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Chapter 64

Chan stared in terrified awe as the axe crashed down and sent splinters of wood flying in all directions. What the hell is he chopping? He couldn’t see the little girl. “Where is she?”

The kitchen door to the yard wasn’t locked. He pushed it open very quietly, and trying to remain hidden, snuck as quietly as he could toward the site where the man was poised again with the axe.

On a large stone altar, behind the man, Chan saw black boots struggling against a thick rope wrapped around their ankles. “Oh my God,” he screamed.

“Kill him,” a shrill voice commanded as Chan stared in horror at the scene before him. “I said, kill him,” the daughter screamed as the father turned slowly toward Chan.

“Holy crap,” Allen shouted. “It’s the girl! It’s not the father who is possessed. It’s that little girl!”

“You and your friends had to butt into my business,” the girl screamed into Chan’s terrified face. “Now you’ll all pay! Kill him now,” she screamed in a shrill voice.

The father raised the axe again, this time it was aimed at Chan.

Chan raised his hand over his face. “Please, don’t let him kill me,” he cried to the girl. “I’ll go and never come back. Nobody will know.”

“Now,” the girl screamed, her face contorted with rage. “Kill him now!”

The man swung the axe. Chan relying on his reflexes ducked beneath the weapon by falling to the ground. “Stop it,” he screamed, but the axe was being raised again. “What the hell?” He looked at the man’s eyes and saw they were devoid of feeling, a blank expression on the giant’s gaunt face.

Chan saw the axe begin to smash down again, and hoping he had timed it right, suddenly rolled over.

The axe clanged noisily on a patio block a few inches away.

“You missed him you idiot,” the girl screeched. “Again! Do it again! And this time you’d better not miss. I want that boy’s head now!”

The father raised the axe obediently over his head.

Chan’s eyes were on the massive blade. There was blood on its edge.

“Kill the sonofabitch,” the girl commanded, her eyes red flames, red-tinged foam salivating from her black lips.

“No. Please,” Chan begged, knowing the odds were against his dodging the blade. “Kill him! Kill him!”

Chan waited for the giant to lower the axe, but nothing was happening.

“You made a big mistake, demon,” Allen hissed, having jumped in front of the girl so she could not control her father who was frozen like a menacing statue.

“You again! Why are you butting into my business,” the demon asked from the girl’s


“You give ghosts a bad name,” Allen shouted. “What kind of ghost uses a little girl to commit murders?”

“That’s part of the fun,” the girl said. “Nobody suspects these sweet angelic children. It’s always the fathers or mothers who get blamed. It’s great fun. You should try it some time. Now let me get on with it or you’ll pay the price.”

“What were you in your former life,” Allen asked, still blocking the girl’s view of her father. “What kind of tormented person could you have been?”

The girl laughed, but it was a cruel, vicious sound, full of fury. “You don’t know? I thought you knew it all! I killed my own parents and my little sister. I chopped them up with this very axe.” The girl appeared to be trembling. “And now I’m going to have this man who looks

like my damn father chop up his pig wife…and then I’ll let this sweet, child help the father feel such grief at what he’s done he will hate himself…he will kill himself and his soul will be lost forever. Now get the hell away from me!” The girl moved toward Allen, her eyes glowing with rage.

“Is that what you did,” Allen asked. “Is that why you are cursed?” The girl stopped moving. “You mean blessed, don’t you?”

Allen sighed. “No, you are cursed. You couldn’t stand what you did so you killed yourself after you killed your father, mother and baby sister. That is why you are cursed forever. Isn’t it? You hated what you did and killed yourself!”

The girl’s eyes glared at Allen and her lips tightened with hate. “I hated them. I hated them all. I was glad they died!”

“Then why did you cover your sister in that Native American blanket after you killed her? Why is the blanket covered with your tears?”

The girl looked shaken. “You’re lying. That’s not what happened,” the demon’s voice shouted. “I hated them. I killed them all. They deserved to die. I felt no guilt.”

“Then why did you kill yourself,” Allen repeated again and again. “You killed yourself.

Why?” He kept moving to block the girl’s view of her father.

“I didn’t. I didn’t,” the demon said, but his voice sounded weaker, more doubtful as Allen kept up the barrage.

Suddenly Allen shouted at the girl, “Caroline, fight him! Fight him off!” Allen kept urging the girl’s soul to rise and fight the demon, sensing he had robbed the terrible creature of some of its strength while it was most vulnerable, locked in the young girl’s body. “You can do it,” he shouted to the girl’s spirit. “I will help you.” He focused on the girl as hard as he could, every ounce of his will pushing his soul into the girl’s body. “Fight him with me,” he shouted. “Together we can defeat him!”

Chan was now kneeling on the ground. He saw the axe still suspended in the air. “Oh my God!” He shrank back, but the man wasn’t moving. He appeared to be frozen like a statue. What happened? Why is he like that?

And then Chan remembered. It wasn’t the man screaming like an enraged lunatic. It had been the girl. It is the girl who is commanding the father!

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