The Vampire’s Wife (VP#2)

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Henry and Rose have lived in peace for years.. They've tried to leave their past behind them and carry on with their lives, but that's a hard thing to do, especially when your past comes after you.

Romance / Thriller
Molly Stegall
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Chapter 1

Rose was brought out of her thoughts as Kaden came running at her as fast as he could. A scream, that sounded like a girl, sounded from him. He jumped up into Rose’s arms.

“What’s wrong?” Rose asked as she brushed his hair out of his face.

“She’s going to get me!” Kaden said as he pointed towards the stairs. A split second went by before Violet appeared where he was pointing. An angry expression appeared on her face as she breathed heavily in anger. She ran at Kaden as he screamed again.

Before she reached them Henry scooped Violet up in his arms as she kicked and wiggled to try to get out of his grasp. A few seconds went by of Violet struggling and Kaden screaming and snuggling into Rose.

Rose and Henry made eye connection. Henry’s face read ‘This is annoying, and what are we going to do?’ Rose’s face read ‘don’t give me that face, and are you going to do something? ’

Why are you giving me that face? Henry asked. Rose’s face didn’t change. Henry read her face in a second. On it.

“Violet, why are you trying to hurt Kaden?” Henry asked.

“He broke my pony!” Violet yelled.

“Kaden, is that true?” Henry asked.

“It’s just a small rip.” Kaden said as he shrieked again.

“You ripped its head off!” Henry sighed as he looked over the railing and saw a decapitated rainbow pony laying on the ground, stuffing surrounded it. “He killed Princess Rainbow!” Violet said as she began to cry.

“That pony was evil!” Kaden said.

“No she wasn’t!” Violet screamed at him. She almost got out of Henry’s grip. Kaden screamed as he buried his face into the crook of Rose’s neck. Henry turned Violet around in his arms so she was facing him.

“We’ll buy you a new one.”

“I don’t want a new one, no pony will ever be as good as Princess Rainbow.”

“You never know. Will you at least try?” Henry asked. Violet just sat there for a few seconds. “That means we’ll go to the mall.“

“Yay!” Violet yelled as she jumped out of Henry’s arms and ran into her room to get ready.

“Is she gone?” Kaden asked, not moving his head out of Rose’s neck.

“Yes, she is gone. You want to go get ready?” Kaden got out of Rose’s arms and ran into his room. A second went by.

“Quite time!” Henry and Rose both yelled. Rose grabbed Henry’s hand and teleported them to the couch.

Henry laid on the couch as Rose curled up on his chest. She placed one hand through his hair as she snuggled her face into his neck. He took one hand and started to run his hand up and down her back. They both closed their eyes and began to rest. A few seconds went by after they both closed their eyes before Kaden jumped in between Henry’s legs and his lower stomach. Henry sat up in shock and pain. It caused Rose to fall backwards and on the back of the couch. Henry groaned in pain as he rolled over on the floor as he curled up in a ball. His face turned bright red as he stopped breathing.

Rose picked up Kaden and balanced him on her hip as she walked to Violet who was sitting next to Henry. She poked Henry’s head.

“Dad, are you ok?” Violet asked as she poked him again. He didn’t move. She poked him again. “Dad?” Rose picked up Violet as she balanced her on her other hip.

“I’m going to go put the kids in the car,” Rose stated before she teleported them to the car.

She placed Violet in her pink princess car seat and handed her her sparkly, silver and pink tiara. She buckled up Kaden in his superhero car seat with words like ‘BAM and POW’ spread out around it. She handed Kaden his foam sword.

“I’m going to get daddy. I’ll be right back.” She teleported back to the couch and saw that Henry hadn’t moved a muscle. She knelt down beside him and ran her fingers through his hair.

“Hen?” Rose asked. He didn’t move “Hen, we have to go before the kids start to fight.”

“Everything... hurts...,” Henry stated in a strained voice. She ran her fingers through his hair again.

“I know, but the kids are in the car..., by themselves..., Kaden has a sword.” Henry groaned as he sat up, slowly. He used the couch for support as Rose helped him get up. She teleported them to the car. Henry opened the car door and slowly sat down. Rose walked to her side of the car and hopped in.

Violet and Kaden were in the back seat fighting. Rose knew the only thing that would ease the kids down was the mall.

Hopefully, we’ll be there soon.

Thank you as always for reading. Hoped you liked it.

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