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Not Your Typical Rapunzel

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Once upon a time there was a Captain, Thief, Missing Princess, Two Non-Thugs, Two Knights, and Three Maids. They're the characters that make up this story, and even they don't know how that happened.

Romance / Humor
Colleen Brooke
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Chapter One

Once upon a time, there was a small lively kingdom. The kingdom was known for its peaceful air and cheerful townspeople. The town itself was crowded and busy, but the people worked well together in all the commotion. Seems they were preparing for a type of festival or celebration. However, there was a hint of sadness in the air.

The princess’ eighteenth birthday was the following day.

Let me clear this up for you. Princess Elizabeth was kidnapped when she was eight years old. Search parties were sent everywhere, but nothing was found. No one has given up and claims that she’s still alive. So, they still celebrate her birthday every year with hope in their hearts that she’ll return safely one day.

Now we can find one of the princess’ maids running about with frantic movements. Her name was Tyler. The enthusiastic girl had curly brown hair that came down a little past her shoulders and matching round brown eyes. At the moment she was wearing her usual maid’s uniform, which was a simple dark tan in color with dark brown edging and long sleeves. Even though the sleeves were long, and it was summer, she was glad it wasn’t an itchy martial. Tyler was one of the missing princess’ friends from childhood, although not many knew. Now usually, maids cleaned. But Tyler was so bad at that, they gave her a completely different job. She became a sort of messenger and delivered letters and news instead. This transition became beneficial to the castle in many ways, including saving most of the decorative pots and dishes.

“Where is she? Where is she?!” Tyler cried as she barged in various doors and ran around flailing.

“Are you looking for Mai?” Asked another maid carrying a vase full of flowers. Her name was Macy, also an old friend of Elizabeth’s. Macy was one of the best maids in the castle, keeping everything in check. She had wavy red hair that brushed her shoulders, golden eyes, somewhat of a British accent, and wore the same uniform as the loud messenger.

“Yes!” Yelled said messenger, putting her arms in the air in frustration.

“Did you try the garden? It’s that time of year, you know...” Said another maid who was sweeping. That would be Riley. Let’s just say all the maids mentioned in this story are friends of the princess, okay? Now Riley had long, straight, black hair with bright brown eyes and a warm smile. She also wore the same uniform as the other maid/messenger.

Tyler stopped her outburst and stared at Riley silently for a few solid seconds before taking off towards the garden yelling something along the lines of “Why didn’t I think of that?!” The two other maids sighed in amusement as Tornado Tyler passed them by before going back to work.

Macy chuckled as she set the vase down, turning and grabbing her basket. “I’m going into town to run some errands! Be back late!” Riley waved goodbye to her friend and continued to clean the hallway, giggling. “Always so peaceful.”

Mai was Captain of the Royal Guard. Strong and fearless, she leads the guard with an iron fist. Most are afraid of her despite her small stature. She is the best friend of the lost princess and has been looking for her for almost two years. This is excluding the other eight where she wasn’t in the correct position to be able to look on her own because of her young age.

Now eighteen, the young Captain was sitting in the middle of the castle’s Grand Flower Garden. It was filled with so many flowers and colors that it almost put the rainbow to shame. This was the place the princess had been taken ten years ago. This very spot. Mai happened to be with her when it happened, but to this day hasn’t been able to figure out who took her.

She sat peacefully as the breeze softly blew her long dark brown hair side to side. Her dark green eyes glanced up at the sky as if it would give her answers. Her gaze fell down to her Captain’s hat, which was being held in her hands. Just taking the time to go through her thoughts helped her relax. This quiet place had such a nice feeling to it.

Suddenly, the quiet and peaceful scenery was rudely interrupted by a very loud individual.

“Mai! Mai! Mai!” The maid called as she skied to a halt behind her. Mai only turned around with a bored expression, used to the rather loud girl. “What is it Tyler?” She asked while putting her hat back on her head.

She was about to speak when two lower guards came into view. “Captain Mai!” They called in unison before also coming to a halt. It was no other than Matt and Kevin, Mai’s most trusted loyal guards of her squadron. It helped that she’s known them since they were all children.

Although Matt was a bit shorter than Kevin, the two looked similar. Matt had light brown hair and dark blue eyes, which were covered with thin-rimmed glasses. Kevin had dark chestnut hair and bright blue eyes. Both wore the same steel armor of the kingdom’s lower ranked guards.

Mai raised a brow at the active trio. “And what makes me so popular today?” She asked with a bit of amusement in her voice.

“It’s Him! He’s gone and stole the princess’ crown!” Said a distraught Kevin.

“And he’s not alone. Two other thugs are with him this time.” Added Matt, matter-of-factly.

“Not to mention they’re on their way into town as we speak!” Finished Tyler with her regular flare.

Suddenly Mai’s aura seemed to change into something evil. This made the guards and messenger fear for their lives. You would think them, of all people, would be used to her mood swings when he was mentioned. But no, they’re always caught off guard. Okay, that was a bad pun, sorry.

She turned away from them and growled. “I’ll get him this time...” With that, she vanished from sight, leaving the three behind who were thankful that she wasn’t after their heads.

“She just growled...” Tyler trailed.

“...Like a demon.” Finished Kevin with a terrified expression.

Kevin glanced to the messenger with a raised brow. “How did you know about it anyway, Tyler?” She looked to him and grinned, dusting off her dress. “Well, I was a maid once.”

He gave a confused expression. “What’s being a maid got to do with it?”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re so slow sometimes. The maids know everything.”

Matt ignored the two and looked towards the town in thought. “I’d hate to be Zed right about now...”

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