The Christmas Season!

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Friends and family celebrate Christmas together in their hometown of Chicago!

Romance / Fantasy
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

During the Christmas season, Jeffrey and his family were taking a trip through the mountains. The clouds that they saw floating by the mountains were so soft and dreamy, they wished that they could fly on them together, especially Jeffrey and his wife Lilly Louise. They also saw many houses with their lights on. The windows of these houses seemed to have candlelight glowing. This made Jeffrey and Lilly Louise feel very romantic. The two of them started holding hands and sharing kisses, which brought grins to the faces of their two kids Baxter and Sandy Sue.

When they got home, Jeffrey both put logs on the fire and lit the Christmas candles on top of the fireplace. He also put on some Christmas harp music. This put Lilly Louise in a peaceful mood. Before long, the two of them forgot about the universe around them and lose themselves in each other. Jeffrey got a mattress and a blanket for himself and his wife. He knew that they would not be able to keep their eyes open much longer.

The warmth of the fire soon faded, but not the warmth of their excitement for one another! They were especially excited by the Christmas moonlight that glowed through the window of their living room! The moonlight, music, and the feeling of refuge that came from being soothed in one another’s arms caused them to eventually fall asleep until noon the next day.

The next day, their friends Marissa and Edwin came delivering both Christmas pies and a Christmas turkey! They were also dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus! They had also come to sing carols with the family, and ask Baxter and Sandy Sue what they wanted for Christmas!

Soon, everybody was lifting the spirits of neighbors and strangers alike, singing one Christmas carol after another, walking through the streets of Chicago! There was not one human being that was left without a smile on his or her face! Everybody was dancing and skipping through the streets with contagious Christmas joy flowing through the centers of their emotions! This was when they all knew that the Christmas season was all about love between friends and family!

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