way. My fingers are getting numb. I put my hands in my armpits, which is kind of gross, but they are warming up. My car isn’t too much farther from here, but it’s not that close either.

Stupid Mrs. D.

Thank God, she will be home tomorrow morning, so I’m done apartment slash dog sitting for her. This is not happening again, unless I’m downright desperate for money. Which I freaking am. Dammit.


I see her, walking to her car, looking as innocent as ever. Her long hair is pulled into a ponytail, and she is shivering in the cold air. A slow smirk makes it’s way to my lips. The innocence radiating off of her is so strong it’s almost palpable. This girl is going to be terrified out of her mind when I get my hands on her. That makes my smirk widen.

But, I’m not taking her now. It would be too fucking easy. Out here, in the open, all alone. She’s already uneasy, I can feel it. I want to get her at her house, in her room, where she feels safe and protected. That will be perfect.

But not tonight.

Soon though. Very soon I’ll have her in my grasp. And I won’t let her go when I do, and once she’s served her purpose, I’ll kill her. I’ll drain the life right out of her, after fucking her first. There’s no way I’m missing that opportunity. No, I’d never rape her. She’ll want to fuck me, if not, I’ll just kill her.

The girl has down to her ass wavy golden hair, mesmerizing ocean blue eyes, pouty lips and long legs. She looks like she’s freezing, and I see her wrap her arms around herself in an effort to conserve some heat. Idiot. If she’d worn warmer clothes, her lips wouldn’t be turning a light blue color right now.

I turn around, and get back into my red Chevy Camaro. I leave and head back to my mansion. No use in watching her forever when I'll have her in a day.


I finally reach my car, and unlock it. With slight effort, I pull the door open and get inside. I turn the car on, and right now I wished the heater and heated seats worked as well as other cars. Mine barely heat. Nevertheless, I turn the heated seat on anyway, same with the heater.

I’m a little warmer, not much, but a little. It’s enough though. I don’t live far. I only live about ten minutes away, give or take, depending on how many red lights I get stuck at. Which knowing my luck, I’ll get stuck at all of them. I pull out of my parking spot slowly, then exit the parking lot and get onto the street.

Yep. Red light.

And yep, I got stuck at all of them, turning my ten minute drive into a twenty.

MOM: Where are you?

Mom texts, right when I pull into our driveway.I giggle to myself, and then text her back.

ME: In the driveway.

MOM: Good.

I giggle again, then put my parking break on and turn my car off.

I shove my phone into my purse, then get out of my car. It's gone down another two or so degrees, so once I'm out of my car and I lock it, I sprint to the front door.

Inside the house, the heater is on and it feels so nice and warm in here. "I'm home!" I shout, then put my car keys on the key holder. Which is sitting on a small table by the front door. "Hi sweetie!" Dad says as he walks up and hugs me, I smile. "Hi daddy." I say as I hug him back. "How was dog sitting?" He asks, and I scowl. "Annoying, tedious and irritating like always." I answer and he raises his eyebrow in amusement. "It's not funny. I really don't like taking care of her place and animals. She is one annoying, and demanding old bag." I complain, then out of nowhere my hair is ruffled. And not by my Dad.

"Are you insulting an old lady little sis?" Kade jokes, and I glare at him as I take my hairband out to fix my hair which he just messed up. "Yes, in fact, I am. She is a royal pain in my ass and I thank the Lord she is coming home tomorrow because I can't take being her little apartment slave anymore." I continue and Kade's eyes twinkle with mirth, and his lips curve into a smirk. Uh oh. "Someone's panties are in a serious twist. And you know little sis, as funny as it is to watch you call yourself a slave, you could always get a normal job." He suggests and I give him an annoyed look.

"I've been looking for a normal job Kade! I can't find one! Nobody want's to hire a sixteen year old who's never had a job before! And, I have to get a stupid work permit too, which dad said he'd help me get." I say, then turn my hard look to my Dad, who looks sheepish. "And I will. I've just been busy baby. I'll help you get one tomorrow. I promise." I narrow my eyes at him, but believe him. "Where's mom?" I ask, now noticing she isn't out here where we have seem to have gathered in the living room. "Bathroom." Kade answers me and I make an 'o' shape with my mouth.

"Where have you been job hunting?" Kade asks, with a raised brow. "At the mall, grocery stores, restaurants, etcetera." I tell him, and right then Mom walks into the living room and smiles at me, and I smile back. "Hi honey. How was apartment sitting?" Mom asks me, and I scowl again and take a deep breath. Kade notices and bites back a laugh. I glare at him. "It was-" Kade cuts me off. "Tedious and annoying, and she is sick of being Mrs. Drakes apartment slave." He finishes, then he catches my wide-eyed stare and smirks. He is so dead.

Mom gasps. Oh, shit. Mom thinks I love apartment and dog sitting for Mrs. D. when I actually hate it. And now she knows that. Shit. Kade is in seriously deep shit. I give Kade a death glare, but his smirk doesn't falter.

I swear, Kade is one of the most badass bad boy's I've ever met, but he can act like such a child around family. I'm going to get him back for this.

"You said what?" Mom breathes out in disbelief, and sits on the round chair. "I, um, I, ugh," I stutter and Mom looks at me expectantly, waiting for me to continue. "She also called Mrs. D. and old bag." Kade adds on and I glare so hard if looks could kill Kade would be fifty feet under right now. "You said what!?" Mom all but shouts, and I pale a little. I look at Dad for help, and luckily he takes the hint. "Elaine, honey, Mrs. Drake isn't an old bag. Alexa is just a little annoyed with Mrs. D's demands, that's all." Dad explains, and Mom gives him a hard look.

"Demands?" Mom questions with an eyebrow raised and her arms crossed, and Dad gulps a little. "Did I say demands?" Dad asks nervously, and Mom nods slowly. "Well, I meant tasks." Dad says, and Mom narrows her eyes at him, then turns her angry look to me and I gulp.

You better run Kade.

"You better start explaining, young lady." Mom orders, and I nod. "Ok, you know how I always said I love helping her out and taking care of her dogs?" I ask, and Mom nods uncertainly. I gulped. The truth is about to come out. "Well, um, I ugh, I kind of, lied?" It came out more like a question than an answer, and I mentally face palmed myself.


"You, lied?" Mom says, and I nod shamefully. "Yes, I lied. I'm sorry mom, I know how much you like your old teacher and I didn't want to hurt you by telling you how much I hate her and her demands. Yes, demands, not tasks. She has pages of demands, and her dogs are so God damn annoying I could just through them out the window. And I love dogs! I just didn't want you to know because she was your favorite teacher, but I can't take being her little slave anymore! I'm not even allowed to yell at her dogs when they bark, and they bark the whole time I'm there! That's barking for hours on end! I can't take it anymore!" I finish my rant all in one breath, and cringe when I see Mom's look.

"What-" I cut her off. "Mom, can we please talk about this in the morning? I'm really tired and I need to take a shower. Please?" I begged. I saw her resolve break and she let out a deep breath and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Fine." She breathed out, annoyance clear in her tone.

I grinned and jumped up from the couch. I hugged my Dad goodnight, glared hard at my smug looking brother, and smiled slightly at my Mom. "Night dad, night mom, love you." I said to my parents. "Love you." They said in unison. "Night, Kade." I said, with an evil look on my face. He didn't flinch, but he's in for it, and he knows it.

I walked down the hallway to my bedroom, and locked the door. My room has light aqua walls, with hardwood flooring and a walk-in closet. Walking over to my dresser, I pulled out a pair of panties, a bralette, and some pajamas from Victoria's Secret. The pajamas are my favorite; cotton short shorts and a V-neck cami.

I went into my private bathroom, and turned the shower on hot. Not too hot to wear it burns me, but way warmer than usual. I'm still a little cold.

After stripping out of my clothes and throwing them in the hamper, I got into the hot shower. I washed my hair with my citrus scented shampoo and conditioner. While I washed my body with my mango scented body wash.

I took a thirty minute shower, and by the time I was out it was eleven thirty. I quickly dried off and got dressed, then slipped into bed. I'm exhausted, and I need a lot of sleep. I curled into my thick aqua colored comforter, and fell asleep quickly.

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