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Chapter 35

“Are you trying to give me a heart attack,” Shelly shouted, realizing it was Allen playing his tricks again.

“What were you doing listening in at my door? Want to hear if I snore?”

Why had she listened at his door? “No way! I just wanted to see if you were awake yet?

But you said you don’t sleep?”

“I don’t. I never knew how nice it was to sleep until I couldn’t do it anymore.”

“So what did you do all night,” Shelly asked suspicious of the answer, still not willing to trust him. Had he been in her room after all? She wondered if ghosts really could get turned on by a naked body…she heard her mother warning her, “Never trust a man.” But what if he saved your life?

“I listened,” Allen said. “Have you ever sat around and just listened?” “Sure, I have.”

“Uh huh.” Allen had a feeling that an A-type personality like Shelly never would take the time to just sit and listen to the sounds around her. “This building has a lot of strange sounds in it. I have no idea where they come from, but--”

“Good morning, Shelly,” Dr. Lasker was gushing this morning. “I trust you slept well?” He had almost forgotten how cute this little blond was, but her eyes, crystal blue, reminded him quickly. He had driven from his home early to confirm that yesterday had happened…that she hadn’t escaped with her ghost. All night long, he had visions of how someone like her could add to his research…if she was a true Ecto?

“Yes, thank you. It was wonderful. I love the bed. Heaven after those army cots in the


“You sell yourself cheap,” Allen said. “One good sleep and you’re ready to move in?” “Maybe,” Shelly said. “It is tempting. I’ll admit that.”

“I’ll bet he’s tempted too,” Allen muttered. “The sonofabitch is licking his lips.”

“The only one licking his lips is you,” Shelly said, and wondered why she sometimes felt about Allen the way she felt about her father. What was the vibe she kept picking up that made her so sarcastic when he was around?

“You were talking to our friend? He is here?” Dr. Lasker stared where Shelly’s eyes were guiding him. “Good morning, Allen. I hope you slept well as well?”

“He doesn’t sleep,” Shelly said.

“No, I suppose not,” Dr. Lasker nodded. “I have never heard of any ghosts sleeping. In all my years of experience….”

“Blah, blah, blah,” Allen groaned. “Shelly can’t we get to work? I really want to find out what happened to me and get the hell out of here before Loco over there does something horrible to you.”

Shelly glared at him. “Dr., is there someplace near where I can get something to eat?” She realized she hadn’t eaten since the morning before.

“Sure. Feed your face and let me suffer.” Allen complained. “Let me guess? Ghosts don’t eat?” Shelly sighed.

“In all my experience, I’ve never known a ghost to eat,” Dr. Lasker pronounced, “Although I suppose if a ghost did choose to devour some poor innocent child or some defenseless small animal--”

“I do not devour small, medium, or large children or animals,” Allen roared. “He knows nothing about us ghosts. Absolutely nothing! He’s a fake and a fraud and I think we’d be better off without him.”

“He is not a fake,” Shelly shouted at Allen. “He said I’m a fake,” Dr. Lasker asked.

Shelly looked embarrassed. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s been completely wrong about everything so far.”

“I have not,” Allen protested. “You have.”

“Have not.”

“Have. And I don’t want to discuss this now. I want to eat.” Shelly pulled the doctor’s sleeve. “Unless you want me to go back to the student cafeteria in the SU, you’d better have some coffee right here.”

Dr. Lasker smiled. “We have coffee and breakfast all ready for you. And while you are enjoying it I will discuss with you your work in your new major. I have already made the necessary phone calls and congratulations, my dear you are now officially a candidate for a Masters in psychology, majoring in parapsychology.”

Allen groaned. “It’s too late. You’ve been drafted into Loco Lasker’s army.” “Loco Lasker? I like that.” Shelly laughed despite being annoyed with Allen.

“What did you say,” Dr. Lasker asked, his temper about to explode at this new indignity.

Shelly shrugged her shoulders. “He called you Loco Lasker. Sorry. He’s incorrigible.” “I don’t even know what that means,” Allen hissed. “But I do know loco and this

character is definitely loco.”

Dr. Lasker bristled at his new nickname, but refused to lose his temper, not when so much was at stake. He was beginning to believe that this ghost was for real, and if that meant he had to put up with a little ridicule that would be fine. He smiled at Shelly, hoping to win her trust, perhaps even her affection, for he had made up his mind that winning this girl’s ‘loyalty’ was an immediate goal. No matter what it takes, he mused, trying to excite himself by her shapely body and lovely face. Let them laugh at me, he thought, giving her a warm smile, but in the end, just like with that idiot Dodd, the last laugh would be his. Loco Lasker, indeed!

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