Need Someone

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Chapter 6.1 - Livin' It Up

After I was a few drinks in, I started feeling good. The kind of good where music is the best shit you’ve ever heard and dancing is the only thing that feels right. The DJ played Fuckin’ Problems and I almost lost my shit. I managed to coax Max out to dance with me because you can’t not dance to that song.

“And yeah I like to fuck, I got a fuckin’ problem,” I sang to him, and he acted as if he had never heard the song before. Whatever.

I love dancing, especially when the music is as upbeat and sexy as it is tonight, but Max wouldn’t keep up. Doja Cat took over and I really started to feel myself. I twisted and turned with the music, trying to entice Max to focus on me, but he was too preoccupied with his friends.

I turned around and found him chatting up some girl that didn’t look old enough to consume alcohol legally. He wasn’t being flirtatious, just friendly, not that I had anything to worry about. I tried to capture his attention with my moves but he continued to talk and drink while bobbing offbeat to the music. I couldn’t compete with models.

I turned around and noticed Ziggy staring at me from the edge of the crowd. How he managed to keep spotting me was a bit worrying, but I felt too good to care.

I went off on my own, moving my body with the small crowd, and felt my anxiety melt away. I loved this song. It was one that made you feel sexy just by listening. When an arm wrapped around my waist, and I know who it is without needing to look.

Maybe I was feeling the liquor, maybe I just wanted attention. Either way, I welcomed him.

I unhook his arm from around me and turned to face him. Ziggy smiled at me as he unleashed some impressive moves of his own. I joined in, enjoying his carefree demeanor. He was having fun, just like he wanted.

We twisted together as the next song came on, our hips grinding against each other in a perfect rhythm with the song’s deep bass. My blood was pumping, my lip trapped between my teeth while we stared down at our bodies working. I pulled his hips closer then I realized I needed to calm down. I turned away from him. With his hands on my hips and his excited breath on my neck, my mind kept going to places it shouldn’t.

When the song changed, I took my leave from the dance floor. I weaved through the crowd and went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. I found it, and tried to cool myself with a sip.

The cold liquid slid down my throat. The breath I took after made me relax. When I opened my eyes there he was again.

Ziggy leaned against the counter and took the bottle from my hand to take a swig for himself. My head was fuzzy with my buzz, my body warm and stimulated from our time on the dance floor. This was the point in the night where staying vertical became difficult in more ways than one. My mind and my body told me two different stories when I looked at him.

“Enjoying your party?” I asked. He hummed his assent as he drank from my bottle. “See, I knew you had friends.”

“If that’s what you want to call them.”

“Whatever they are, if I threw myself a party, there wouldn’t be this many people and it wouldn’t be near this much fun.” That made him smile as he took another drink.

“I like your ink,” he said. His finger traced under the hem of my dress, lifting it ever so slightly.

“Don’t lie.”

“I’m not. It’s badass. Plus, it’s nice to see who you are when you’re not in scrubs,” he said. “You seem a lot less basic.”

I sneered at him and he laughed. “It’s good to see you’re exactly the same. And it’s good to see where you live. Your place is really cool, Ziggy.”

“It’s better when it’s not filled with assholes.” He smiled and I laughed. “I blocked off the loft space so no one steals my shit, but I’ll give you special VIP access if you want to see the rest of it.”

The red flag waved in the corner of my mind but I ignored it. “What’s up there?”

“Come on, I’ll show you.” He took me by the hand and led me towards the stairs. I looked back to see Max climbing outside to the deck with his friends, completely oblivious. So much for my cock block.

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