Vampire Blood - ON HOLD

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Chapter 7


Vampire. Ryer is a vampire. All his friends are vampires. Vampires are real. I was kidnapped by one. I had vampires drink from me. And he confirmed he is going to kill me. Fuck.

After he cleaned my wounds he just settled for handcuffing me to the coffee table, since I'm way too weak to move so I wouldn't be able to escape even if I tried. Which I didn't. I can barely lift my arms and my eyelids are heavy. They took a lot of blood from me and I feel dizzy still. I hope that goes away soon but I doubt it will. I know that if you lose a lot of blood you need food and something to drink to feel better and less dizzy, but I haven't had anything. Not that I think he will give me anything, anyway. It's not like he gives a damn. He did this. It's his fault.

Him and his stupid little fanged friends. How is this possible? How are vampires real? This shouldn't be possible. But it is. They're real. I saw them with my own eyes. I felt their fangs in my wrists. I don't know how I didn't realize something was off with them earlier. Other than the fact that they are psycho kidnappers. But how did I not realize the fact that Ryer is exceptionally strong and fast, quiet as a mouse, and can even hear my slightest whisper that's quiet even to my own ears? How did all these signs just fly right over my head?

Maybe because I refused to believe it. I didn't - couldn't - believe anything was supernatural. It just doesn't happen. So, how is it, that I am in a house, with four, real, blood sucking vampires? Because, FML, I have the worst luck anyone could ever be so unfortunate to have, that's how. For example of my bad luck, once Audrey was standing next to a beehive swarmed with hundreds of bees and did not get stung once, but I was about fifteen feet away and the damn bee seemed to have searched me out and came and stung me. The little bastard died though, but not because of the sting. I swatted it with my flip flop then squished it into the dirt. It freaking hurt. Audrey was concerned and ran over to me, but Kade was laughing his ass off.

Kade. My damn, immature, annoying brother. Wow, I miss him so freaking much. I know he teases me all the time, but I love him. And Audrey, I bet she is bat shit crazy worrying right now. And my perfect boyfriend. There is nothing I want more right now than to be in Coby's loving, safe arms. Which I don't know if I ever will be again. Ryer has made it pretty clear he is going to kill me when he sees fit. He just wants to mess with me first, and use me for whatever he kidnapped me for in the first place. Who the hell knows. He obviously isn't going to tell me why he took me. And if he does plan on telling me, he is probably going to tell me right before he kills me.

And now that I know that he is a vampire, I know I have no hope for escape, unless I manage to find a wooden stake. Ha. Like I would find one, or be able to do it anyway. I really don't think I could kill him. I'm not a killer, and I don't think I have it in me to kill someone. Even a vampire. Who kidnapped me. And drank from me. I don't know if I could do it. Wound him, however, that I could do. Not enough to kill him, but slow him down enough that I could escape. But how would I manage to injure four vampires? Or, maybe I could trick three of them into leaving the house? Yeah, like that will be easy. It's not like I could just be like 'Hey, guys, why don't you three leave so I can be here alone with Ryer?' that would sound so bad. They would probably assume I want to sleep with him or that I'm planning something. Which, I would be.

My head isn't pounding as bad anymore, which is good, but I still don't feel up to moving. I'm not really hungry, but I know I need some sort of food to feel better. And some water. My throat is dry and scratchy. I don't know where any of them are at the moment. After Ryer cleaned my wrists and bandaged them, he handcuffed my left wrist and left. Luckily, he left the handcuff somewhat loose so it doesn't hurt my wound too bad. I passed out again after he left and I just woke up a few minutes ago.

I was a little shook when I woke up, looking around the room to realize I was still in their large living room and not in that room with the hard bed that I was in last night. I figured he would've put me back there. Maybe he just didn't feel like it. And I was apparently out for a while since I looked out the window and it's pitch black out now. I must've been out for hours. I'm surprised I'm not hungry. Maybe it's the shock of all that's happened. I don't know.

I don't really care. All I care about is getting away from these guys. I want to live and being in a house full of vampires is asking for death. Or at least giving them another chance to feed on me again. If they do, I most likely will die that time since they drained so much blood from me already.

I use all of my strength to push myself up into a sitting position and immediately clutch my forehead in my hand. The instant pounding in my head hurts. Luckily it goes away after a few seconds of me sitting like a statue. Once the pounding stops I look around the room. Completely empty. Hmm. Where are they? I mean, yeah, I'm handcuffed, but if I was crafty enough I could escape. Not that I could exactly run at the moment even if I did escape, I would be surprised if I could even stand without getting dizzy and toppling over. Maybe I could crawl my way to the door, find a pair of car keys and drive away. That might work.

My scheme is shattered to bits when I see a shadow out of the corner of my eye coming towards me. I yelp and turn my head to see who it is and cry out in pain as the pounding in my head comes back with a vengeance. "Ow." I mumble under my breath and squeeze my eyes shut.

"Here." Ryer says. I blink my eyes open slowly and see him setting down a glass of water on the coffee table. I look at him in surprise. He sits down beside me and I instantly curl away from him, bringing my knees to my chest. He sighs in annoyance like I'm bugging him. Oh, yeah, sure. I'm the annoying one. "Thanks." I whisper out from my dry throat and reach for the water slowly, not yet sure if it's a trap and he's going to pull it away from me. When he doesn't yank it away from me, I grab it and take a few sips of it. After I finish it my throat feels much better.

I didn't notice him leave the room until he reappears and sets a plate of toast down on my lap. I startle, nearly dropping the plate on the floor. I look at him in shock. "Eat." He says, his voice even and calm. I narrow my eyes suspiciously before taking a small bite of the toast. "Why?" I ask then take another bite. "I'm hungry. So, you need your strength back so I can drink from you again." I choke on my food. After my coughing fit I look at him wide-eyed to see him smirking. Except this smirk was just plain amused. "I didn't mean right now, but that reaction was quite funny." Ryer tells me and I want to slap him on his unfairly attractive face.

He always seems to find it so damn funny when I'm terrified. Hehehe so hilarious. Ugh. He is infuriating. I never thought a kidnapper would be infuriating, but he proved me wrong. Not only does he scare me, but he irks the hell out of me at the same time. Geez. I don't know what to do around him. He scares me, infuriates me, and arouses me. Damn him. Why? Just, why? I hate the reaction my body has to him. My body is basically calling out to him like a cat in heat while my mind is telling me to run the opposite direction.

This is what I get for remaining a virgin. My body is always hot and horny for something intimate since I never do anything. Damn. Being kidnapped and knowing I'm probably going to die makes me realize how much I regret not having sex with Coby. Trust me, it wasn't from lack of wanting. Because there have been many times where we almost had sex, but didn't. Mom's words would always flash in my mind. She would always tell me, 'Having sex will make you a slut, wait until marriage to spread your legs. That includes for his face.' and those words flashed up every. Single. Time. And make me shudder.

We haven't done much anyway. He has played with my breasts, and rubbed me over my panties until I come. And I've gotten him off with my hands. Nothing more than that, though. And I regret it deeply now. Knowing I might never get the chance to be that close with him makes me want to cry. I always thought he would be the one for me. Who I lose it to, who I marry, who I have kids with. Now, I don't know if I will ever even see him again. And that thought nearly makes me burst into tears.

I might never get married, have kids, grow old with Coby. I had such a future planned with him. I couldn't wait to grow up and have kids with him, he would be such a great Dad. And now I might never have kids, since Ryer made it pretty clear he is going to kill me. I might never get to do anything I wanted to do.

"Why?" I ask and he looks at me like I'm dumb. "Because I'm a vampire and your blood tastes good. I thought that was obvious." He says in a duh tone looking at me like I'm an idiot. Now I look at him like he's dumb. "I meant, why did you take me? What do you want from me?" I repeat, hoping he will actually tell me. He smirks again. "I find it absolutely hilarious that you don't have a clue. You not knowing left you vulnerable to danger like me. Sorry, sweetheart, but I'm not telling you." Damn.

"Why not? You're going to kill me anyway, right? So, I don't get the harm in telling me." I say to him, hoping he caves and tells me, while also trying to buy some time to come up with a better escape plan. It's not like I could out run him. His lip curls up in a grin. "Very true. But you not knowing is much more fun." He says before reaching over and uncuffing my wrist. What is he going to do? My heart starts racing as panic sets in. He pulls me to a stand. My knees shake and I nearly fall before he steadies me. "Where are you taking me?" I ask, voice shaking. "Back to the room you were in last night." Ok, well, at least he's not taking me back to that terrifying interrogation looking room with that stupid fucking chair.

He walks and pulls me along - of course, by my upper arm - and I take a step, but since I'm still a little weak, my knee gives out and I trip, resulting in me falling face first into his back so I don't faceplant on the floor. He looks back at me with an annoyed look and I smile sheepishly. Ryer begins to walk again and I manage to stumble along behind him, probably resembling a penguin or something. After we get about five feet from where we started, I hear him huff in annoyance before spinning me around so I'm in front of him and lifting me up so he's carrying me. I gasp at how quickly he did that and he smirks. Damn him with his sexy little smirk. "W-why are you-" I go to ask, but he cuts me off. "Because you were walking like a toddler with shit in her pants and it was going to annoy the hell out of me and take forever." Ryer responds and I blush. He's right. Damn him.

Not that I needed that visual. I already knew I was walking like an idiot but he had to go rub it in. It's his fault. I wouldn't be wobbly if he hadn't drained a shit load of my blood in the freaking first place. He starts to walk with me in his arms bridal style and I choose to ignore how close I am to him. I don't have the energy to squirm away so I don't bother trying. I don't want to be this close. Last time he was close to me he bite my wrist and drank from me and I'm terrified he's going to do that again. "What are you going to do now? Drink from me again when we get there?" I ask, trying not to reel away from the sudden glare he aims my way. "I wasn't planning on it, but you're annoying me enough I might think about doing so later." I shut up.

Ryer doesn't speak again the whole walk from the living room to that tiny little cellar room with the bed. I can tell he is irritated with me. His jaw is set and his eyes are stony. My question annoyed him. Well, too bad. I don't understand how he is annoyed by me. Like I'm an inconvenience. He kidnapped me! I look at him. He still looks irritated.

The feelings mutual, mister kidnapper. You're not too pleasant to be around either. I think to myself in annoyance.

Once in it, he plops me down on the bed, turns around and walks out, latching the door securely behind him. Well, at least he didn't chain me up this time. Not that there is a need to anyway. I couldn't break out of this room if I tried, plus I'm still too weak to even stand without wobbling.

I look at the door as I slowly hear his footsteps get further away. I glance around the room.

Then I smile.


Something's wrong. I have no fucking idea what, but something is fucking wrong. I know it. I can feel it. This knot in my stomach and the dread snaking its way down my spine is a big give away. And my gut is always right. Whenever I feel something or think something is wrong, I'm always right. And that just serves to prove that something is off tonight. I just fucking wish I knew what.

It's too still. Too quiet. I don't hear a fucking sound. Not even crickets. Its as if even the animals and insects know something is wrong. Something dangerous is near. Something so bad even the animals remain quiet. But damn it all to hell, I don't know what. But my instincts are never wrong.

Then it hits me.

I leap out of bed looking much like a blur and charge toward my door, swinging it open with force and flying into the hallway. I'm at Alexa's door in two steps and swing it open, panting heavily. I look at her bed and when I see it empty, panic strikes. "Alexa!?" I call out loudly, praying to God she responds to me. Maybe she is in the bathroom and that's why she isn't in bed. "Alexa!" I yell again, and storm over to the bathroom door and turn the knob, hoping its locked. Nope. The door swings open and the light it off. I turn it on and see the bathroom is empty. Fuck.

"ALEXA!" I scream at the top of my lungs, trying to hold back the giant surge of panic that's trying to take over me. I grip the ends of my hair, my chest heaving with my harsh breaths. Please, baby sister, answer me. "Dammit, Alexa, if you can hear me, fucking answer me!" I yell, the fear apparent in my voice now. No response. No, no, no. Where is she!?

I run from the room and toward the kitchen. Maybe she wanted a midnight snack? I make it into the kitchen in less than a minute and my heart sinks when I find it empty. "Fuck!" I try the living room, the guest bathroom, and every other room in the house. Her car keys are still here, so I know she didn't drive anywhere. I run back in her room and see her phone is still plugged into her charger on her nightstand. Shit. She never goes anywhere without her phone. Ever.

I take out my phone and text Coby. Maybe she texted him and he picked her up and she just forgot her phone.

ME: Is Alexa there?

It's pretty late, so he might be asleep. Unless he did pick her up, which I hope to God he did. If he didn't, then I have no fucking idea where the hell she is. Fuck.

COBY: What? No. Why?

ME: I don't care right now if you are sleeping together just tell me the fucking truth. Is. She. There!?

COBY: I swear she's not.

I collapsed to my knees on her floor. She's not there. She really isn't there. I blink back tears and reply back.

ME: FUCK. I can't find her man.


ME: I knew something was wrong. I'm calling the cops.

COBY: I'm on my way.

I don't reply. Instead I'm already dialing 911 and yelling for my parents.


I sit at the edge of my bed with my elbows on my knees and my hands clenching the ends of my hair, my eyes squeezed shut. I try not to cry at the fact my baby sister was kidnapped. I may tease the hell out of her on an almost daily basis, but she is my little sister and I love her more than anything and I would die to protect her. “My baby girls gone!” Mom sobs into Dad’s chest. I clench my fists to stop myself from crying. I went into my little sister’s room last night after I laid in bed for ten minutes with this strong feeling that something was off. I knew something was wrong. I waited too long.

The cops have no lead. There is no signs of a break in. No trace of anything that can lead them to who took her. And that makes me feel helpless as hell. If they can’t figure it out, how the fuck will I? Coby had come over right away about to lose his shit. Audrey found out this morning and broke down crying immediately. She wanted to go out and look, even though we all know - her included - that it’s futile. She is nowhere near us and we all know it.

I look around her room a little more, just to see if I can find any sort of clue that the police might have missed. I doubt I'll find anything, but I have to try. Maybe there is something so simple that the police over-looked it but anyone who knows Alexa wouldn't. I don't fucking know, but I'm not just going to sit back while my innocent baby sister is missing and terrified. Who the fuck took her? And why? She hasn't done anything wrong. What if someone took her to get to me or Coby?

After scouring her room for over an hour, Coby and I go back to my room to think. My parents are talking, trying to figure out a way to find her and making missing persons flyers as we speak. Coby and I have things to discuss, maybe we can figure it out. "Ok, yesterday, these assholes scared the hell out of her at the mall. That's something." I say to Coby, and he nods. Of course, we told this to the police, but since we didn't have descriptions of them, it was no help. Coby nods. "Yeah, she called me terrified over what those freaks did to her. It pissed me off on a whole new level. I wanted to pummel the assholes." Coby says and I nod in agreement, glaring at nothing.

"There has to be something we're missing. No jerks would just kidnap her because she wouldn't flirt back. That's insane." Coby says, and I'm not sure if he's right or not. "I don't even know who they were, so I don't know if you're right or wrong." I tell him, sitting down on my chair at my desk and pinching the bridge of my nose. My baby sister is missing and its killing me. I'm terrified. I don't know who took her, where the fuck she is, what has happened to her. If who took her has touched her. Oh my God, if someone touched her...I'll fucking kill the bastard. And so would Coby.

Who would take her? And why? She's innocent and didn't deserve this and I can't help but blame myself for it. If I had just come in to check on her just a few minutes earlier, I might've been able to prevent it. I might've seen the guy before he got in and I could've taken him out before he had a chance to grab her. Fuck. The amount of guilt I feel is making my chest hurt. I could have fucking saved her from being kidnapped. I'm such a fucking idiot. I knew - I fucking knew - something was wrong last night. I could feel it. And I did nothing. I waited until I couldn't take the feeling anymore before I checked. And I regret that decision more than anything in the world. I always trust my gut, I just trusted it a little too late last night.

Why was I so fucking stupid. I should've fucking gotten up the second I felt something was wrong. My instinct is never wrong, and I will forever wonder why I didn't get up sooner. And I will never stop blaming myself. And I should. It's my fault. If I had done something sooner, she wouldn't be in danger right now. I swear to God if she is hurt...

I get up and go back into Alexa's room, Coby following behind me. I start going through her drawers and everything and after ten minutes I think it's futile until I find a book with a piece of paper sticking out of it. I pull it out just to see what it is. And when I find out, I clench my fists.

It's a note. A mother fucking ransom note with a picture of a map below it. It tells us not to contact the police, but it's a little late for that. Halfway through the note, I get this sinking feeling in my stomach as I have a horrible feeling of who took her.

Please let me be wrong.

If who I am thinking of took her, I know that she will die. He won't hesitate to kill her. And that scares the hell out of me.

"King family, if you want your precious Alexa back, you’ll do exactly what I tell you to do, or she dies. You will not contact the police – not that they could help you anyway – and you will not call in backup either. You know what I want, and you’ll give it to me. When and where I say. Get it. Now. You have exactly one month to bring me what I want, or she dies. When you have it, bring it to the location circled on the map below. Good luck. You’ll need it. But while we wait, I think I’ll have some fun with Alexa. Hope you don’t mind.

– Ryer Holton"

“No." I whisper in disbelief and fear. My stomach drops. I was right. I should've known he would come for us.

Oh, God, no.

"No! They took her! Those evil bastards took her!” I scream, throwing my fists down on the desk, tears pushing at the back of my eyes. They took my baby sister. No. Fuck, fuck, fuck! No! How did this happen!? And how did I not know it was them right away!? I should've fucking known it was those bastards. How did they get her!? I always tried to keep her safe, and then they managed to get her, right out of her own bedroom, when I was in the next room! I failed her! “Who! Who took her!?” Mom cries, looking at me for an answer.

“Ryer, Jay, Lucas and Theo.” I answer her, clenching my fist around the note in my hand. Coby’s face pales and transforms into the most angry and petrified look I’ve ever seen. He knows damn well who they are. And he hates them just as much as I do. “Who are they?” Mom asks confused, tears streaming down her face. She’s gone pale and stiff. She may not know who they are specifically, but deep down she knows what I mean.


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