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Paging Dr. Yoon Tae Min

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Falling for an older male doctor doesn't come easy. Or does it? Park Yoo Sung's life was anything, but ordinary. Park Yoo Sung comes home to find his mom collapsed so he rushes her to the hospital and there, he meets an attractive doctor that he can't seem to stop thinking about. Before he knew it, feelings start to blossom, but are they feeling he should pursue for an older man?

Romance / Drama
Dakota Cosmic
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Chapter 1

“Goodbye! Have a good night!” the young girl at the cash register said as I started to walk out of the shopping mart.

When I walked outside, I could feel the cool air hitting my face. It felt so refreshing that I took a wiff in and smiled. Then, I started my journey home. Me and my mom are definitely going to have a good dinner tonight because I bought all her favorite things. We haven’t had a good dinner like this in a long time because me and my mom are really struggling. We struggle with paying the rent and other bills on time and we struggle with keeping food on the table. Some nights, we only have cooked ramen noodles to eat and other times, we just have rice balls to eat which could get tiring really fast. My mom works a total of three jobs every week and I tried to get a job so I can help pay for things too, but my mom said that she wants me to be a kid and have fun, not become stressed out from work like her so I said okay even though i’m old enough to have a job.

I finally reached our apartment and walked up the steps to the second floor. Then I walked down the small hallway till I reached our door which says PARK next to it. That’s our last name. I reached into my black skinny jeans pocket and pulled out our house key then opened up the door and walked inside.

“Omma! I’m back!” I shouted through the apartment as I closed the door behind me.

I shoved the keys back into my pocket then started to walk over to the kitchen.

“Omma?” I said as I looked into the kitchen and saw my mom laying on the kitchen floor. There was a big wound on her forehead and it was bleeding non-stop.

I stood there, frozen.

“H-how....?” I asked to nobody in particular with a shaking breath till I saw that there was some blood on the kitchen wall.

“Omma!” I shouted then dropped the grocery bags and rushed to her side.

“Omma! Wake up!” I shouted as I picked her arms up. They felt limp in my hands. I started to feel my heart racing and my stomach turn into knots.

“My phone!” I said to myself then reached into my other pocket and pulled out my black cell phone. I quickly dialed 911 and pressed the phone to my ear. I continued to try to shake my mom awake.

“Yes! I need an ambulance here!” I shouted into the phone then I gave the lady on the other end my address.

Once I gave her all my information, I hung up and shoved my phone back into my pocket then I gently picked her head up and rested it in my lap. I quickly grabbed a dish cloth and pressed it against my mom’s forehead, hoping that it’ll stop the bleeding while I waited for the ambulance to come. I sighed as I rested my head against the kitchen counter and looked up at the ceiling.

“If only Oppa was here....” I mumbled to myself.

Thirty minutes later, there was a knock at the front door.

“It’s open!” I shouted then a bunch of men with medical supplies came rushing into the kitchen and knelt down to tend to my mom.

“What happen to her?” One of the guys asked.

“I don’t know. I came home and saw her like this.” I replied as I sniffed a little, my eyes tearing up. I looked down at my mom to see my hands painted with her blood. Just seeing her blood on my hands made me cry even more. I watched as the guys picked my mom up and put her on a stretcher then rolled her out of the apartment. I stood up and followed after them.

“We’re going to Baekje Hospital.” One of the guys told me and I just nodded then got into the ambulance.

I sat next to a guy while my mom was being hooked up. I shakily took one of her hands into my bloody hands and held it, squeezing it. I didn’t take my eyes off of my mom throughout the car ride till we got to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital, the men took my mom out first then I jumped out right afterwards. I followed them into the hospital till one guy told me not to follow them so I just stood there, watching my mom being rolled away. Tears rolled down my face so I quickly wiped it away only to have part of my face covered with my mom’s blood. I was then sent to the waiting room to wait for the results of my mom’s injury. I sat in one of the chairs, wondering how bad my mom’s injury is and worrying about the cost of the hospital bills.

“Park Yoo Sung?” I heard a male voice say. I was so distracted by my thoughts that I didn’t hear anybody walk up to me.

I looked up to see an attractive young doctor in front of me. He had on black glasses and looked pretty sophisticated. Though, I was too worried about my mom to care about his looks or how young he is.

I then stood up and faced him. “How is my mom?” I asked.

“She’s just fine. A mild concussion, but she’s fine. She’s on medicine so she’s out cold right now, but she should wake up soon.” He assured me.

I breathe a sigh of relief, but couldn’t smile. “Can I see her?” I asked and the doctor nodded.

The doctor took me to my mom’s room and when I saw it, I was surprised. She was in one of those VIP rooms they have in the hospitals which costs a lot of money to be in. I glanced over at the doctor and opened up my mouth to ask him about it when he cut me off.

“Don’t worry about paying for the room. Our hospital is pretty booked up so all the other rooms were filled up.” He explained and I nodded.

Well, that’s one good thing that I don’t have to pay for the room, but I know I still have to pay for the bills.

I walked over to my mom and stared down at her. She looked so weak and lifeless and practically all the color in her skin washed away. It was pretty scary to see her in this kind of situation. Maybe working three jobs was too much for her and she collapsed because of it. I gently took her hand into mine.

“Omma...i’m sorry you have to go through so much pain. If only I got a job, you wouldn’t be in this situation.” I said to her.

“It’s getting pretty late and she might not wake up till tomorrow. You can come back then.” The doctor said.

I sighed then nodded and pulled away from my mom. Even though I really wanted to stay with her and make sure she’s okay, I should probably worry about myself first. I have blood on my hands, tears on my face and I still haven’t eaten dinner yet. I probably look like a train wreck right now. I walked out of her room with the doctor and we both started walking back to the front of the hospital. I stopped and looked at the doctor then my eyes caught his name tag.

Dr. Yoon Tae Min eh, I thought to myself.

“Thank you for everything, Dr. Tae Min.” I said. He gently smiled and shook his head. “No need to thank me. It’s my job to save lives and your mom is in capable hands. Now you go on home. You must be exhausted.” He said then glanced down at my bloody hands.

I looked down at my hands also and blushed lightly. “Yeah....I haven’t even had dinner yet.” I sighed then gently smiled at the doctor.

“Well, i’ll be going then.” I said then turned on my heel and started to walk out. I pulled out my wallet to see how much money I have for bus fare when I stopped in the middle of the hallway and frowned.

“I spent all my money on buying groceries...” I mumbled then sighed.

“Here.” I heard Tae Min say as he walked up to me, pulling out his wallet.

“O-oh...I couldn’t.” I started, but Tae Min already pulled out some money and held it up to me. I stared at it before gently taking it into my hand. Then, I looked up at him and opened up my mouth to say thank you when he stopped me again.

“No need to thank me. It’s the least I can do.” He then smiled again.

I nodded then turned back around and started to walk back out of the hospital.

When I got home, I sighed as I looked around. Then my stomach started to rumble. “I bought food to make dinner for two, but I guess i’ll be making dinner for one tonight.” I mumbled then went to wash my hands before taking out a pot to boil and a package of ramen noodles. While the noodles cooked, I put all the groceries I bought into the fridge. Once dinner was finished cooking, I sat in the living room and watched tv while I ate from the pot of noodles. I started to feel kinda lonely and worried about how my mom is doing, but I had to keep reassuring myself that Dr. Tae Min is taking good care of her.

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