Vampire Blood - ON HOLD

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Chapter 3


Her hands and legs are bound, and I put duct tape on her mouth. Her eyes are wide and alert, and I can smell the fear radiating off of her. She’s absolutely terrified. She can’t see me, at least not well. It’s too dark for her human eyes to see my features. Even when her eyes adjust to the dark, I’m still too well concealed.

Tears are pooling in her ocean blue eyes, but I feel no emotion or sympathy for her. I throw her into the back of my SUV that I had parked down the street and hop into the driver’s seat. I didn’t take my Camaro as it would've been too difficult to throw her into the back seat of it. Gunning the engine, I press my foot hard on the gas and take off. But not to quick to seem suspicious, just enough to not be seen. The last thing I need is any witnesses of this kidnapping I just committed. Then I'd have a lot of people to kill -not that I haven't killed thousands already- and the news story would be called, 'There Goes The Neighborhood', and then my friends and I would have a good long laugh. But I'm pretty sure that would draw a shit load of attention.

She's thrashing around back there like a fish out of water, trying to get free from the ropes restraining her wrists and ankles. Her voice is coming out muffled from the duct tape on her mouth. I stare at her for as long as I dare to drive without watching the road then turn my eyes back to where I'm driving. Then she looks up, and her eyes are facing straight ahead, watching the road as well.

Then I realize something and my eyes go wide.

I slam on the brakes and look back just in time to see her body fly off the seat and slam into the back of the front seats. I put the car in park, and slam my door open violently. Opening the back door, I see her lying on the floor of the car looking stunned and slightly disoriented. She did hit the seats pretty hard. If I cared, I would've cringed and felt bad. But I don't, so I just grab her biceps hard and pull her to me. Her ocean blue eyes go wide once again, but she still seems slightly dazed. Fuck. If she has a concussion...ah damn. I don't need her passing out on me. She has tears flowing down her cheeks, and starts shaking her head rapidly as I pull her closer.

Gripping her close, I grab the blindfold out of the seat pocket and go to put it over her eyes. It proved difficult when she kept moving her head trying to prevent me from doing so. Gritting my teeth to resist the urge to slap her into stillness, I finally manage to get the blindfold over her mesmerizing eyes.

Wait, mesmerizing? WTF am I thinking that for?

Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I shove her back onto the seats rather harshly then slam the door closed.

She still couldn't see me, it's still too dark, which is good. I'm not ready for her to see my face just yet. I want her to suffer a little, and not seeing my face will only scare her more. She is only wearing short black pajama shorts, and a charcoal gray tank top. Those shorts are way too short, and if she moves just right I could easily see up them. Not that I'd mind, though. And her tank top is tight, and is taut against her breasts, which are slightly showing at the top.

Hopping back into the drivers seat, I turn the AC up all the way and looking in the rear view mirror, I see her shiver. A evil smirk grows on my face. I'm a mean bastard when I want to be. Putting my SUV back in gear, I continue on my way. She's leaning against the seat, and no longer thrashing around like a disoriented seal. Whether it's from the flying off the seat incident or from fear of my wrath, I don't know.

I take back roads, so even if she is smart enough to count how long it takes to get there, or try to memorize the turns I take, she still won't figure out where we're going.

Not that I think she is doing that, though. I glance back continuously during the drive, and I can clearly see the chill bumps on her arms. I smirk, and press on the gas harder. My intention is not to make her a popsicle, but to show her I'm not fucking around. Besides, if she is freezing, she will be focused on warming herself up instead of focusing on the turns my car makes.

The full moon is at it's peak and lighting up the scenery around us. It's quiet and eerie, no other cars are around at this point. I've been driving for nearly an hour now, and I'm almost to my mansion. We're basically in the country, and it's quiet and isolated enough she'll have to run quite a ways to find someone if she ever escaped. But, that will never happen. The nearest neighbor is a good mile away from me, and that's what I like so much about my mansion. No witness's.

At another fifteen minutes or so, I pull into my large circle gravel driveway. There are four other cars parked, only one of the four belonging to me. My three best friends live here as well. There's a blue Lamborghini, a yellow Ferrari, a gray Porsche, and my red Camaro sitting proudly in display. I park my SUV near my Camaro, and put it in park. I turn the car off, hop out, then open the back door to grab her. When I open it, she is shivering widely, and I'm positive it's a mix of fear and because the AC was on full blast the whole hour drive and she is wearing tiny clothing. Not that I or any of my friends will mind though.

The blindfold is still covering her eyes, so she doesn't know I'm about to grab her. A strangled squeal like sound escapes her when I do, as I'm rather rough with her. Again, I grabbed her biceps and tugged her to me, then flipped her around and grabbed under her knees, carrying her bridal style. She's struggling and wiggling in my hold, and it's pissing me off. Its not like I'm just going to miraculously let her go, so I don't know why she's bothering trying. Nevertheless, she is still wiggling around and if she doesn't stop I'm going to end up dropping her. Whether it's on purpose or not is still debatable. Hoisting her up higher on my chest, I get a better grasp on her so even though she's moving, she won't fall. As much as I'm tempted to just drop her onto the ground so she'll take the hint and quit squirming, I don't.

But I do warn -more like threaten- her though, "If you don't quit squirming around, I'm going to purposely drop you on the concrete." I whisper lowly into her ear. She shivers and stills. I smirk. The rest of the way into the house her body is tense and rigid, and freezing. Her skin is like an ice cube and her lips are starting to turn blue. I know if I don't warm her up soon she could get hypothermia, or at the least the flu. The last thing I need is my hostage coughing and hacking all damn night. So, as much as I am enjoying her misery and suffering, I'm going to warm her up.

Carrying her into my mansion, I take her all the way down all the halls and twists and turns, down to the empty room I use for these kinds of things. The cement room has chains hanging from the walls and ceiling, a small twin mattress on the floor shoved up against the wall, and one small window at the top of the wall with metal bars on either side of it and a sensor. She is too weak from the cold to chain standing up, so I lie her on the hard little mattress and grab the chains on the wall beside it. Pulling out the knife in my back pocket, I cut the rope off her wrists and ankles then replace it with the chains. I only put the chains on one of her ankles, and leave her other ankle and wrists free. She doesn't even bother trying to fight me anymore, she's too cold and terrified to even bother.

All she is doing now is rubbing her hands up and down her arms trying to conserve some body heat. Somewhere, deep, deep, deep, down in my body, I feel a twinge of guilt for freezing her, but I shrug it off. I don't feel guilt for people. And I will not feel it for her. Fuck that. Her lips are slightly blue, and she is covered in goosebumps. She is still shivering widely and I need to warm her up. Now. I leave the room and head to the closest hall closet and I grab a few blankets and one pillow out of it. Why I grabbed her a pillow, I don't know.

Back in the room which is more like a cellar, I walk over to her. She doesn't even seem to care about my presence anymore, all she cares about is getting warm. The light is off, but I can still see her perfectly. She's shivering bad, and is still rubbing her arms at a fast pace. I drop the pillow onto the mattress beside her, and drape the blankets over her shivering form. She is still a little dazed and confused and doesn't even notice the blankets or pillow. Sighing deeply in annoyance, I wrap the blankets around her. She doesn't even notice me touching her. She is very out of it.

I slip my fingers under the blindfold and pull it off. She doesn't even care. Now she's grabbing at the blanket, and wrapping it tighter around her. Walking back into the hallway, I turn the heater on in the cellar/room. Once I'm content she won't turn into a human popsicle, I go upstairs.

Still slightly irritated, I go to the fridge and grab a couple blood bags and two six packs of beer. In the large living room, I slouch down in my leather recliner. I gulp down the blood then chug down the whole sick pack. I grab my seventh beer and turn my flat screen TV on. Irritated that there's nothing good to watch, I turn on the first horror movie that pops up on the guide.

After two hours of the stupid movie, two six packs, and four blood bags, I'm tired. My buddies are all asleep. If I strain my hearing slightly I can easily hear snoring. I get off my chair and head to my master bedroom. It's on the second floor of my house and it's huge. My walls are a deep blood red, I have hardwood flooring, a king size bed with black blankets and sheets, and a black leather couch against the wall facing the TV. My TV is also directly in front of my bed, so the couch is at a slight angle.

I go into my large bathroom and change into pajama pants. No shirt. I don't bother turning the TV on. I'm exhausted and all I want to do is sleep. I flop down onto my bed and I'm out within seconds.


I'm so cold. I mean, I'm slightly warmer now that my kidnapper oh so kindly (note the sarcasm) gave me blankets. After he's the one who made me an ice cube in the first place! He so did that on purpose. Bastard. And he slammed on the brakes making me fly into the seat. Dammit that hurt. I probably have bruises all over now. Not just from that but from how tight he gripped my arms. He's not gentle at all. And then suddenly he gently wraps a blanket around me after squeezing the life out of my arms and tossing me around like a rag doll? He makes no sense. What was his purpose in making me a popsicle? For what, his own amusement?

That's crazy. And he didn't have to grab me so hard, it's not like I could get away even if I tried. Which I did. Crazy bastard is strong. And I grew up with an older brother, so that's saying something. Kade taught me how to fight and escape a stronger person, specifically a strong male. So, why I could barely even move when he grabbed me puzzles me. He's freaking strong.

Well, I'm warmer now for sure. I have the blankets like a vice around me. I'm tired, but I'm scared to fall asleep here. But, I'm so tired. I mean, he gave me a pillow and blankets, but that doesn't mean I'm safe. He kidnapped me for God's sake! This could all be a trap. Make me think I'm safe enough to sleep, then come in and strangle me. But, that would just be stupid. Logically, I know that's stupid and the odds of that are super low. I mean, why would he kidnap me, give me a blanket and a pillow, then come strangle me when I fall asleep? That doesn't make any sense. He wouldn't kidnap me just to kill me an hour later. That's ridiculous.

But then again, he is a kidnapper. So he's crazy, and who knows what crazy people do. He could have a room full of clown suits. Oh, God. I would die of a heart attack if he did. Clowns are my worst nightmare. At least he wasn't in a clown suit. Then I probably would've passed out.

Why did he even kidnap me? Why me, of all people? Why did he want me specifically? I didn't see his face, but I did hear his voice. He doesn't sound familiar at all. But he does have a sexy voice. Wait, what!? Why the hell am I thinking that? No, I will not think anything good about my kidnapper. Not even his smooth, melodic, sexy voice.


I wonder if his face and body are as perfect as his voice? Stop, Alexa, stop right now. Get your mind out of the gutter and focus on escaping. I'm chained to the wall, so unless I have a key or a helluva lot of butter to grease my ankle, I'm not going anywhere. I tug my ankle anyway, just to see if it can slip through. Nope, no way can it fit through. Shit.

The chain is at least five feet long, so I have plenty of room to lie down to sleep and move away from the bed if I want to. But I'm nowhere near the door. There is a window that's large enough for me to fit through, but there are bars on either side of it. Crap. I look around the room, but I can't see much since it's so dark. I can only see the window since the moonlight is shining through it.

Even if I could reach the door, I know it's locked. I heard him deadbolt it on his way out. I'm so fucking screwed. I'd scream, but I doubt anyone but him would hear me. Who knows where we are even. Probably in the middle of nowhere. Perfect place for a kidnapper to keep the victim. I stand up and look out the window. I have to get on my tip toes to se out of it, but I do. Yep, I was right. It looks like we are somewhere in the country, and we're surrounded by trees. Great. I don't see any other houses or any sign of civilization. No chance of me getting any help.

Fear keeps rising and rising in my body, and it's almost full-blown terror. I'm trapped. And I'm so scared. I don't know what to do. Kade never taught me how to escape a kidnapping. Oh, no. Kade. He is going to freak out when he realizes I'm gone. Mom and Dad. Oh, no. They are going to be so scared. But then they will call the police and then they'll find me. So, I don't have to worry. The police will find me, and arrest this psycho and then I'll be safe with my family, friends, and boyfriend again.

Coby and Audrey are going to freak. Audrey, Kade and Coby are gonna go ape shit then go on a rampage. Suddenly I pity my kidnapper. He might need to run from them and find a damn good hiding spot. Oh well.

I wonder if they noticed I'm missing yet. I know, its only been about two hours, give or take, but maybe one of the heard something and went in my room to check.

God, I hope so. But even if they didn't, they will check on me in the morning. I know that for a fact. The second I don't show up in the kitchen for breakfast, someone will go in my room and check on me. Then they'll see I'm not there and they'll call the police and find me.

The moon is lighting up the room a little more now, and it looks like a damn cellar. I don't think I'm in a cellar or basement, but it sure looks like one. I don't even know why he bothered chaining my ankle to the wall. It's not like I could escape anyway. The door has a deadbolt and the window has bars on both sides of it.

I'm not strong enough to break the deadbolt or bend the bars. I'd end up breaking my hands if I tried. And I can't break the door down either, I'd break myself or knock myself out trying. He just wanted to be a bastard. I curl up into the blankets, and scan my eyes around the room. There has to be some kind of way to escape. A weak spot in the door, an air vent, something. But there's not. There's no way to escape except the door and the window with are both blocked off.

He can't possibly think I need this much security to keep me here? I'm not strong, I can't break them open. I can't even squeeze through the bars, they are too close together.

I'm almost asleep at this point. My eyes keep closing involuntarily and I don't think there's anything I can do to stop it. So I lie down and let sleep take over.

I turn over and my legs are stuck. During the night I must've got the blanket wrapped around me. I pull the blanket off my legs and shiver. I yawn and stretch, then slowly sit up. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I blink them open. I startle, when I don't recognize the room I'm in. Then everything that happened last night came back to me.

I was kidnapped. I was turned into a human popsicle. I was chained to the wall. I'm trapped.

No, no, no! I was hoping that was just a nightmare. It sure as hell feels like one. I tug on my leg, trying again to pull it free. I can't. An angry slash scared screech escapes my lips. "Coby, Kade, please find me." I plead into nothingness. I tug harder on the restraints. I know it's useless, my ankle's not breaking free anytime soon. "Hey! Let me out!" I shout, not sure if I want him to hear me or not. On the one hand, I want out. But on the other, I don't want him anywhere near me. The guys obviously a psycho.

And of course, I'm like the only girl in the world who doesn't have bobby pins in her hair. Now I'm wishing I did. At least then I'd be able to unchain my ankle. I don't even have a safety pin. Great.

The room has cement walls and cement flooring. No paint or carpet. Nothing to make it any less scary or homey. There is lights on the ceiling, but they're off. The only light I have is from the sun shining through the window. Luckily, it's bright enough to light the entire room. The door looks like reinforced steel. I ain't breaking that down anytime soon. I don't have a wreaking ball. There is a draft in the room, but it's not too bad. Besides, I have like, three blankets to keep me warm. I'm not even sure where the draft is coming from.

Not that it matters. Hopefully I won't be here long. For all I know, my family could have the cops looking for me already. Hope lights in my chest. Yeah. I just have to hold onto the hope that someone will find me. I know they will. They won't stop until they find me. I know that for a fact. They will never stop until I'm found. No matter how long it takes. I just hope there was at least one witness to my kidnapping last night. Someone who saw him break into my room, or drag me out of it, or throw me into his car, something. Even someone seeing his license plate would be helpful. Even if they didn't suspect anything of it. An unknown car seen in the middle of the night is suspicious.

God, right now I wish I had better fighting skills. I mean, I'm decent at fighting, but I'm not great. I couldn't escape his hold last night, so there's no way I could today. But then again, I was freezing last night and that could've limited my ability to fight. Right? Plus, it doesn't help that he seems to have the strength of twenty men put together. How is he so strong anyway?

I don't have time to think about it because of all a sudden I hear the deadbolt on the door opening. My breath catches in my throat and fear trickles down my spine. I'm suddenly frozen in place, much like last night. He's here. Once I begin breathing again, it comes in fast, short pants. I'm terrified. The door slowly begins to open, and at this point I'm shivering in absolute fear. Tears well up in my eyes, but I refuse to let them fall. I will not show him my fear. If I have to put on a brave façade to live, then I'll do it.

It opens wider and wider until I see the silhouette of a man stepping inside. The closer he gets, the more scared I get. Then he's fully inside. And I finally see his face.

Holy hell.

He is the most attractive guy I have ever seen in my life. His hair is black and styled like he just rolled out of bed. But it's still sexy in that I don't give a fuck way. His eyes are just as dark. They're black. So black, you can't tell where his eye color stops and his pupil begins. He has that perfect chiseled jaw line that I'd love to run my fingers across, and perfect lips. My eyes go lower to his broad, muscular shoulders covered by his black V-neck T-shirt. His collarbones are showing, and damn. They are nice. I wonder what the rest of his body looks like. I can't tell as it's covered by his shirt.

I wonder if he has abs? And how deep V-lines?

Wait. What the hell? I have a boyfriend, and this guy kidnapped me. I need to get my mind out of the gutter right now.

My eyes go back up to find his, and I see the amused smirk on his lips. Well, that's embarrassing. My psychotic, gorgeous kidnapper caught me checking him out. I feel a blush rising to my cheeks, temporarily replacing my fear with embarrassment. "Good morning, Alexa." His deep, sexy, voice greets and I freeze again as the fear finds it's way back. He knows my name. So, it wasn't a random kidnapping. It was planned. That increases my terror by like a hundred.

I gulp.

"H-how do y-you know my name?" I stutter out and his sexy, irritating smirk widens. "Oh, I know a lot more about you than just your name." He answers, and my chest is rising and falling rapidly in fear. What all does he know? "How?" I repeat. "Well, Alexa, you have a lot to learn. But for now, lets get breakfast." Breakfast? Is he serious? He kidnaps me and now he's offering me breakfast? I'm so deep in thought I don't notice him walking over to me. I curl into myself, pulling my knees under my body in a self protection position. Huffing in annoyance, he bends down and unchains my ankle.

I look around him, and notice he left the door open. I could jump up and make a break for it, but it's very risky. Obviously knowing what I was going to do before I do it, he whispers, "I wouldn't run if I were you. You won't make it far." He warns and I gulp again and nod.

Standing, he offers me his hand. I hesitate. He gives me a look that's daring me to not take it. So, against my better judgement, I grab his hand. He pulls me to a standing position and we begin walking toward the door. "My friends will be joining us." Is all he says as we go towards the kitchen I'm guessing.

Oh great. He has friends. Yay. Even more kidnappers. One is hard enough to escape from, now there's more. Fantastic.

"How do you know my name?" I manage to ask again, without stuttering in fear. I call that a success. He smirks again, and I hate how damn attractive it is. "Like I said, Alexa, I know a lot about you." He answers with a sardonic smile, and if I wasn't so terrified I'd slap him. I huff quietly in annoyance.

How does he know me? I've never seen him before. I'd remember that. I wonder what else he knows about me? Has he been stalking me? That brings a whole new level of fear in me.

I'm already terrified that he knows my name, if I find out that he's been stalking me, I don't know what I'd do.

We walk into what looks like a dining room and I see a large table. And when I see his three friends sitting at the table, my jaw practically hits the floor in shock and I freeze in my tracks. Sitting at the table, are the three douchebags from the mall.

Jay, Lucas, and Theo.

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