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Nate Steven's country music career takes off like a rocket. Enter the beautiful, seemingly, spoiled Blythe MacLarren, ending his loveless life spent caring for a demanding and bitter mother. Their passionate courtship seems destined, in spite of the nagging voices in Nate's head, warning him that all is not what it seems with the mercurial Blythe. Soon after they marry, Nate discovers Blythe's scarred memories and becomes obsessed with finding the truth behind her painful and recurring nightmares, embarking on a dangerous journey of discovery that tears the couple apart and ultimately leads to murder and suspicion. Blythe's dreams lead her to fear the very thing she loves the most, Nate, and she flees... towards or away from the arms of the murderer? A sizzling, edgy romance between two improbable people with a common destiny trying desperately to come to terms with each other while events seem determined to keep them apart. Nightchild is a mystery with twists when least expected, a romance filled with intense desire, conflicts and tantalizing possibilities at every turn. This saga spans decades and continents. A powerfully written tale in the Sidney Sheldon tradition, wit

Romance / Mystery
Tina Fausett
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There is a bonding of auras, a kismet or karma that makes one certain they have known someone before, that their destinies are somehow interlocked, their paths will surely cross. It is felt when eyes meet and, inexplicably, there is a mutual understanding of souls that have known each other before--of times past and times that have not yet happened--but will someday. It is something that cannot be explained, only felt. It is from time beginning to time eternal. It is a destiny that can only be fulfilled when it chooses--when the time is right, it will be consummated. There is longing in a brief moment, sadness in departure, mystery in a look or glance across the room--and there is knowledge that this was meant to be. The feeling and understanding is so strong, you know you will meet again, and surely the goodbyes will end and become a beginning. It is a certainty that gives us patience, and in that patience is wisdom, wisdom that knows the time is not yet ripe. Destiny cannot be rushed or jumped into headlong. It must be measured, trusted and listened to, as the heart must be, for true fulfillment takes time and the journey must be slow and arduous--to be worthwhile, it must be earned and is all the sweeter for it.

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