The Boy Next Door

By Aurora Tommy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Mystery

Chapter 1

I remember what my life was like; I used to have a lot of friends, I even had a boyfriend at one point. But that changed, quite suddenly actually.

Well...I guess I should explain what happened huh?

Okay, lets go back a few weeks, to the beginning....

My name is Jasmine Kelly, but my friends call me Jazzy, except for my mom. I live in California with my parents and my little brother, Sammy. I’m fifteen years old and I currently go to Malibu State high school.

“Jasmine! Honey, hurry up, Ben will be here soon! Honey?” Mom’s voice traveled up the stairs.

“Shoot! MOM!? have you seen my make-up bag?” I wasn’t even close to being ready. Yanking several drawers open, I desperately dug through: hair products, elastics, and brushes in an attempt to find my little pink and black bag!

“Oh thank God!” I exclaimed as I pulled it out of the drawer. I frantically unzipped it and hastily pulled out several bottles of cosmetics. Pulling the caps off, I quickly applied several of the products to my face. That’s when I sneezed, when I looked up, I saw that I had a long streak of eyeliner on my forehead.

Becoming frustrated, I grabbed my make-up remover. Fumbling, I quickly screwed the cap off, but that’s when I dropped the entire bottle on the floor.

“No, please no!” Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring,

It was Ben, he was here! I started cursing under my breath, Why did this have to happen to me? I quickly cleaned up the spilled contents of the bottle. I grabbed some toilet paper and rinsed it with water, then I started working in the long thin line of black that was on my forehead.

“Honey? Ben’s here, he waiting for you downstairs!” Moms voice traveled through the door, “Jasmine?! C’mon you have to hurry otherwise you’ll be late for the party!”

Groaning, I said,” Mom! Tell him I’ll be down in about five minutes!” I listened as I heard her footsteps receding down the hall. Once I had applied all my make-up, I threw the door open and sprinted to my room.

My cat, Jasper , dozed lazily my bed as I ran around my room trying to pick out an outfit.

Okay, choosing an outfit for going on a date can be quite difficult; because I want to be casual but not too casual. You know what I mean? When I finally figured my outfit out, I ran downstairs, not really the most elegant way to greet your boyfriend; but you know what? who really cares?

He smiled when I arrived% rushing down the stairs, his dirty blonde hair was artfully tousled; as if he spent a while getting it just right. Blue-grey eyes sparkling, he said,

“Are you ready to have fun?” He had a goofy grin on his face, I loved it when he did that; he looked so adorable when he did that.

Walking outside, he put his arm around me; pulling me closer, he stopped in front of me and leaning closer he kissed me.

Whenever Ben kissed me, I could feel my heart pounding in my ears. I always get the shivers whenever he was kissing me or holding my hand!

“C’mon! lets go rock this party!” Grabbing my hand, he pulled me towards the Land Rover that pulled up in our driveway, it was obviously one of Ben’s friends; which was why the music was blasting out the boom box they installed five months ago.

When we arrived to Josh Bryant’s house we pretty much fell out of the Rover because it was so full of people. Laughing we all made are way towards the front door.

A few people stumbled,obviously they had a drink before they had arrived at the party.

why do people do this? I mean like whats the point of getting drunk?

I shook my head, and I put my arm around Ben’s waist and together we made our way towards the door.

we all burst into the front door laughing like idiots, several people stared and laughed ,others gave us disgusted looks. We ignored them, we were allowed to be ourselves weren’t we? The one thing I learned was as long as we were ourselves, no matter what other people said, it doesn’t matter.

I smiled at the other people, even the ones who glared. Why were some people so prickly towards us? Did we say something wrong? Or offend them in some way, or did they not like us for no reason?

“So...What do you think?” Ben’s voice startled me out of my thoughts.

“Oh! Umm... It’s really fun! What do you think?” I asked him.

He just smiled and looked at me. He playfully pushed me,

“Hey! I asked you that question! Your not allowed to ask me that after I ask you!”

I pushed him away, “Oh whatever Ben!” I said playfully.

We laughed and kissed each other, “I love you Jasmine!”

I smiled and said, “I love you too Ben!”


My life was good, until My parents decided that we need a new start somewhere that was like 200 miles away. I remember the car ride to the new house.

The fields were several shades of green it reminded me of an old quilt.

“Honey? Are you okay back there?” My mothers voice pierced my thoughts.

What was going to happen now? I had left all my friends and Ben as well... “Jasmine? honey? are you okay?” She sounded concerned, “you’ve been awfully quiet....” I continued to ignore her, and watched the world go by.

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