Repentance: A WolfPack MC Novel

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Gauge and Star are bother suffering an extreme loss and are trying to heal from it as a rival Club stirs up trouble looking for something. Gauge: Star; my dead half-brother’s ex-fiancee. I had been in love with her since I saw her at Piston’s funeral. He had been murdered in a shootout after the Death Dealers, a rival club and after that Star had disappeared. I had tracker her down to fulfill a promise I made to Piston a week before he died only to let her in too deep. Now I had three things to worry about: how to get out of this alive; if Stray, the Club president had managed to keep Star safe at the Club and how badly I was going to beat the ever living fuck out of the guy in front of me if he dared to hit me in the face one more time.

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Gauge

Chapter 1


It seemed like hours had passed as I sat on my Harley in the driveway of the rundown apartment building looking up at the girl in her third floor apartment. My leather boots, my cut and jeans soaked from the New York rains.

Gathering up my courage I walked up to the door and walked in. An old lady on the first floor was kind enough to provide me her room number and complemented how handsome I was multiple times before I broke from her and tramped up the stairs; my heart pounding the closer I got to her room.

What would I even say to her? Her hate for the Club was legendary from the small-town we both call home.

Like an idiot, I stood at the door for what felt like ten minutes before gathering the balls to knock. I had to mentally kick myself for what Stray would say if he saw me.

The girl that answered the door was dwarfed by my sheer size and was covered in paint. I barely made out a tattoo that said Ryan on her right wrist which sent a shot of pain through my chest. She had her hair tied back in pigtails with a black tank-top and white coat to protect her clothes from the paint she was dealing with. On her wrists she wore spiked black leather bracelets and ear buds in her ears which she took out so she could talk.

“Can I help you?” Was all she said; not scared in the least but seeming to know what I was the minute she laid her eyes on my patch and the rank that read Sergeant at Arms. I guess this what a life such as hers would do to you if you had been through the hell that she had.

“Is your name Star?” I asked her after gathering my whits about me. I could still she wore his ring on her right hand.

“Depends on who’s asking. Course I already know your type. WolfPack, right?” She asked; sarcasm hid the anger and clear disdain for the patch I wore. “Get lost. I don’t want anything to do with you.” She attempted to slam the door in my face only to have it stopped by my forearm before I shoved my way in.

“Look, I know how you feel about us. I spoke to your mom before coming five states over to track you down.” I could feel my cool demeanor was wearing thin and the heat of frustration began boiling up the whole length of my body.

Seeing she was going to have to endure my company, she walked back over to her easel. She took down the painting she had just finished and set it down on the ground before placing a new canvas on it. Not even bothering to turn back to look at me she replied. “Well sorry you wasted your time.” She put her ear buds back in and waved me back to the door.

That was the last straw.

I walked over to her, pulled one of her ear buds out and turned her to face me. “Star.” I growled. “You are coming home with me even if I have to drag your tiny ass kicking and screaming and cussing behind my bike.”

She stepped away from me. “Who the hell do you think you are?” She said before throwing a paint rag at me which bounced off of my chest.

I put one of my hands to rest on my hips; the other scratching behind my head as I shifted my weight to my right leg. My ass still hurt from riding all this way.

“Well let’s see. I’m the man who’s not leaving empty handed. Your ass is coming with me by force if necessary. Trust me though, you don’t want me to use force.”

She glared at me. Her face held an air of annoyance and insult at my statement.

Making her way towards me, I couldn’t help but take in the full beauty of her body. The exact same body that I had fallen in love with that first time Piston had brought her to the Club and introduced her as his old lady to Stray and the others. I had stayed out of her sight until now. Her shirt rose slightly revealing her smooth skin just where her stomach ended and her mound begin. My mouth watered at the thought of taking her right then and there; robbing her of her virginity and making her come over my dick. Her jeans served as another one of my spies and I could make out the cherry blossom tattoo on her left hip. It had been her favorite flower and was to be the theme of her and Piston’s wedding day.

I was dragged out of my dream world when she smacked me over the head with her hand. “Who do you fucking think you are?! I said I’m not going with you and I sure as fuck don’t want anything to do with you or your pack of assholes back in that rat hole town.” She shoved me back so hard that I had to step back a couple of times.

I liked my women to be strong and she was playing a seriously deadly game. One that usually ended with some really rough treatment and one I intended to win.

I gathered myself enough to stare her in the eyes. The pain that lay within them was hidden beneath four years of cold and hardened walls. I knew I would have to break them down if I had any chance of getting anywhere with her. It pierced my heart to see how hardened she had gotten but I wasn’t ready to back down just yet. I had given my half-brother my word and I wasn’t going to let this bitch keep me from fulfilling it to him. However I wasn’t heartless and knew how much she’d been through and how she felt towards us so I was willing to take things slowly. Despite that I had a mission and I’d be damned if the guys back in the Club called me a pussy for having a bleeding heart.

“Star, I know how things are going for you here.” This got her attention and she froze; her hands balled up into fists on my chest after she hit me for getting closer to her. “You got laid off at the design firm and have barely been making ends meet. You’ve had to take whatever shit jobs you can get to keep food in your pantry.” I paused to look at the trembling girl with anger and pain as she looked down at her worn out shoes. I knew I was winning this battle the more I mentioned what I knew. I had planted an informant on her since the day she left. He gave me all I needed to make what I was about to do justified.

What I didn’t expect were the words that came out of her mouth next.

“What the fuck do you care if I’m doing okay or not?” I noticed as she stared at the ring on her finger. “The Wolfpack took everything; you took everything precious from me! Now please, just go! Get the fuck out before I call the cops!” I let her shove me out of the door and slam it closed. This wasn’t over. I would make sure of it.


The music at the strip club pounding in my ears helped to ease my anger and frustration as I sat at the bar enjoying an iced cold beer.

One of the girls; a stripper sat next to me at the bar. She had tanned skin and long, dark hair with deep brown eyes. Her top was straining to keep her huge tits hidden behind the material that otherwise shouldn’t have been there. She had long legs that seemed to go on forever with blue jean shorts that were frayed at the bottom. In order to get my direct attention, she got up from the stool and came around my back before leaning in close; her tits pressed against my back. She spoke low and hot into my ear. “Hey there baby, you look a bit tense.” She began rubbing my shoulders. “Why don’t you let Soma loosen you up a bit.” Her hands drifted down my arms, exploring the muscles and moving down my sides before drifting to my hips; lightly squeezing them before moving to where my dick had been throbbing since Star threw me out. “Yum, I can tell you’re a fucker; not a lover, huh?” She nipped my ear and neck before she took my hand. I took a quick last swig of my beer before letting her lead me to some of the private rooms that were in the back of the club.

Soma lead me into a room that was painted a deep red with pale lighting. A small bed lay in the middle with a heart shaped headboard and silken red sheets. There was a table next to it that had a serving tray with an ice bucket full of what looked like wine and a condom. This room was clearly made for rough, dirty sex and one night stands. Something I was well acquainted with.

Soma stepped out from behind a beaded curtain. She had exchanged her club clothing for lingerie. She wore nothing more than a red thong that I could see was only a G-string and a red see through bra, revealing her soft, dark nipples. She licked her lips; a deep red with newly applied lipstick as she made her way towards me.

“Ready to play, big boy? I hear you bikers like to leave your women begging for more after you leave them.” She ran her hands up my arms, tracing the tattoos before going to remove my cut and black t-shirt.

She groaned in pleasure as she ran her fingers over my crest on my right pectoral muscle and the scar on my left hip.

I was in ecstasy as I grabbed her massive breasts in my hands; taking one of her nipples in my mouth and alternating between licking, sucking and biting. I could feel her pleasure rising as I pushed her down on the bed. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zipper before kicking off my boots and socks. She took off my jeans and underwear and left them in a pile on the floor.

I moved her to sit into my lap on the edge of the bed; my erection full and needy; ready to dive into her slick pussy.

I wasn’t sure at what time during the sex that Soma’s face became Star’s but I was in a state of euphoria before I felt myself come inside the condom inside her. My blood hot and my heart was pounding as I fell back onto the bed.


The following morning I went back to Star’s apartment. The little old lady that had given me her room number told me that Star had gone out with someone; a “handsome young man”, for a date to lunch. I thanked her then turned on my heel and stormed out of the door and back onto my bike.

My blood boiled as I watched them. Star sat across from a man with short, dirty-blonde hair wearing round framed glasses. He looked like one of the pussies I would beat information out of on a daily basis. My eyes locked on Star as she smiled and laughed making me begin to get hotter at the thought of another man touching her; let alone making her laugh.

It took all my control to stay on my bike, tightening my legs around her smooth black body to try and quell the growing need between them. Had Star been any other woman I would have already buried my dick so far between her legs that she would scream my name as I came inside her; her pussy wet and throbbing for me to stop.

Only the sudden ringing in of my phone in my pocket slapped me back into reality and kept me from walking over to the lunch table, punching the nerdy bastard and dragging Star back to my bike before setting her tiny ass on my seat. I clicked the answer button.

“Hey bro!” Mac’s voice rang out from the other side. He was another member of the WolfPack and one of the more playful bastards that tended to tick many of us off. He had dark brown hair that usually was a fucking mess like a bedhead style or some shit. He was driving my car from five states over to New York so I could pack Star’s shit into it.

“What is it Mac? I’m a bit busy.”

“Whoa. You sound pissed. Your woman already rip your balls off and unman you?” He said chuckling.

“Fuck off, prick. I’m not in the mood to deal with your shit.”

“Haha, sorry man. Look, it’s going to be another 20 hours before I can get there. Hope you can hold out. Sounds like you’re already super wound up.” He laughed again before I slammed my thumb down on the hang up button.

Star and her man had left the lunch and I followed them back to her apartment. If he went in, I swear I was going to kick his ass and drag her out; her shit or not.

To my relief she stopped him at the doorstep and he turned to go back to his car but not before he placed a quick kiss on her forehead. That pissed me the fuck off and he should be grateful I had better things to do with my day than fuck him over.

I made my way up to the side of the building and the fire escape before breaking into her apartment window.

I heard the lock click and Star’s pretty little ass slid through it before she turned to close the door and locked it back. She turned the light on and jumped when she saw me leaning against her breakfast bar.

“So, who was he? The man you were with?” I didn’t try to hide my disdain at the bastard who made her laugh; let alone kissed her.

She put her purse down on a table next to the door. “None of your fucking business. How did you even get in here?!”

I gestured to the window. “Don’t feed me that shit. You were laughing and smiling with him. He kissed you. Who was he?”

She huffed at me; ignoring my obvious jealousy. “His name’s Tim. He’s an IT major from college. I did some design work for one of his indie games.”

She walked up to me and craned her neck to look at me. The scent of her perfume filled the air around me as I struggled to control the trembling going on in my dick. God, her smell was intoxicating. Forget that her tits were smaller than most of the bitches at the Club; I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to fill her so full that her pussy swelled at the mere mention of my name.

“Well I don’t like him.” Was all I could manage to say.

“Fuck you.”

She walked into the kitchen with me closely on her heels. Surrendering to the fact that I once again wasn’t going anywhere, she offered me some coffee. I obliged her. An odd silence filled the room as neither one of us knew what to say to the other.

She broke the silence. “You know, you still hadn’t told me your name. Why do you want to get me to go back home so badly? Are you a crazed stalker or something?”

Jokingly I motioned to the patch on my back before taking the last gulp of my black coffee. “My name’s Gauge. I want to take you home because Piston was my half-brother. He left something for you that he wanted you to have. Also your mom’s not doing so well. Her health is in decline and I know your old man already passed.”

The look on her face turned grim with unwanted surprise. “’re Ryan’s brother?” Her eyes shone in the dark as she said.

I nodded. “You’re coming home Star. Even if I have to force you.” My voice was stern and as her eyes met mine, she knew I meant it. “Unless you’re into that kind of thing.” A smirk lit across my face and I could see her cheeks turn red with embarrassment. This woman was wild and I knew it. I just had to bide my time to pull it out of her.


A knock at the door broke her focus as she got up only to have me grab her by the wrist as I walked over to the door. There was no way I was going to risk that nerdy prick, Tim, to come anywhere near her again. If he did, there wasn’t going to be anything to stop me from beating the shit out of him.

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