Nice to meet you,Mr.Half-Vampire

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As a witch who had to go to normal school,Alexis met her neighbor,and her kind heart drove her into a new world.

Romance / Fantasy
joey qiao
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Do you believe that there are wizards in the world?I can tell you that I believe it.More than that,I am a wizard,actually,a witch.

Do you believe that there are some vampires around you?Before last year,I didn’t believe this at all.You know, Although the textbook of Magic School tells us that the vampire is real, and a considerable part of them like living with human.I still don’t believe that there are someone live with their food.Can you image a man live with a steak?If I live with a steak, I can not control myself not to eat it.

Last summer, I graduated from the Magic School. As a girl born in an ordinary human family, my parents have been hoping I can go to college for 17years—since I wasn’t born. When I received a letter from the magical school, my parents’ focus was not that I was a witch, but I could not go to college.So when my schoolmates play games or practice spells,I was learning physics and chemistry.

Finally,I graduated from Magic School,My parents have already deal all the paper work about I transfer to Keller High school. What is done cannot be undone.I already have 120% of the determination and preparation.That time I only hope my year can be smooth and funny.And I can control my power,not be a freak again.

Well,I think you can understand that When a little girl in front of you let a leaf float in the air,what will you do next?Now you might think,OMG,superhero!But for a group of 4 year-old children,you were the freak.In order to let me have a new life,my parents,Diana and Will Blake,moved to here in my final year.

Standing in the yard of our new home,it looked great.The color of the house bright and clean,the white wall with red roof,so cute. This country house is simple but refined.I really like it.My room just like the old one,thaks for my dad and mom,they are the best parents in the world!There is a big tree out of my window, But I can easily see the window of our neighbor,that was bad. I have to pull the curtains all the time to avoid the little kid to see my little secret. Fortunately, the curtains of the opposite was pulled up, and pulled the airtight. At least today I can feel the sunshine and the breeze.I went to the window, hand propped the window, quietly enjoy the moment. In the warm and bright sunshine, the people’s mood has become brisk up, I squint to enjoy this moment, silently looking after the high school life.

I always think I am a sensational girl,And this is true.I saw the curtain of my neighbor seems to have opened a corner.So,let’s meet the neighbor~

But when I looked opposite,the curtain was pulling up quickly,I could saw the curtains were shaking.That’s funny,I guessed that was a little girl or boy who is shy and short,maybe have a pair of big glasses. In the magic school I had not seen someone with glasses for many years. When a pot of potions can cure myopia, who else will wear glasses?

“Lexi,it’s time for lunch!”

Oh yeah!That was smell like apple pie,my favorite.I eliminated all distractions,ran out of my bedroom,”I am coming.”Now nothing more than an apple pie!

The first day I arrived in the town just past in the plain,before I went to bed,I pulled my curtains, and the opposite was the same as before I seen.

Strange neighbor,I think, But I’m more weird.

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