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Unable to cope with the loss of the love of his life a man destroys his life and those who care for him. Is there any way to stop him? Grief is about a man unable to cope with the death of the love of his life while hurting all those around him from his actions.

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Arcin Enroth
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In the small home lived a young girl and her single father. The young girl was asleep in her room you wouldn’t think anything was wrong.

The girl’s father however sat in his bedroom he was passed out drunk. He suddenly woke with a start. He buried his head in his hands as he muttered something tears streaking his face. He got up from his seat and headed towards the door.

Behind the chair he once stood was a pale figure of a women, they had a clear concerned and sadden look on their face as they watched the man.

Why are you doing this to yourself Jared? Why don’t you see how much you’re hurting yourself and Rose?

Jared was in the kitchen with a drink in hand, he looked down at an engagement ring he suddenly spun around letting out a scream as he threw the ring across the room. Rose luckily didn’t wake up from this noise. Jared looked over at a picture frame. Three people were in this picture, it was a younger looking Jared, and Rose but the third person was that pale lady from earlier.

“Katie… why did you have to leave us?”

He didn’t go back to his room till 1am. She stood in the corner of the room one which he would have been able to see her once he walked in but to him she wasn’t there. She was completely invisible.

She looked at the drunk man with pain and longing. She wished he could see her, be by his side and feel the heat of his hands in hers, fingers locked together with one another like before everything happened.

Jared passed out on the bed forgetting to turn off the lights. She let out a sigh, and in moments the light turned off.

I’m sorry Jared… if only… that never happened.

It was a dark rainy night, Katie was in the driver seat of the car driving down this long and widening road. In the corner of her eye she could see her fiancé sleeping soundly in the passenger seat. In the mirror she could see her their 3 year old daughter Rose asleep as well.

Jared didn’t want to stay the night at her parent’s house as he had work in the morning despite the protest. She would have preferred to stay, as she knew this road was dangerous at night. But there was no changing Jared’s mind, especially with their wedding only a few weeks from today.

She glanced down at the ring on her finger before going around a sharp corner.

That’s when it happened.

A drunk driver sped around that corner and went over the line slamming right into the car. The impact was so hard it caused the car to brake the barrier and fall off the cliff.

The car hit the ground, both Jared and Rose where unconcise, Katie was awake and still alive even after that impact with the other car.

“Ugh! J-Jared! R-r-rose! Please be okay! Argh!”

Shards of glass was in her upper body, and her right leg was slightly crushed, while her left was broken. She had a concussion, but knew she needed to get out of the car before it fell off the cliff to the water below.

Unbuckling her seat belt, she slammed her head on the roof of the car. Her palms and face got cut by the glass that was there on the roof. Falling out caused her right leg to be pulled out of the part her leg was stuck in causing sharp metal to slash the skin open. She then had to kick out the driver side car window.

It was hard with her badly damaged legs but she somehow managed to force it open. She unbuckled both her fiancé, and daughter’s seat belts and pull them out of the wreck. She dug her hand through her pocket, and pulled out her phone dialing 911.

“911 What is your emergency?”

“W-we need help. There was just a car crash on Sea view road. This car cut into our lane, and sent us over the cliff-“

“Ma’am!? Is everything alright!?”

“Y-yes, just… trying to catch my breath. The license plate ended in B5G7. I can’t remember the make or colour. Please send a helicopter… My daughter and fiancé are down here with me.”

“Alright could you tell me where you are?”

“N-no, I can’t remember exactly where it happened… I’ll leave my phone on and in the call…p-please hurry.”

Katie stopped talking to the man on the other end of the line. The rain was cold she knew if she didn’t do something they were going to die from hypothermia. Pulling them close to her ever colder body the blood pooling around her was still warm. She kept Rose between her and Jared while placing her head down on his chest. Blood was getting all over the two she touched the necklace’s she made for them causing a bloody finger print on the metal.

“Please if there is a god out there… please let them live… take my life instead.”

She could feel her breaths getting harder and harder to catch.

“Jared… it’s not your fault this happened. I should… have… been much more careful. I know how dangerous this road can be. Please don’t blame yourself.”

She didn’t know that the man on the other end could hear her as she spoke.

Jared slightly opened his eyes and spoke one word before passing out again.


“I’ll always be with you two… I love you both so much… ugh-“

She was then taken by the darkness. She looked down at her body and the two by her. Moments later a helicopter found them.

When they got to the hospital, Katie was pronounced dead. Jared suffered memory loss due to the incident, and wasn’t really the same. He did eventually remember his fiancé and his daughter after a few years later. Rose was lucky and had little problems, but she wasn’t entirely the same seeing what couldn’t be seen by most.

She shook her head. My love you may never truly remember that night… but I can’t let your suffering go on anymore!

She made her way over to him and entered into his dream.


“Jared… Jared. Please wake up.”

I-i recognize that voice.

“Jared please… don’t ignore me.”

W-who’s voice is it?

“Jared my love please open your eyes.”


Jared’s eyes open to be face to face with his love. Tear began to form in his eyes.


He tried to hug her but she moved after from him. He was hurt from that but didn’t care. He got up to try again.

“I had a nightmare that you were dead!”

Once again he tried to grab her but she didn’t move and he just went through her.

“Jared that wasn’t a dream… I am dead… I die from that crash that night. So please stop… this hurts me as much as it is.”

“W-why do you hurt me like this!”

“You! Do you not get the pain I went through to make sure you lived that night! Watching you get back to normal, Katie growing up without me…you remembering everything! It hurts me so much watching this Jared! I couldn’t take it anymore!”


“Jared just listen to me! I get you feel guilty for what happened… but it wasn’t your fault! There was no way to know that was going to happen!

“But how your handling things isn’t right! Your not just hurting yourself but our daughter Rose as well! She’s been through a lot, watching her father try to get back to normal and then watch him destroy himself like this! Stop being so selfish! Live for Rose don’t destroy her life anymore that it already is… find another women… one to help you raise Rose.”

“I couldn’t Katie. I love you.”

“I know Jared but let Katie have a normal home life. You don’t need to forget me. Just…-“

Katie couldn’t help but pause tear streaking her face.

“Let our daughter live a normal life or at least try. Please for me.”

“Okay… but promise me this won’t be the last time I’ll see you.”

“I can’t but, I’m always with you Jared… and Rose too. She has a gift my love, maybe I’ll see you again but this takes a lot of energy. Just get your life together, and become a father Rose could be proud of.”

Katie left Jared’s dream and made her way over to Rose’s room.

“Sweet dreams my Rosebud.”

Rose shifted in bed.

“Thank you mom.”

No problem… I’ll always be here for you two.”

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