Vampire Blood - ON HOLD

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Chapter 4


Oh. My. God. Oh my God! Those creepy assholes from the mall are in on this!? WTF!? What is this, some kind of sick prank? God, I wish it was a prank. But the gut wrenching fear inside me tells me it's not and this is all too real. Maybe I should pinch myself and see if this is a nightmare, it sure as hell feels like one.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Lucas muses with an amused slash evil smirk on his face. "Hello there, it's so nice to see you again, Alexa." Jay says my name in such a condescending way I want to slap him. How the fuck does he know my name anyway? "It's so nice to see you again." Theo joins in the mocking, and I feel the urge to knee them all right where it hurts.

Ryer's grip on my arm hasn't loosened, so I start to struggle. I'm sure I look like a worm, but I don't care at the moment. "" I grit out and continue to wiggle around like a fish out of water. "I said let go you stupid kidnapper." He looks at me like I grew another head before gripping me tighter, preventing my movements almost completely. "Not happening. So stop fucking wiggling." He says, voice teetering on annoyance. If I wasn't so scared of him, I'd smirk at the fact that I managed to annoy him. Although I can't seem to stop the small smirk that appears on my face at my small victory.

"What the hell is going on!? What do you crazies want with me!?" I yell, but I don't bother struggling anymore. It has proved to be of no use. "You'll find out in due time." Well, thanks for the vague AF answer mister sexy kidnapper. "What the hell is that supposed to mean? Why can't you tell me now?" I don't know where this sudden confidence came from, but as long as I have it I'm going to roll with it. "What did I just say? You'll know when I want you to know." He answers, sounding annoyed. Then a thought comes to mind and I smirk. "Why is she smirking?" Theo asks, and he looks a little concerned and worried of my intentions.

My smirk only widens.

"Dude, it's starting to freak me out a little." Theo continues, and it only makes my smirk eviler. "Are you seriously getting freaked out by a simple little-" Lucas sees my look, stops talking, gulps, then, "smirk." finishes his sentence. "Dude, stop freaking. She's just smirking, it doesn't mean anything." Jay tries to comfort his uneasy friends, but I can tell it doesn't work. The only two who seemed unfazed are Jay and Ryer. "You two are fucking idiots. She's probably just smirking to make us think she has some sort of miraculous plan to escape." Ryer tries to rationalize my evil smirk.

Oh well, sucks for him. I turn my body as much as I can to face him, then bring my knee up as fast and as hard as I can and I successfully nail him right in his manhood. A loud grunt escapes him and he hunches over, and accidently loosens his grip, which I was hoping for. Taking my chance, I pull my arm away from him and bolt. The other three don't have a chance to react by the time I'm halfway out of the kitchen. I push my legs as fast as I can go, and manage to make it out of the kitchen. But damn, his house is like a God damn maze! There are so many twists and turns I'll be lucky if I can find a door before one of them catches up to me.

And fuck does that not take long at all. In less than one minute someone has a tight hold on my left arm. "No!" I screech and turn my head to see who's holding me. Jay. Shit. Well, at least it's not Ryer. "Let go of me you bastard!" I yell, struggling in his grip. He smirks. "Ryer is going to be very angry at you Alexa. That move you pulled was a low blow." Jay's smirk is irking the fuck outta me. "Yeah, well, kidnapping and chaining someone up is a low blow too dickhead." I retort angrily. "Dickhead?" He chuckles, and I attempt to step on his foot. Keyword: attempt. I miss, of course, and just slam my foot harshly on the hardwood floor.

Jay drags me unwillingly back to the kitchen where Ryer is now standing straight up again with a look on his face that makes me want to reel back and run for my life. He is livid. "Alexa, that stunt you pulled will not be forgotten." Ryer tells me, his voice eerily calm. I gulp. Oh fuck. I'm in deep shit. I struggle more in his grip, trying to get away from the death glare Ryer is shooting me right now. God, he could kill with that look.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" Lucas taunts, and I want to slap him. "I can't believe she had the balls to, well, nail you in the balls." Theo says, and Ryer shifts his glare to him. He holds his hands up in surrender. "I'm just saying, no need for death glares." Ryer snorts then turns his glare back to me. "Try that again, and you won't live to see tomorrow." Ryer threatens -more like promises- and I gulp.

I shakily nod my head, and I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. This guy has intimidation down. Although I can't help but feel a little smug about nailing him hard in the balls. "Now, let's eat. You must be hungry." Ryer says, dragging me toward the kitchen table and pushing my down onto a chair hard. Breakfast? He's actually going to feed me and not starve me to death? Well, that's odd. Although I'm not sure I trust what he is planning on feeding me. What if it's drugged or something?

I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't notice the plate set down in front of me. On it is bacon and eggs. Ok, so, he kidnaps me, chains me up, drags me around, then feeds me bacon? What the heck? I grab the fork and stab my food and poke at it. When I look up from stabbing my food, I see that all four of them are looking at me like I grew two heads. "What?" I ask a little harsher than I dared. "Why are you murdering your food?" Theo asks me, looking at me like I'm a nut. "How do I know it isn't poisoned?" I question with my eyebrow raised.

Jay and Lucas choke on laughs. "If we wanted to kill you right now, we wouldn't do it by poison, kitten." Lucas answers and I swear the glare I send his way should have his balls shrinking back into his body. And by the look on his face, my look did just that. Wait, did he say right now? Oh, great. So that means they are gonna kill me. Well, hopefully I can stall long enough to think of a way to escape before they get a chance to kill me. Now just how am I going to do that?

Hesitantly, I take a bite of my food. It's surprisingly good. They watch me as I eat, and all their eyes on me makes me squirm. I want to yell at them for staring, but I'm not dumb enough to do so. I already pissed Ryer off by kneeing him where it hurts, I can't push my luck. Who knows what they'd do if I said anything they found rude. Although staring is considered rude, I'm not going to say anything mean.

"I can't eat with all of you staring at me." I murmur uncomfortably, squirming in my seat. Ryer, Jay and Lucas smirk, but Theo looks away and chuckles. I narrow my eyes at them but shove a bite of egg in my mouth and look away from their intense gazes. Although staring into Ryer's eyes isn't the worst thing. His dark, sexy, sinful eyes. And his body, so strong, muscular, perfect. He's one hundred percent lethal. In more ways than one.

Wait. Why the hell am I thinking this? I have an amazing boyfriend and this guy kidnapped me. Freaking kidnapped me! Out of my bed! What the hell!? Who the hell does that!? And what kind of horny idiot finds her kidnapper attractive!? I should not be finding him attractive in any way. He literally kidnapped me, threw me around, and chained me up. This is ridiculous!

I end up shoveling my food in my mouth like a starved animal, anything to get away from their watchful eyes. But me acting like a rabid animal doesn't make them take their eyes off of me, if anything, they are watching me more. After practically inhaling my food, I look up at them to see them all looking at me like I'm an animal. "What?" I glare, and they all just go back to eating. I sniff, then try to get off my chair without any of them noticing.

I inch my way closer and closer to the edge of my chair, hoping they aren't noticing my movements. But, unfortunately for me, by the time I'm at the edge of my seat, they are all conveniently done eating. FML. If I was braver, I'd ask what they wanted with me, but I have a feeling after what I did to Ryer, he won't be in a very willing mood to give me answers. I did nail him pretty hard.

I stay seated while the guys stand up and place their dishes in the sink. When Ryer turns back around to face me he has an evil smirk on his lips. I gulp. Oh, shit. So help me God, if he plans on hitting me in the boobs for payback, he will die a slow death. He stalks over to me slowly, only intensifying the fear he has planted in me so well. When he reaches me, he grabs my arm like he does best and tugs me to stand. I'm stiff as a board, and he can see it. "Aww, man, look at her. She's like a post. I can smell the fear radiating off her, Ryer. What're you planning on doing to her?" Theo says, looking amused at the whole situation.

Ryer's smirk stays planted firmly in place while he answers his stupid buddy who I want to smack. "Whatever I damn well please." That does not sound good. Does that mean he's going to rape me? "No, no, no! Please don't touch me. Please." Now I'm wiggling around in his iron like grasp. He looks appalled, which makes me stop wiggling for a second. "If you think I'm going to rape you, you're wrong. I may be a bad guy, I may kidnap, I may torture and I may kill, but I will not touch a woman without her consent." I stare into his eyes, searching for any detection of a lie, but all I see is one hundred percent sincerity. Wow.

Well, then. I did not expect that. That doesn't make me trust him or want to go anywhere with him, but at least I know he's not going to rape me. "What about them?" I whisper to him, glancing to Jay, Lucas and Theo. Mainly Lucas. "They won't touch you." Ryer tells me, then pulls me along. I don't bother struggling this time, it's no use. I'm not stronger and we both know it. "Where are you taking me?" I ask as he pulls me along down all the twists and turns of his maze like mansion.

He gives me a side glance but doesn't say anything. Alrighty then mister kidnapper, give me the silent treatment. Real mature. "Hello? Where are you taking me?" I repeat looking at him, while trying not to trip over my own feet. His eye twitches in what I'm guessing is irritation, but still says nothing. I take a deep breath and try not to do something I'll regret. Like slapping him. I huff in annoyance and just stare at the floor as he pulls me along to who knows where.

I chance a side glance at him from the corner of my eye. He's staring straight ahead, he looks focused. Damn, he's so attractive. Why does he have to be so damn attractive? It's just not right. No psycho should be this good looking. Oh, God, if this keeps up I'm gonna end up getting Stockholm Syndrome. Lovely.

But hopefully the police are already looking for me. God, I hope so. I mean, they probably won't find me today, but hopefully they'll find me soon. I know the police are looking for me, cause by now my family and friends have to know I'm missing. I mean, they would check on me, see I'm not there, probably call Audrey and Coby and see if I'm there, and when they say I'm not, they'll call the cops. So, as long as the cops find me before these guys have the chance to kill me, I'll be fine.

And now that I know that he doesn't plan on raping me, just what does he have planned? Torture? I felt myself pale a little, and I stumbled. He looked at me when I lost my footing, and I'm sure he could see the look of utter terror on my face, but he didn't say anything, he just kept walking. I kept tripping over myself, as various types of torture fluttered through my mind. Maybe I'd prefer to be raped by him, rather than tortured. At least he's damn good looking. What the actual fuck am I thinking right now?

I notice we are heading the same direction that we came from, so I'm assuming he's taking me back to the room I was in. But when we walk right past that room, I'm proved wrong. Oh, great. Where the hell is he taking me? When he shoves me into a room with nothing but two chairs in it, and chains sitting on the one, my question is answered. He is going to torture me. My mind suddenly felt foggy, I got dizzy and I started to sway a little. The last thing I saw was Ryer's bewildered look before everything went black.

When I open my eyes, everything is a bit blurry before I blink a few times. My head is lolled to the side and I lift it up, trying to take in my surroundings. "Ah, so you're finally awake." I snap my head in the direction of the voice and I'm met with Ryer's intense, yet slightly amused, gaze. He is sitting in a chair across from me, and I look down to notice that I am chained to the chair. My heart starts beating faster and I start to move around, then remember its futile, and remain still.

"Why am I tied up?" I whisper looking down, unable to keep his gaze. He chuckles, a low and sexy sound that makes my lower region come to life. I lift my head to see his face and notice the mirth dancing in his dark eyes. I gulp. He has a sardonic smile on his lips and this look in his eyes I can't quite decipher. "Well, it would be weird if my scared little victim was running lose." He answers, looking quite amused with himself. I, on the other hand, am not amused with his antics.

"That's not the answer I was looking for." I tell him dryly, trying my hardest to look bored rather than terrified. "You, Alexa, are tied up, because it rather amuses me when you're scared. And I can't exactly fuck with you if you're running around recklessly, now can I?" I want to smack the amused smirk right off his stupid unfairly attractive face. "What do you want with me?" I ask, my voice quiet. He laughs. He fucking laughs. Arrogant bastard.

"Now, I think it's time that I talk and you shut up. I let you have your fun, asking questions, now it's my turn." His smirk goes from amused to flat out evil in two seconds flat. He is terrifying. How can someone so damn hot be so damn psychotic and terrifying at the same time? It doesn't seem fair. He should either be hot or psychotic, not both.

I gulp. I have no idea what he has going on in that gorgeous head of his, and that scares the fuck outta me. He said talk, so hopefully he really means talk and not torture. Although talking can be torture, depending on exactly what is said. Hopefully, it will be a cake walk. Just simple conversation. Ha. Yeah, right. Boy am I dreaming.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" I ask uncertainly, trying to hide my unease. He smirks again, and it really is unfair how attractive he is. But this time his smirk sends fear down my spine. My body is covered in goosebumps and my heart rate has picked up. I can feel it. I wouldn't be surprised if he could hear if with how hard and fast my heart is beating right now.

Other than his smirk, I have no idea what he is thinking. His face is a mask. I can't tell if he plans to hurt me or just talk. I doubt it. Sure, he said he want's to talk, but that doesn't mean that's all he's gonna do. "Well, Alexa, I have lots of things to say. And lots of things I'd love to do to you, but that can wait." I still. What kinds of things does he mean? Oh, God. He is going torture me! Well that's just great. I have to get the fuck out of here. "Do you know why you're here, Alexa?" He asks me and I just give him a WTF? Are you serious? look. "If I knew why I was here, I wouldn't of asked." I reply, with a little too much snark. Although he seems rather amused with my attitude. For now, at least.

"You really have no idea why you're here?" His smirk is amused, and I can tell he is enjoying this way too much. He loves knowing that I'm scared and out of the loop. I have no earthly idea why I'm here, and he knows it. He's just enjoying rubbing in that fact. "No. I don't." I answer him, daring to look into his dark, sinful eyes of his. He chuckles, and it's low and deep and sexy as sin. Shit. "Oh, well, this is just perfect. I thought you'd figure it out, but it turns out you don't have a damn clue! Oh, this is really gonna suck for you then, sweetheart." Ryer stands, and I start breathing heavy in panic. What is he gonna do? Hit me? He walks toward me slowly, and I'm so on edge I'm about to knock the chair over backwards just to get away from him. But, obviously sensing what I was gonna do, he grabs the back of the chair before I can tip myself over and instead pulls me forward, closer to him.


"Where you really about to knock yourself over?" He asks me with a cocked brow. I blink, and don't answer. He laughs. "Really? As if that would have done anything other than give you a headache when your head connected with the concrete floor." He has a point. Jerk. Sometimes I'm amazed at my own stupidity. I sag my shoulders and hang my head. "Look at me, Alexa." I shake my head, still looking at my feet. "I said, look at me." He says more firmly this time, and grips my chin hard, and pulls my head up to look at him. I wince from how hard he is gripping me, but have no choice but to look at him.

"How are you so naïve to everything around you, Alexa? How are you so blind to the truth that surrounds you?" Ryer murmurs softly, looking me straight in the eye. I can see on his face that he is genuinely curious and that makes me even more confused than I already was. What I am naïve about? What is hiding from me? I don't get it. "What are you-" I start, before he cuts me off. "Oh, well. I guess I get the enjoyment of telling you everything. Well, not everything." He smirks evilly. What is he talking about!? He gently strokes my cheek with the back of his fingers. I flinch. He doesn't take his fingers away. Instead, he moves them down to my hair and wraps a lock around his finger. I jerk my head to the side, pulling my hair out of his grasp and he chuckles.

Though I have to admit I am growing to really like the sound of his laughter, it makes me want to punch him in his attractive face right now. First he has his friends harass me at the mall, then he kidnaps me, then he ties me to a damn chair, and now he laughs when I flinch away from his touch. Conceited asshole.

I don't want my kidnapper to touch me. But that's not the only reason. I have a boyfriend, and I don't think he'd be too happy about another male touching me. What makes it worse is that I might like his touch. I don't want to think about that.

What I do want to think about though, is how the hell I am going to get out of this unfortunate situation. I need to figure out how to escape this hellhole. I can't just wait and rely on someone to find me. It could take the police weeks, if not months, to find me. And that's only if they've been notified of my kidnapping. I mean, Mom, Dad and Kade could've assumed I went over to Audrey's, but then they would've told them I'm not there. I mean, they might think I'm at some other friends house, but, I hope they figure out I didn't just disappear and that I was kidnapped. I mean, I've never just disappeared. If I'm not home, I usually at Audrey's. So, that's probably te first place they looked. And right now I'm clearly strapped to a chair, so I first have to somehow manage to untie myself before I can attempt to make a run for it a second time.

The room I'm in is not warm, but it's not cold either. It's not large, but not so small that I feel claustrophobic. It's a different room then the one I was thrown in last night. This one is empty other than the two chairs he has in it. There are two small windows with bars on both sides of them, the floor is concrete, and the walls are just a plain, boring, steel grey color that looks years old. This room is both sad and scary. Probably why he put me in it.

I'm still in my pajamas from last night, and I feel so exposed. It's not like I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I'm wearing flimsy, skimpy pajamas in a house with four guys. I have short black pajama shorts and a charcoal grey tank from Victoria's Secret on. Luckily I do have a bralette on underneath - not that it does much help though. It's not exactly a comforting thought. I mean, yeah, he said he wouldn't rape me, but, that doesn't mean the other three won't. I try to squeeze my legs together for good measure, only to find that I can't. I look down, confused, to see that my ankles are strapped to the legs of the chair. Typical. Of fucking course, my ankles are restrained.


"Are you going to hurt me?" I couldn't help asking. The question was eating at me relentlessly. I chewed my bottom lip between my teeth as the nerves increased, waiting for his answer. I raise my eyes to meet his and see a smirk so terrifying that I wish I hadn't looked at his face. The look alone nearly had me shriveling away in utter fear.

"Oh, I'm not just going to hurt you Alexa, I'm going to kill you." His voice holds promise and the smirk remains on his lips. Paralyzing fear rips down my spine and I feel myself pale, and I'm sure he can see it. I gulped deeply, then gulped again but it did nothing to remove the lump that has formed in my throat. Now not only am I terrified, but the anxiety of the 'when' and 'how' of him killing me keep swirling around in my mind. I close my eyes and say a silent prayer.

Please police, find me before he has a chance to end me.

I swallow a third time then open my eyes and look at him. He's watching me now. Sitting in his chair with his strong, muscular arms crossed over his chest, looking almost bored. But I can see the hint of amusement in his eyes. He wants me to see it. I can tell. He seems pretty good at hiding his emotions, so I know he wants me to know he's amused with my fear.

He is such an asshole.

I try to calm my breathing, since I don't want him to know just how afraid I am of him. He already knows I'm scared, but he doesn't need to know I'm absolutely terrified. The last thing I want is for him to gloat about how scared he makes me. I really wish I could talk to Coby right now. He would know just what to say to me to calm me down and to figure out how to get me out of this. I really love him, and I really need him right now. Just him.

I wonder what he is doing and thinking right now? I'm sure my parents have told him I'm missing. I bet he's freaking out and looking for me. I know I would be if the situation were reversed and he was missing. And Kade, oh my God, my brother has probably stormed through the town threatening people to find me. And poor Audrey, she's probably having a meltdown right now. My parents are probably distraught, or will be when I'm gone for hours or even days without coming home or calling. I wonder if they even know I'm missing or if they just think I'm at someone's house.

But they would have already called all my friends. So, they probably already called the police. But, how long is it going to take for the police to find me? It could take hours, days, weeks, even months. Oh God. Who knows what would happen in a few months. Ryer could kill me before the cops have a chance to find me.

I just need to start praying. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I will just pray that the cops will find me before Ryer has a chance to murder me, like he so blatantly told me he is going to. Maybe I can trick him into trusting me, then I will stab him in the leg and make for the door. Yeah, like that would work. Keep dreaming.

I doubt that would ever work. I mean, look what happened earlier. I was caught. Easily. And even if I made myself stab him in the leg, the guilt would eat at me, plus there is no gurantee it would work anyways.

I just have to think of some other way to escape. Maybe I could gain his trust, then drug him and the other three idiots, steal his keys and drive away.

Ryer smirks before getting up and exiting the room. Leaving me tied to the chair.


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