Revenge of the Swamp

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Chapter 2

Slim slice Miss Tilly Sink was a hit at Bradley Community Middle School with all the boys, including Timothy Bacher from the day she took on the job of receptionist.

She had barely been there three weeks, but the older boys were all excited. Already, they had nicknamed her The Doppler Effect.

The big boys would place themselves strategically along Miss Tilly Sink’s projected, comet pathway, and watch her swing into view, close in and walk by, then disappear. Her brown hair would catch the sunlight stealing in through windows and glow, matching the sparkle in her emerald-green eyes. Miss Tilly Sink wasn’t model thin, though, although she walked as if she was strutting her stuff on the catwalk, nor did she have any excess flesh to call her anything but slim fit or petite. She wore Paige jeans or slacks, always. She had a way of walking with enough swing to make the curves show and demand attention. Lots of attention.

The younger boys would stand in groups as she came strolling on her way to the school office, waiting and eyeing her eagerly, like puppies. Tim felt he was her special favorite because she always stopped to greet him and would give him the tickles as she ran her slender hand through his hair, her long tapered fingers feeling like his mom’s used to when he was an infant. The big difference was Miss Sink’s fingers sent a different shiver down his young spine. And he had made her his dream girl…

Timothy’s dad, Timothy senior and Tilly Sink first met at Timothy junior’s school, Bradley Community Middle School.

Timothy senior was busy talking to his old buddy from junior school, now the Principal at his son Timothy’s school, Allen Woods. They were coming out of Allen Woods’ office. As the two men walked into the reception area Timothy Avery Bacher spotted Tilly Sink.

Tilly Sink was talking to someone on the phone, but her face turned towards them. Timothy Avery Bacher could tell she wanted to catch the school head’s eye, but she caught his eye instead. Their eyes locked for a few seconds and she smiled politely, but he sensed the electric pulse. He grinned back, but she had scrawled her little face to give the headmaster her full attention. She paused from her telephone conversation and spoke to the headmaster.

“Mr. Woods, excuse me, sir. Dr. Workington called. He asked if you could slot him in for this afternoon. Preferably after fifteen hours…” She had a sweet singing voice, and Timothy Avery Bacher found himself feeling the heat building up in him.

“Morning sir,” she said, her huge green eyes now settled on Timothy Avery Bacher with an intensity he couldn’t ignore. He was watching her lips, the way they formed, the way she licked her upper lip, almost inviting. She tilted her head to the side, and he became aware of her slender neck, smooth and inviting.

“Oh, hello,” he mumbled a lame response. Her eyes remained fixed on him. Almost daring him on. Wow, you have such luscious eye. “You must be new here -.”

“Tim. Meet Tilly Sink, our new receptionist. And a fine one she is.”

“Oh, thank you, Mr. Woods,” she said it more like ‘I just love hearing this’.

“This is Mr. Timothy Avery Bacher, one of our supportive parents and an old school friend of mine.”

“Glad to meet you, sir,” she said, her lips moist, her eyes inviting.

“No, the pleasure is mine.”

Two days later he deliberately bumped into Tilly Sink as she walked out of Subway with what looked like her supper in her hand.

“Hi, what a surprise to see you here,” he offered. She looked up at him with those huge green eyes of hers and blossomed into a smile. “Mr. Bacher, how are you?”

“I am just getting myself something to eat. Come, let me buy you something to add to what you’ve got there.”

“No, I am fine with this, got to watch my weight too,” she said and splattered into a giggle as if she meant to say ‘Bye’ with an inviting look in her dilated eyes.

“At least have an ice cream with me. I doubt this will damage your fine body.”

In the end, she settled for a yogurt and fruit mix. He ordered a tub of cookies-and-cream-flavored ice cream. They found a cozy booth in an area where there were few customers seated.

“So, how are you finding Bradley Community Middle School?”
He wanted to know everything he could know about her in that short time. Her green eyes appeared to flirt with him.

They were engrossed in each other in the thirty-five minutes it took them to finish eating. He knew he wanted to see her again. So he did something he had never done in his fifteen years of marriage.

“You grew up here, in Miami?” he asked as they were leaving.

“No. I’ve recently moved here. I’m from Chicago.”

“Chicago, a big city. Should be a good idea to show you around. Sort of giving you a tour of the Miami laid-back life. You are driving?”

“No. I live close by, a block away.”

“Let me drop you off then. It looks like it is about to drizzle. It wouldn’t be a good day to take a stroll after all.”

He dropped her off at her place. She lived in a modern block of single terraced bedroom apartments near the swamp, just a couple of miles from the seafront.

“Have you ever been to the Big Wheel?”

She shook her head and he felt his heart beat louder. “I can’t let you live here without having seen the Big Wheel. It would be criminal. I’ll come pick you up Saturday morning, at ten hours sharp. No excuses.”

Tilly Sink laughed, a bubbly kind of laugh, which spread and tickled her green eyes into sparkling gems. He could see her fine set of teeth before she shaped her mouth into a smile, the way she had done the first time they met. “Saturday is fine with me.”

He drove all the way home happily singing to the old Beetles song, She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Tilly Sink couldn’t get over her attraction to Timothy Avery Bacher. She remembered how she first became aware of the other man strolling from the office of the headmaster of Bradley Community Middle School. She must have missed him on his way in when she went to have her files photocopied in the school’s computer room two doors down the floor. He was tall and daringly attractive. She felt the old familiar sensation rush through her like a pulse. She had a message for her boss, the headmaster, and an eye for the stunningly good-looking guy. Her heart broke into fast beats, the way it used to do with her first love, but more, almost like it has never done before. She felt the sweat tickle her as the sensual heat built up in her. God, if he keeps looking at me I shall faint. She was in a dream no longer aware of the world around her. She caught the name, Timothy Avery Bacher, as his blue eyes caressed her with so much intensity she wanted him so badly it was unbelievable.

The heat was still with her when she bumped into him at the Subway. Mr. Gorgeous, right there in front of her. Tilly felt her legs go weak. God, don’t let me handle this badly. When he offered her an ice-cream she wanted to say ‘Yes please’, but she foolishly told him she was watching her weight. Big lie. It was more like, I am recovering from a bad relationship. My guy dumped me for a married woman. Can you handle this, Mr. Gorgeous-and-married? Yeah, it seems as if this world only caters for married men and women. Look at me, dying for you and you are already taken, and my guy, my childhood sweetheart, Elwin Stone, falling for Mrs. Vivian Lemon not so happily married mother of four! God, what was the world coming to? I can imagine Vivian Lemon with all those stretch marks and sagging breasts… Yes, and the ugly scars.

What I can’t figure out is what my Elwin can find attractive on Vivian’s messed up body. Yeah, it beats me what she has that I haven’t got.

Okay, Elwin is history. Can’t waste time reviving ancient history. And I had to hook up with that freak, Hardy, of all the guys in Miami. Well, that was another story I rather forgot. Now, check this out. Mr. Gorgeous here is lusting for me. Never mind his pristine wife happily tucked away at home like some forgotten toy. Problem is, marriage doesn’t appear that cool. Yeah, Mr. Gorgeous is not going anywhere. No, honey, he is coming to do sweet things in my pad. Let me show him what Tilly from Chicago is made of!

The day young Tim turned eleven was the day his dad, Timothy Avery Bacher senior, began an affair with Miss Tilly Sink, the receptionist at Timothy’s school. Timothy Bacher senior had gone and married his high school sweetheart, Talcy Jeeves. They had a small wedding. They bought a three-bedroomed house in Otterbein district. Talcy left her accounts clerk job to become a full-time housewife when she became pregnant with Elizabeth, their first child. Timothy senior remained working as an account manager at the accounting firm Kilton, West & Associates. They were blessed with two kids, Elizabeth now aged thirteen and Timothy junior who had just turned eleven. A year ago, Timothy senior was made partner at Kilton, West & Associates.

For Tim junior, his eleventh birthday turned out to be a memorable disaster. First, his mom came home with a dent in her new 2017 Ford Fiesta but, lucky enough, Tim’s birthday cake was intact. Some impatient driver had hit her car from behind at a road traffic intersection on her way home. Then Tim’s dad didn’t turn up until everyone had gone to bed.

Mom kept on trying to raise him on his cell phone, but it kept on going to voicemail. For Tim, all this dampened his birthday. Never mind the red remote-controlled Redcat Racing toy car he got for his birthday. Some gift he surely didn’t want.

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