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Chapter 12

I raced into the house after my Saturday morning shift at The Patch.

Before heading off to work I’d given Mazy a quick call. She explained that she’d done a cursory look through her files after getting my message and hadn’t found anything with my name on it. She was willing to dig deeper if I could provide her with a few more details though. After giving her my adoptive parents’ names, birthdates for all three of us, my eye color and hair color, she’d promised to do a more thorough investigation.

In my excitement at her willingness to help me, I’d forgotten my cell phone on the couch. I ran into the living room to check it and my heart rate picked up when I saw that she had called.

As I listened to her message, my enthusiasm faded. She’d already found some information that she wanted to meet with me in person to discuss. Something in her tone, the way she said information, kept me from getting too hopeful. What could she have found that she wouldn’t be able to just tell me over the phone?

Dad’s car hadn’t been parked in the driveway, so he had to be out. That was good because I still didn’t know what to do about England. With the house to myself, I dropped down on the couch, and dialed Mazy’s number, mulling over her message as I waited for her to pick up. Maybe my parents were dead, and she didn’t want to break it to me over the phone. That would make sense, and it was definitely a possibility I’d been trying to prepare myself for. Or maybe something was wrong with my medical information, or maybe I was a twin separated at birth. I laughed as my thoughts became increasingly ridiculous. I was about to hang up after six or seven rings, but then I heard her voice on the other end of the line.

“Hello,” she panted. How far had she run to make it to the phone in time?

“Mazy? It’s Hannah Reed.”

“Oh yes, Hannah dear, you’ll have to excuse me; I was outside trying to winterize my garden and had to run to grab the phone.”

“I really appreciate you calling me back so quickly, and I don’t want to keep you from your work; I was just curious about the information you said you found.” I gripped the phone tighter.

“Yes, well, I think it would be better if we met in person to discuss my findings.” Mazy’s voice grew serious.

“It’s that bad, is it?” I asked, trying to lighten the air.

“Just … interesting,” Mazy replied.

“I’m free right now; could we meet for coffee?”

“I’m sorry Hannah, but this isn’t a good time. I have plans this evening, but I’m available tomorrow. I could come meet you somewhere in East Halton in the early afternoon.”

“How does one o’clock at The Sandwich Shop sound? Do you know that restaurant?”

“I do. Well, until tomorrow then.”

“Great.” How would I wait until tomorrow? I flopped against the back of the couch. I didn’t really have a choice.

Before I could give it any more thought, my phone buzzed again. I scrambled to answer it. Was Mazy calling back to change the plans? My shoulders relaxed. It was Katie. “Is there some reason you haven’t called me yet?”

I rolled my eyes. “Sorry, I was working.”

“Fine, but fill me in. What happened after you left? I’m dying here. Did he go in for the goodnight kiss?”

“Kate, it wasn’t a date. He just gave me a ride home. We talked and he walked me to the door. There’s not much to report.” I’d decided not to mention the intense moment Ethan and I had shared in his Jeep. The emotional charge had probably been all in my head anyway, and the stuff Ethan had shared about his past seemed deeply personal. I wanted it to stay between the two of us so he would know he could trust me.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. I was sure he would’ve tried

something. Who could resist you? You look like forest animals help you clean your bedroom.”

“Well, they do have exceptional bed-making skills.” I shifted on the couch. “There’s actually something else I wanted to tell you about.”


“I started looking for my birth parents and I managed to track down a woman who might have some information on them.” I held my breath as I waited for Katie’s response.

“What? I didn’t know you were going through with it. So what have you learned so far?”

“Not really anything yet. This woman, Mazy, worked for the agency in Hartford that my adoption was set up through. The agency is closed now but she still has some old files at her house. She looked into them and wants to get together to discuss what she found with me. I’m meeting with her tomorrow. I don’t know though, she’s being sort of cryptic about the whole thing.”

“Hmm. I wonder what that means.”

“I’m not really sure. I have a feeling it’s something weird or bad though from the way she’s been talking.” I bit the inside of my cheek.

“Ooh, I bet you have a twin and you were separated at birth.” I couldn’t help but laugh as she jumped to the same outlandish conclusion I had. “I can come with you tomorrow if you want.”

“Thanks Kate, I appreciate that, but it’s something I think I have to do on my own.” I didn’t even know I thought that way until the words came out of my mouth, but for whatever reason it felt like something too personal to share with anyone, at least until I had a better idea of what Mazy was going to tell me.

We talked for a little longer and then I spent the rest of the day working on homework until I called it an early night. I tossed and turned for hours, wishing I could’ve just met with Mazy and gotten it over with. Having all this time to think was making my imagination run wild. Stop worrying. I punched my pillow in frustration. Just wait to hear what Mazy has to say. Nothing she might tell me could be as bad as what I was thinking. Could it?

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