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Un-Classic Hero Forever (Part 2)

By JesFun All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 28


A small bus is waiting for us when we arrive in St. Barts, and it takes us to somewhere called, La Plage Beachfront Villa. Conrad tells me that it’s private and has seven bedrooms, and it’s all ours for the next few weeks. A young man wearing a friendly smile and a colorful shirt, greets us when we disembark the bus.

“Bonjour everyone! Welcome to La Plage. Je m’appelle Lamont De Pierre. I am to be your personal butler during your stay here. Anything you desire, I will do my best to accommodate you. May I ask which one of you is Mr. Riley?”

Conrad steps forward and shakes Lamont’s hand.

“Bonjour Lamont, Je m’appelle Conrad Riley.”

“Ah, tres bien Monsieur. Would your party like a tour before settling in?”

“That would be great actually, thank you.”

Lamont proceeds to show us every room in the villa, while explaining every service that is included.

“Nice work Conrad,” Harrison whistles in appreciation as we take it all in.

“All the rooms are up for grabs, but the first master is ours,” Conrad, informs everyone.

“Hey, you paid for it,” My dad says while staring wistfully towards the beach.

“And on that note, Sydney’s parents get the second master,” Conrad adds.

Everyone makes a noise of acknowledgment.

“I’ll take one of those smaller beach house rooms,” Kevin offers, “I don’t need much, just a place to rest my drunken head each night.”

“Same here,” Jake says.

The villa, had five fully equipped bedrooms and two smaller suites that were detached from the main building but still quite luxurious. The final three rooms are claimed by Hailey, Desiree and Ivan and then Harrison.

“So, how about we all take a bit to get settled in and refreshed, then we can all gather in here for lunch…dinner? I don’t know what time it is,” my Mom, suggests.

Conrad, checks his phone.

“It’s just about three in New York, so it’s almost four here,” he tells us.

“Okay, so dinner then,” my Mom, nods.

“Very good ma’am,” Lamont, who is still nearby, acknowledges, “Shall I have dinner ready in an hour?”

“Oui si’l vous plait,” Conrad tells him.

“Tres bien Monsieur,” Lamont, smiles then turns and disappears into another room.

Everyone breaks off to their individual rooms to freshen up. Once we’re in our room, Conrad tosses himself onto the bed and stretches across it.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you speak french,” I mention. “I didn’t hear you speak french last time we were here.”

“Yeah, I don’t know very much, just a few basics. I studied it a little after our last time here. I figured we liked it here so much we’d probably be back a time or two,” He tells me.

“Well, I think it’s pretty sexy,” I say, with a smirk.

“Who’s room is next to ours again?” he then asks me, nonchalantly.

“I think Desiree and Ivan’s room is, why?” I reply as I open my bags and decide that I want a shower before I change.

“Where was your parent’s room?” he then asks.

“On the opposite end of the house. Again, why?” I turn and look at him in question, and see a mischievous grin spreading across his face.

“I just want to make sure they aren’t next door to us while I do unspeakable things with their daughter. Might make things awkward.”

I smile and drop the dress I was holding back into the bag and meander over to the bed.

“Oh really? What kind of unspeakable things did you have in mind, Mr. Riley?”

Conrad pulls himself up onto his knees and shuffles to the end of the bed until he’s in front of me. He reaches out and grabs me by the waist before effortlessly tossing me onto the bed. I let out a squeal as Conrad flips over so that he’s now straddling me. He looks down at me, his hair falling into his face.

“I don’t know, but I’m sure I can come up with a few things,” he croons, lowering himself down close enough to kiss me, soft and deeply. I wrap my arms around his neck and melt into him.

“How about we start in the shower since we only have less than an hour before dinner?” I suggest.

“Shower? Yeah, I think we can do that,” he says against my neck.

Suddenly, Conrad is off the bed and pulling me with him. He throws me over his shoulder, which I don’t fight against since I’m too busy enjoying his playfulness.

“Let’s go get clean while we get nice and dirty,” he says just as he turns on the shower, and steps in while we’re fully clothed.


“Good morning all,” I greet everyone sitting around the large table on the patio as I take a seat by Sydney.

“Well, it’s almost all of us,” Jake, tells me with a laugh as he points to the far end of the pool. There, I see Kevin, sprawled across a sun lounger under an umbrella, “Kevin is still passed out. He slept there all night and still hasn’t moved.”

“What a idiot,” Harrison chuckles. “He’s lucky that Lamont came and moved that umbrella over him this morning before the sun got too hot, otherwise he’d have been a lobster before any of us woke up to save his ass.”

I laugh and shake my head in response. We all had a lot of fun last night, sharing drinks by the pool until the very late hours, maybe too many drinks for some of us apparently.

“Maybe we should wake him up,” Jake, suggests with a mischievous grin. I grin right back at him, knowing exactly what he’s thinking.

“Yeah, we’ll give him a nice wake up call,” Harrison, agrees, rising from his chair. Jake, stands up and I decide to join them for the fun. We make our way around the pool.

“You guys are mean!” I hear Sydney, call to us, but she’s laughing.

Jake, Harrison and I surround Kevin on the lounger and look at each other without a word before we pick it up, and carefully carry it to the edge of the pool.

“One, two, three,” Harrison, whispers before we tip the lounger into the pool and watch as Kevin, slides off of it into the pool.

The expression on his face when he surfaces the water is priceless, causing everyone to laugh their asses off.

“What the fuck! You fucking assholes!” he yells at us as he chokes on the pool water. We just continue laughing at him as he wades to the edge of the pool and pulls himself out.

“You think that’s funny, do ya?” Kevin, asks as he moves towards us, sopping wet.

“It was hilarious,” Jake, chortles, moving away from Kevin, as if he knows what his retribution will be. Harrison, sees Jake moving away, and just as he makes a move, Kevin surges forward and grabs him.

“Hey! No man!” Harrison, protests, but its too late. Kevin tosses him into the pool.

“Who’s next?” Kevin, turns and addresses everyone else with a wide grin. He’s only met with laughter as an annoyed Harrison climbs out of the pool.

“You’re lucky my phone wasn’t in my pocket,” Harrison, grumbles as he moves his wet hair off his face. Kevin just laughs at him, not caring either way.

“I’m going to change and then I need some grub,” Kevin tells us before making his way to his room.

Jake and I return to the table, still laughing. Harrison disappears, probably to also go change, and Sydney leans over to kiss me. I feel so light and carefree in this moment, surrounded by those closest to me. Sydney looks so happy and more relaxed than she’s looked in a long time. Despite the many drinks we consumed last night, we slept well last night and actually woke up refreshed this morning.

“So, what is the plan today?” she asks me.

I glance up at Desiree and we share a secretive smile.

“Us girls are going to a spa today,” Desiree tells her, “courtesy of Conrad.”

“Ooh, that sounds nice,” Sydney claps her hands together happily, “I could go for a massage. What are the guys doing in the meantime?”

“We’re hanging out here today,” I tell her, “just relaxing and such.”

Desiree is having a hard time containing her smile as she nods along. Luckily, Sydney doesn’t seem to notice.

“I can’t remember the last time I got pampered,” Dana says, “Thank you, Conrad.”

“And I want to do a little shopping as well,” Desiree, adds as she and Sydney’s mom, Dana, also share a secret smile.

“I might do a little snorkeling,” Sydney’s dad, Troy, offers.

“And I think I’m going to spend the day doing a whole lot of nothing from that lounger over there,” Ivan, says, pointing towards said loungers.

In reality, the guys and I have a lot to do today to get things ready for my surprise for Sydney tonight.

“That’ll be nice,” Sydney says as she shoves a giant piece of melon into her mouth. Oh my beautiful, unsuspecting girl. She’s so adorable.

Everyone is in on my plan, everyone but her. I hope to god she’ll love it. Desiree insists that she will. I’m just too impatient, and this is something I wish I would have done long time ago. Tonight, Sydney and I can put the past behind us, and finally begin to live our life together without interruption. She and I will never be apart again. Tonight will be the biggest night of our lives. Tonight I’m finally going to make Sydney Chase my wife.

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