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Bloodthirsty Lover

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The years have gone by; she feels more alone than ever before. One day, a letter came in the locker, and she saw the blood began to spill, but all for the sake of love. October lost something years ago, a part of her mind and heart. Ever since then; she has dealt with the abuse from both her family and the kids at school. One day, a secret admirer comes into the picture; bodies of the people she despised are dropping like flies, but she is not shedding any tears. The blood is drawing her into the love of the secret admirer, and she soon joins in on the fun, to a love she never thought could ever find. What else will she find in the midst of it all?

Romance / Drama
Ember Leigh Joy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Dreams into the Past

A young girl; about nine years old with black hair was playing in a huge backyard; filled with green grass and beautiful flowers. Giggling and playing with other kids, younger than her; both of them playing in the flower garden.

The sky was a light blue color with the fluffiest clouds in the sky. The birds were chirping, bees flying through the grass; it was like a perfect day. Turning around, she saw a large house, white, two stories with a lot of windows with a few flowers on the balcony.

It was almost too beautiful for words; almost too perfect. “October. Alex. Faith. Come inside. I made dinner.” They all laughed and ran inside to see a beautifully made dinner. “Mom. You never cooked like this. What is the special occasion?” The girl named October asked.

She giggles lightly as she sat down. There was spaghetti, fruit, different drinks. “It’s because of the love I have you. You are my-” The voice became distorted, as if it was fading out.

The scene started melting away like wax melting from a burning candle. “Mom? Mommy?” She asks, looking around to find them. “Dustin? Faith?” She yelled out; trying to find her sibling; and she saw they were in the backyard again. “What?”

She looked over to see her siblings we again in the flower gardens; wilted and dead flowers. Only this time, when she turned around, she saw a degraded house; paint tearing at the seams. The sky was a dark grey, thunder and lightning crackling above her.

“HEY! Get your asses in here!” They all gasps, and she tries her best not to move; to try and protect her siblings from an obviously drunk mother; but she is pulled inside by a force beyond her power and control as she entered the house. “Sit down and eat your food!” She was confused.

The floor was filthy, covered with broken tiles, trash, and rats. The food; if you could even call it that; wasn’t even on a plate; it was just mush on an old table, ready to collapse at any second. There was a man passed out on the floor, he was in ratty clothing with a bottle of Bourbon in his hand.

She saw cockroaches crawling around; only to make her scream. “What the hell is going on?” She yelled, abruptly standing up from the table. The chair fell back with a clank and the woman looked at her angrily.

“You little bitch! Is my cooking not well enough?” The mother yelled her blonde hair in front of face. “I’ll show you.” She stomps up to her, raising her hand and striking her so hard across the face that she blacked out.

She opened her eyes to see that she was now in a car; driving down a populated road. Looking in the rearview mirror; she looked to be about six or seven years old; in a pink shirt with a pair of jean shorts. She was confused; and she saw two old people were in the front seat. “Grandma? Grandpa? Where are we going?” She asked.

Her siblings were nowhere in sight; it was only her in the back of her car; there was carnival food, toys, it was strange. Touching her chest, she felt a pain like no other as the older woman spoke. “We are going home after we went to the amusement park. Remember?” She shook her head; trying to figure out what the hell is going on. The seats were like rough carpet; her hair was in her face now; and she watched the trees zoom by.

She felt her hair tied in pigtails, a pair of child size sneakers on her feet. Suddenly; the world started spinning; everything was going hazy; she screams as loud as she could; her voice scratchy as she heard the sound of a crash. The sound of glass shattering; metal bending; everything happened so fast; until she saw the look in her grandparents eyes.

They were filled with fear; panic; not able to do anything about it. Everything inside her broke as she felt a crushing sensation in her chest, as if something with razor sharp talons clawed into her heart.

Everything went dark for what felt like a few seconds until her eyes opened wide again. She saw her grandparents, bloody and broken. Her grandma had glass shattered all over her body; razor sharp as they ripped her body to shreds.

Her grandpa; was even worst. His neck was so damaged that his head almost came off, blood gushing down his clothes. Her vision went blurry again; her mind fading.

She woke up to the sound of a crowd all around her, red and blue lights were flashing; everything was dark and voices were yelling at her. She heard the faint sound of a man talking.

“Pulse is dropping; severe trauma to the chest and heart. Severe contusions and probably broken bones. We need to get her to the OR stat!” Before she could ask about her grandparents, she fell out of consciousness again.

She was now in a hospital. Doctors and nurses surrounded her as if she was some freak about to give birth to a monster. She tried to speak but she was unable to utter a single word; her mouth couldn’t open. “We need to operate immediately. A nurse went through her purse. ‘No. Don’t touch that.’ October thought, wanting to scream it out. “I’ll make a call to the family.” A nurse said, and the injured girl was forced into a clean white room that looked cleaner than anyplace else.

She was covered in a blue tarp as a mask was placed over her mouth. She lay limp on the table as the doctors and nurses prepared the tools and supplies needed. As soon as everything was ready, and they were sure she wouldn’t feel a thing, they didn’t hesitate; and started slicing her chest.

She was outside her body; watching everything that was going on. She saw herself unconscious on the table. She gasps as she saw them poke and prod her with needles, blades, and clamps. She dashed out of the operating room in panic, gasping to see her family balling tears.

Her pregnant mother, two year old brother, and father were praying to god, her aunt Connie was trying to comfort her as Uncle Thomas gave everyone coffee.

She looked up at the clock to see it was half past 12; but she was confused. She was heading home from the amusement park at 10:15. And looking at the window; it was dark out. “How long has it been?” She looked over to her mother. “3 hours.” Her father said.

“3 hours? For what?” She asks herself before running back into the operating room. “She has a lot of glass inside her, and her bones are pretty damaged. We have to find the bleeder.” The main surgeon said.

The blue tarp was soaked in blood, an IV of red liquid was attached to her arm, and suddenly; there was a flat line sound that echoed through the room. “V-fib.” Everyone stopped as the main surgeon grabbed paddles. “150.” The doctor presses against her chest, a clunk sound came and she jolted from the bed.

“No change.” A nurse said. “Charging. 200. Clear.” She jolted again. October cried, seeing a light in front of her. “Darling.” She gasps to see her grandparents. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault.” The girl cried. “No darling. We are happy now. We will miss you; but it is not your time.” They both said. They vanished from sight and she cried. “Live a happy life.” They said, and she turned her head back to the doctors.

She walked up to her body, placing her hands on her own head as she jolted from the electric charge over and over till finally, the beeping continued again. “She’s back.” A nurse said; and they continued to work. “I’ll live a happy life. I swear on it.” She promised herself, slowly fading back into her body.

It was two more hours till the doctor emerged from the operating room; taking off their protective masks. “October Abigail Thornton?” The family stood up.

“She suffered a serious chest fracture; bones puncture a piece of her heart, penetrating wound producing more than 50% tissue loss of a chamber with some minor tearing as well. If we waited any longer she wouldn’t have made it.”

The parents looked as if they never wanted to know. “After a period of time, she could walk out of here.” They sighed in relief, trying to stay together. Everyone smiles, but the parents didn’t change anything.

The father felt slightly angry at his own daughter, and the mother; she just felt numb for some reason. “This is great! She’s going to make it!” Constance cheered; smiling at her other family. They nodded; thoughts clouding her mind as they tried to stay standing up right.

October opened her eyes, seeing herself in a different room. She felt a tube wrapped around her face; she saw IV’s in her arm. She was in a bed, sheets neatly covered her and the television was on. The girl saw she was in a cotton, blue night gown.

To her, everything was amplified. The lights were blinding her, the television shows were clear, it was crazy for her. She could hear the ticking of a clock, the beeping sound of her monitor, the dripping of her IV liquid as it entered her body.

She looked over to see her aunt and uncle were by her side, lying on the bed. Her body was covered in casts, not being able to move. “Auntie? Uncle Tom?” They slowly woke up and gasps to see her alive. “Oh darling. Are you ok? Are you in pain?” She shook her head lightly, scared to even move.

She saw multiple sensors along her chest, and there was a scar down between her breasts. “What happened?” October asks, trying to figure out what is going on.

“You were in a car accident, and-” She gasps, her mind flashing back to what she remembers “Grandma and grandpa; they’re dead.” She cried. Closing her eyes, she shed tears as someone held her hand. She looked up, it wasn’t her mom.

“Where are mom and dad?” They looked at each other, unsure how to answer her. “Um; we got you a few things.” October cried. “I’m sorry about grandma and grandpa.” They looked over and help her hand.

“I’m happy you are alive. Please.” She giggles and kisses her head. “I’ve got you some things; I thought you might like them.” She smiles lightly. “Can you open it? I can’t move my arms.” Nodding, Aunt Connie pulled out the tissue paper, pulling out several stuffed animals with huge glass eyes.

“Oh my lord. They’re beautiful.” She giggles. “This is Butter the cow, Sami the fish, Scooter the snail…” She named off all eight of them, a mouse, panda, pink zebra, a dragon, and a fox. “This can be the start of a collection, as a way to pass time.” She giggles, shedding tears of both joy and sadness.

Opening her eyes; she gasps to see she was in her childhood bedroom. Jolting up from the sheets; she looked into the mirror; she was 10 years old. “What the hell is going on?” She yelled to herself; only to hear screams coming from the hallway.

She ran out, and saw a man carrying her younger siblings. She acted on instinct, trying to grab the man’s leg, trying to get her sibling’s back. “Get off of me bitch!” He yelled, kicking her off and using a heavy boot to kick her in the stomach.

She heard her siblings cry out for help, but it was as if something was pinning her down, she couldn’t move, her body was heavy her vision became blurry until finally, everything went black.

She works up to a throbbing pain in her side, a killing headache. She hears the sound of people talking around her. Opening her eyes; saw police around her; and an ice pack against her stomach.

“October? Do you remember what he looked like?” She was confused; until she remembered something. “He was tall; a grungy beard, tanned skin, strong. It was scary.” She looks down, trembling lightly.

“It’s your entire fault.” The injured girl gasps and looked up at her parents. “You are the reason they are gone!” The mother said. “Mrs. Please! Calm down.” A cop said, holding her back. “She lost my babies. She’s a monster. A monster.”

She gasps, feeling something in her soul crash down around her heart. Those words engraved deep in her heart; tears rolling down her eyes. "I-I tried to save them... He was bigger, I tried to-" October just shed tears.

Days turned to weeks; weeks turn to months. Still no sign of her siblings. The case went cold after the first week, but she just couldn’t give up. She just couldn’t. Searching on the internet; she looked up every article, every website, and every chat room she could think of that could have her siblings.

October even sent out postages to as many papers as she could. She just needs some answers. Any answers she could get; in order to get her sibling’s back. Her deep thoughts were all interrupted by a sudden crash; the sound of glass shattering. Arguing came from downstairs; and she puts in her ear buds; trying to drown out the sound.

She felt like she could snap any second; but she just couldn’t break yet. She had to fight; find a way to survive. As she was thinking, an ad pinged on her computer, seeing it was a news article. ‘Young pick-pocket is found after years.’

She was shocked, and clicked on the article. “Young woman was caught after years of lifting wallets of cash and credit cards. She was caught after she tried to pickpocket a cop off duty.” She read out loud.

She saw the picture of the girl; only in her late teens at best. Her hair was black, with blue streaks cut in an emo medium side part cut with choppy layers that go down past her shoulders.

She gently touched her hair and jumped as the same glass shattering sound echoed through the house again. She looked at the picture again, and smirked.

She just came from the beauty salon, hair cut up exactly how she wanted it. Her hair was like the pickpocket, except that she has red streaks in her hair. She giggles and starts her walks home. She dreaded the walk home; home to the people who practically hate her, blame her for losing her siblings.

“Oh look; if it isn’t the little freak!” She turned her head to see it was a group of girls from her school. “Nice wig! God a bird’s nest in there?” She rolled her eyes. “Halloween is still months away!” The leader yelled. “Then why are you dressed like a bitch?” She yelled, running away from the group.

Her chest felt heavy, everything hurt. Opening her purse, she pulled out a pill dispenser. She pulled out beta blockers, vasodilators, cardiovascular medication, and of course; pain medication.

She groans; swallowing the medication. “Traumatic aortic rupture, bones pierced into my heart. What a laugh.” She chuckles sadly, taking a puff of her inhaler to kick start her breathing again.

She took deep breaths, trying to relax herself when she felt a pair of eyes watching her. “Hello?” She asks to the empty air, no one in sight.

October woke up again, only this time, she was in a modern version of her bedroom. Her bed was a handmade IKEA hack bed with lots of storage space. She recognized the walls, the pastel color she chose.

Each wall was a beige color except for the one against behind her bed; that one is a pastel purple. The girl gasps, looking around to see her mother was waiting for her, barely able to stand up.

Even from across the bed, she could still smell the booze. “What the hell is going on here?” She screams her mind racing. “It’s Monday you retard.” She rolls her eyes. “I’m a retard? Says the high school dropout.”

She gasps at herself; she never had the courage to actually say that to her mother. “What?” The older woman asked very angry; throwing a bottle at her. “Why don’t you wake up? Go back to your cruel life.”

October was confused; a sudden annoying ring of some kind of alarm clock. “Get out! Get out!” The scream got louder; angrier, full of hate. The four walls around her were swept away by a tornado of pain and suffering, all her memories swirling around her; it was scary as all living hell.

The only constant thing was a ringing of an alarm clock. Then the next thing she heard; was the sound of someone yelling, ‘Wake up’ over and over in her ears; so loud she thought they would bleed.

October gasps for air, looking around to see she was in her bedroom; in her handmade bed. Looking down at her hand, she saw that she had the letter ‘A’ written in big, red ink. The alarm kept ringing, and she saw her double dragon table alarm clock on the bedside table.

Hitting the center she ceased the annoying ringing. The girl looked around; the walls were the same beige color, except this time, the walls were covered with large black vine flower wall stickers. She also had little butterfly stickers. She wanted the room to have at least a touch of cuteness to counter out the other things in her room.

She sighs; removing herself from her purple galaxy cover. She groaned, fixing up her bed sheets. She sighs, putting back her collection of stuffed toys along the side of her bed, smiling at her precious collection.

Standing up, she managed to climb down the makeshift stairs and walk to her closet; messing up her already disheveled hair. “Another damn day.”

She said to herself; looking into her Victorian frame, black design. “Let’s just get this over with,” October said, trying to wake up.

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