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Chapter 26

“Is your so-called ghost with you right now,” Dr. Lasker asked, feeling he was being


“Are you?” Shelly peered around the lab for any sign of Allen.

“Am I what?” Dr. Lasker asked, following the girl’s eyes as she scanned the room, not realizing she was addressing her ghostly presence.

“I was talking to him,” Shelly said. “It can be confusing to others.” “I guess it might be.” This girl is batty as hell. “Did he answer you?”

“No. I don’t think he’s here now. I told him I wasn’t coming here until tomorrow.” “You lied to a ghost? Isn’t that kind of dangerous?”

“I don’t think he wants to hurt me. He claims he saved me twice.” Why did she trust him?

“That is the part I find incredible. Ghosts are mostly malevolent spirits, mischievous at best. A kind-hearted ghost is stretching things a bit?”

“I still don’t believe it all, but he says that when he sees me in danger it somehow makes him focus his energies and he can materialize…do things he normally can’t do.” Shelly gazed at the professor. “Do you think that is possible?”

Dr. Lasker sucked in his lip. “There is much we don’t know about all these phenomena…enough to fill the pyramids of Egypt…another mystery I shall someday explore…if we don’t run out of money?” He let out a laugh.

Shelly looked anxious. “Have you ever heard of anyone being haunted like this before?”

Dr. Lasker looked at the rows of books behind his desk. “There are some cases similar

…but as I stated earlier, there is very little substantive evidence to back up the existence of these creatures.” He wasn’t ready to tell her the truth…not yet.

“Please don’t call them that. He doesn’t like it?” “What?”

“Creatures. He isn’t a creature. I don’t think.” She remembered the gentleness of his voice, almost sexy…okay sexy…and tried to picture what Allen might look like. One thing for sure, he probably didn’t look anything like this professor with his arrogant ways and old fashioned jacket. Who wears plaid these days?

“You said he’s not here?”

Shelly looked around the room. “I never know for sure. Only when he talks do I know he’s around.”

“So you’ve never seen him? You have no idea what he might look like?”

“He says he’s good looking, but he can’t see himself. He doesn’t even know if he’s naked or not…” She paused at that thought. “That’s not the way they show it in the movies. Is it?”

Dr. Lasker laughed. “I apologize. I shouldn’t be laughing at another human being’s predicaments, but I keep picturing the sight of a middle aged male ghost completely naked and-“

Shelly began to laugh too. “I told him he couldn’t stay in the girls’ dorms with me.” “What are you two laughing at,” Allen asked, suddenly making himself heard.

“You’re here?” Shelly asked, not sure if she felt relieved or annoyed that she couldn’t get rid of him.

“Yes, I’m here. But you’re not supposed to be here until tomorrow?” Allen sounded irritated. “I told you I didn’t think this was a good idea, but you’re stubborn. You could have waited for me?”

“I had no idea where you were? Were you in my room?” She wanted to ask if he had seen her lying on her bed, her blouse open, but realized again that they weren’t alone. “I’ll talk to you later. We’ve got some things to settle,” she said and turned her attention to the professor.

Dr. Lasker had become silent, observing the girl as she seemed to be talking to someone in the right corner of the room, near the file cabinet. He flipped on a recorder hidden on a shelf nearby.

“He flipped on his recorder,” Allen said. “I wouldn’t trust him. He looks like a Parapsychology Professor, a real ‘egg-head’, only interested in what he can get from you.”

“You think that about everyone,” Shelly said. “And so far I’ve been totally right,” Allen replied.

“I take it he’s here,” Professor Lasker asked, scanning her face to see if he could detect any sign that she was having a joke at his expense.

“He’s here alright,” Shelly said. “He says you look like a parapsychology professor, a real ‘egg-head’. Shelly had to agree with Allen for once. That awful jacket!

“Where is he,” Lasker asked, trying to follow Shelly’s eyes. “Can you see him now?”

“I never see him,” said Shelly. “He sees me and hears me all the time, whenever he wants to.” She said that loud enough so even Allen would get the idea that she didn’t like him invading her privacy. “Do you understand? I can’t get away from him. He can see me at any time or any place. I have no privacy.” She suddenly wondered again just how much Allen had seen the night before? Can you imagine, three strange men might have seen my boobs in one day? Must be a new record, she thought, slightly embarrassed, definitely annoyed.

“Privacy is overrated,” Allen said. “Besides you have a lovely body.”

“You have seen me,” Shelly said, horrified that a complete stranger might have seen her


“That’s for me to know,” Allen replied, ending it with a teasing chuckle. “Even a ghost needs some entertainment,” he added, clearly enjoying her discomfort.

“What’s going on now,” Dr. Lasker asked, searching the area where apparently the ghost—where Shelly was looking as she spoke.

“Nothing,” Shelly said, blushing, “Please, you’ve got to help me? And maybe you can help him find out what he needs to know too?”

“You mean if he was murdered,” Dr. Lasker asked, wishing he had sufficient brain power to be an Ecto, so he could see the ghost- if there really was a ghost? “The truth is Shelly we’re in uncharted waters here. I definitely think we need to check out a few things before we give you the necessary approval. I can’t risk the accreditation of my entire department without being certain. I’m sure you understand? I’m also sure you understand the need for discretion?”

He wants me to shut up about what happened here today. She weighed her options and decided nothing was more important than obtaining his help to rid herself of this ghost. “How

long will all this take, Professor?” Shelly braced herself for the answer. “I really don’t know how much longer I can do this?”

Lasker sat back. “To check your claims properly…to document it for future use…I’d estimate at least three to six months.”

Shelly fell back in the chair. “Do you mean I have to have a ghost chasing me around for another six months? No way!”

“Sounds like fun,” Allen said.

“I’d guesstimate that’s about right…give or take a few months.” “That settles it! You are not staying in my room,” Shelly shouted.

“I never had that in mind,” the professor replied, indignant she could think that he wanted to stay in her room, but wondering how he could best take advantage of this very interesting situation. She’s either a kook or the best thing that’s happened to the parapsychology department since Dodd first appeared. Poor, insane, Dodd, thank you for bringing her to me.

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