The Wicked Beasts That Roam

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Chapter 7

Dom parked in the driveway of a peach-colored cottage, so normal-looking and peaceful out in the middle of nowhere, but in the basement, it held not-so-normal rooms occupied by not-so-normal people. Vampires, faeries, elven chicks, you name it—T had it.

And right now, T was about to get his ass fed to him. Sure, Aidyn was clean at the moment, but while he’d been using, Dom had been the poor SOB having to deal with him.

Dom climbed the steps of the porch and knocked on the mahogany door. A moment later, an elf named Tara answered it. Around the corners of her eyes, her skin sheened with its natural golden elven glow. Glitter-like almost.

“Seems I’m the only one with a free schedule right now,” she said, curling her thin red lips, and holding her pointy chin high. “Think you can handle me?”

He grimaced. “Get T.”

Her dark eyes sparkled, and her smile grew wider. She let him in, shutting the door behind him, and then danced her fingers across his shoulder blades, her sharp claws digging into the fabric of his jacket.

He smacked her hand away. “Get T. Now.”

“So, you really are as cold as they say.” It wasn’t a question. She bit her lip as she undid the laces of her black corset. “I bet I could change your mind though.”

“Save it. I don’t touch sloppy seconds of Zeke’s.”

That halted her in her tracks, and her face became an evil sneer. “I guess Freckle’s does have your attention.”

His eyes narrowed. “What’d you just say?”

“Freckles.” She chuckled. “The human you’re holding in your house.”

Dom’s face reddened and his nails dug into his palm.

“Your brother really shouldn’t come over drunk like he did last night. He starts to talk about things he shouldn’t. I didn’t think you had a human fetish.” Tara undressed him with her eyes. “Don’t worry, though. Nobody else has to know.” Her fingers pulled at the lapels of his black jacket.

“Get. Off. Of. Me,” he grounded out.

“I never thought you had a thing for humans. A fetish like that gets a lot of heat around here. Food is to be eaten, not played with. A true wolf would know that.”

Out of reflex, he gripped her by the throat and shoved her into the pea-colored wall of the foyer.

“What makes you think I’m a wolf?” He felt the ink bleed into his eyes, and the veins in his arms and hands ran black and the beast came forth. Tara’s face whitened, as realization dawned in her watered gaze. “Get a good look, whore. This is the last face you’ll see before I rip your throat out with my teeth.”

Her pulse beat wildly beneath his tightening fingers and her hands frantically clawed at his one.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down, man, calm down,” he heard T say, as the Korean shot down the stairs.

The words didn’t register to Dom as he squeezed harder at the elf’s throat. T pulled at his hands, trying to pry his fingers from around her neck.

“Come on, let her go. She’s not worth your time.”

Nostrils flaring, Dom jerked his hand away, breathing heavy as the beast slid back into its den. The elf’s lips and body trembled.

“Did you hear that, everyone? The wolf here has himself a human,” she said in a shaky tone, her hand rubbing her red throat.

A drop of black ink slowly slid its way down the column of her neck, and he flashed the whore a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. A crowd had gathered, most of them girls who worked for T, a few of them vampire men who seemed way too curious for his liking, and they were whispering to each other like children. For a moment, he thought about killing all of them, plopping every single head on a stick in his front yard. Even T’s.

“Ignore her. She’s just trying to get a rise out of you.” T patted his back and ushered him out of the house.

He turned to the man, his face void of emotion, but the anger was evident in his voice. “If any of your people step foot on my property, I’ll be coming back for her and you. Control your parasites.”

The man gulped and nodded.

Dom barreled down the steps and jumped in the car, clenching the gear in his hand as he shifted in reverse. He hated to say it, but his anger wasn’t directed at Tara. And it should have been. But instead, all the rage simmering inside him shifted its aim to Jade—the cause of all his fucking problems. The elf had gotten one thing right; the small human was taking up all his attention.

“You sure you don’t wanna come with us?” Zeke asked again, as he stood at the bottom of the brick porch.

“No, I’m good.” Jade sat on the top step, watching her sister hop in the front seat of Aidyn’s 68’ red Camaro. The two lovers giggled as they disappeared out of view, doing God-knew-what.

“You gonna be all right?”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll eat some cookies, maybe watch some porn.” She winked at him.

Zeke chuckled and glanced over his shoulder at the lovebirds in the car. “We shouldn’t be gone too long, maybe three hours. Five at the most.”

The county fair was in town, and being the party-pooper that she was, she had politely declined to go.

“You should grab me a candy apple while you’re there.”

“Will do, milady,” he called out as he walked to the car.

“And bring me back some pizza, too.”

The pebbles rattled underneath the tires of the Camaro as they sped off, dirt and dust trailing behind them. Jade stepped back inside, ate a few homemade sugar cookies, bit into a green apple, drank a can of Pepsi, and called it a day as she curled up on the couch in the lounge. Dozing in and out of sleep, a loud ruckus from the kitchen jolted her awake.

With her brows drawn down, she tip-toed the hallway, the breaking of glass, the banging of pots, and the tearing of wood growing evident as she drew closer. She stepped inside the kitchen, which looked more like an ongoing demolition sideswiped by a hurricane. Pots and pans lay strewn across the room. The cabinets hung from their hinges. Shattered glass crunched beneath the soles of her shoes, the windows completely busted, and the fluorescent lights flickered above. It was a wreck, and standing in the midst of it all was Dom, heaving like a madman.

“Wolf-boy, what’re you doing?” she asked, picking a pot off the floor and twirling it between her hands.

He stilled and the muscles of his back tensed. The air suddenly became thick and, in the seconds she waited for him to turn, she realized she’d made a mistake in bothering him. He pivoted and she gulped.

The onyx color of his eyes blacked out the whites of them. And even though he stood in human form, she knew she was looking at the wolf. Or . . . maybe even something else. Something darker.

He stared at her with such hate. The ferocity of it had her backing away like a cowering dog. He stalked toward her, each step menacing and slow as his upper lip curled back from his teeth. Behind her, the cluster of pots fell from their rack, causing her to hop and spin toward the sound. Her back smacked the hard wall of Dom’s chest, and she yelped, twisting around.

He growled, the glint in his eyes growing fiercer.

As he inched closer, she jumped back and swung the pot. “I have a pot and I am not afraid to use it.”

He knocked it out of her hand and it clanged against the wall.

“That’s okay. I know kung-fu.” She got into her Mortal Kombat stance and danced back and forth on the balls of her feet with her fists up. “You wanna go? We’ll go.”

It didn’t faze him. He took another step closer and she swung at him, popping him square in the chest. Pain shot through her knuckles and ran down to her elbow.

“Oh God, what’re you made of—rocks?” She cradled her hand.

His steps didn’t falter and before she could block him, his large hand wrapped around her throat. It should have been a hard grip, but it was gentle, soft actually, almost like he was caressing her.

He pushed her against the wall, and his steady voice came out deep and smoky. “You just ran into me one too many goddamn times, human.” A threat lingered behind his words as his eyes leveled with hers. “I’m gonna enjoy draining you dry.”

His breath fanned over her jaw, his nose skimming her cheek as the black liquid pools of his eyes shined in the flickering lights of the room.

Then his lips were on hers, hard and rough, catching her off-guard and freezing her in place. Her mind blanked, her heart raced, and her eyes fluttered shut as his hot tongue did a thorough sweep of her mouth, setting a trail of fire in its wicked path. She asked herself what any other woman would do in this situation. Slap him, run off, and cry? Except she found her hands cupping the nape of his neck, pulling him closer to her and tugging his bottom lip with her teeth. He growled, gripped her ass, and scooped her up and, on their own accord, her legs wrapped around his waist as he slammed her back against the wall.

Glass shattered and the heated moment ended just as quickly as it began. A sharp pain consumed her scalp. Only she would have the grace to bounce her head off a picture frame in the middle of a good kiss. Dom’s eyes widened and his mouth became the shape of an “o” as her vision blurred.

“I think I killed her.” Dom winced as he held the phone to his ear.

“Who are you talking about?” Aidyn’s loud voice boomed as carnival music played in the background.


She’d been out cold for more than thirty minutes and he hadn’t been sure whether to call Len or his brothers. Yet, he was positive they’d all say the same thing—

You killed another one?

“Jesus Christ, how the hell did you manage that? It’s not even a full moon, Dom.”

He rubbed the back of his neck and glanced over his shoulder at the human who lay unconscious on the couch. “I might’ve gotten a little . . . carried away.”

The lights of the lounge gave her skin a dusky golden hue and blood matted her chocolate locks. It would be like him to destroy something so innocent while trying to feed his own needs. He paced in front of the far-left window, gaze trained on the woods, his eyes seeing past the trees and the bushes.

“Let me guess, you were switching spit with her and got too rough?”


On the other end of the phone, his brother sighed. “Have you checked her pulse?”

“Yeah, it’s a little slow.”

“Sounds like she’ll be fine. Just watch her until I get home, and I’ll give her some pain killers to ease the headache.”

With a grimace, he left the sanctity of the window, which he’d been standing at for the last half-hour, afraid he’d somehow do more damage if he went near her. He headed toward sleeping beauty, his chin dipping to his chest in shame.

“Next time, how ’bout you try and tone down that rough side of yours?”

Tone down? Was he serious? If Dom toned himself down anymore, he’d be a pansy-ass.

“Women like softness, brother. You should try it sometime.” Yeah, well she seemed to like the roughness until her head bounced off the picture frame. With that, his brother hung up.

He slid his phone into his pocket and took the wet rag off Jade’s forehead. Tonight hadn’t gone as planned at all. He came home, found no Jack, went on a rage binge, destroyed the kitchen, and nearly killed the human with a kiss.

He wrenched a hand over his buzzed hair, swearing beneath his breath.

He’d been hell-bent on demolishing the whole house, but a voice full of curiosity had taken him by surprise and swept over him like a current, so ethereal it felt as if cold water had splashed onto him. It awakened him and, like a sudden switch, he felt himself calming, all the tension in his mind easing. Out of instinct, his muscles had stiffened as he tried to brush off the feeling. Block it from his mind, at least. He preferred his fury when paralleled with the softening effect the human had on him.

And he had turned around, prepared to tell her off, prepared to send her running for the hills . . . but the way she had looked at him as if he were an actual monster . . . It made him think he was one.

Her eyes were wide. Face pale. She hadn’t seen the real beast yet—the one lurking just beneath his skin, but she was already afraid. Maybe it was best it stayed that way. He meant to intimidate her more as he pushed her up against the wall, but his entire body betrayed him. Mind included.

“You really know how to show a girl a good time.” His attention snapped to Jade as she sat up, palming the back of her head.

“It’s not like I meant for that to happen.” He couldn’t sway the harshness of his voice. “Maybe if you humans weren’t so damn fragile, you could take a bump on the head and walk it off.”

“Calm down, Wolf-boy. Your shouting’s worsening my headache.”

“I’m not shouting.” He slid his gaze around the room as his face reddened. “And stop calling me Wolf-boy.” She rubbed her head some more, looking as if she was going to be sick, and guilt ate at him even more. He stared at his feet, “I’ll go see if I can find any Tylenol.”

As soon as Dom left the room, Jade shot off the couch and stumbled toward the dining hall bathroom with her hand over her mouth. The door was closed, the light on, and Dom’s soft curses could be heard through the door as he rustled around inside.

Dammit. Her mouth watered as bile burned her throat. She bolted through the kitchen and out the backdoor, hopped off the patio deck and dropped to her knees as her stomach did another sickening flip.

Yet, nothing came up. So she sat there in the wet grass, waiting to vomit like an idiot, but the feeling retreated back to the pit of her tummy. The smell of rich earth subdued the nausea. The breath of pine and oak filled her lungs and brought her head down from the bout of dizziness.

Fresh air. Maybe that was all she needed. Her head felt like a tire swing that had been thrown mercilessly against the trunk of a tree, the headache still pulsing strong. Cold wind nipped at her hot cheeks. It felt so good she had to stop herself from lying down in the grass and going to sleep.

The hairs on her neck prickled as a bad vibe flowed through the air. She peered around the open field and noticed a thick mist spilling out of the woods, the slow fog reaching toward her like an open hand.

Her spine stiffened. Internally, she groaned. Only one creature traveled with the mist and played in the darkness. As the fog moved, it unveiled five figures standing near the woods, serving more like ghosts rather than people.


They weren’t the dark, mysterious, sexual creatures that society had built them up to be. In all truth, Nosferatu was the closest in comparison to all the vampire movies. Long, sharp claws. Big, buggy eyes with black shadows beneath them. Yeah, Nosferatu hit the vampire style right on the head. And no, they weren’t somehow enabled to the sun; they burnt like fireworks on the fourth of July if they so much as stepped in a ray of sunshine.

With her gaze focused on the vamps, she uprooted herself from the ground and made a dash toward the steps of the deck. An arm clasped around her waist.

“Where you going, sweetheart? We haven’t had fun with you yet,” a voice spoke, sounding young, like a fifteen-year-old boy who hadn’t hit puberty yet. “Tara was right, boys. Dom is holding humans.”

She struggled in his grip.

The vamp forced her face to look up at him, his cold claws sending shivers down her skin. “I could smell you bleeding a mile away, baby.”

The blond vamp pressed his nose to her hair where the open gash lay beneath. He looked like a sick, old dying man, with his haunting red eyes circled in dark bruises. He smirked as she winced and shivered as one claw sliced her skin. The small nick itself felt more like he poured lemon juice on a paper cut.

Her eyes traveled to the patio door, mentally begging Dom to step out.

The vampire caught the direction of her eyes. “I’m sure Dom won’t mind us taking you off his hands. In fact, I think he might just be okay with it.”

Oh, no. No one was taking her anywhere without a fight. She knew what vampires did to their victims, and it wasn’t as simple as them draining the life out their bodies. They had a terrible habit of dissecting their food.

As her sight leveled with Blondie’s nose, she leaned back and slammed her forehead into the bone, hearing it crack and splinter.

“Stupid bitch,” he hissed, showing his fangs, and covering his bloody nose.

Jade figured he’d let her go to nurse it, but instead he slapped her with an open hand, knocking her to the ground. A stinging pain rocked her cheek as dust and dirt swam into her eyes. She cradled her face.

“Seems we got ourselves a feisty human.” The man smeared the blood beneath his nose and bent over her with a sadistic grin. “You’re gonna have to do a lot more than hit, baby.” He glanced towards the other men. “Ain’t that right, boys?”

Terrified stares overcame his groups’ features and they backed up. The vamp grew confused as a finger roughly tapped his shoulder. As he looked behind him, his mouth dropped open and his eyes nearly popped out his skull as the owner of that finger came into focus. Before a word could be uttered, a sharp knife was shoved into the bottom of his jaw, tearing through his flesh, and poking itself through the inside of his mouth. The vamp was lifted high off the ground as blood spilled from the wound and ran down the tattooed arm of Dom.

Dom growled, baring his teeth. He cast a side glance at Jade. “Inside. Now.”

She pushed herself off the ground and hurried onto the deck, but wheeled her attention back to Dom and the vamp he had dangling in the air.

Dom looked to a bald vampire who seemed to be frozen in place on the sidelines. “Give Tara a message for me.” He jerked the knife out of Blondie’s chin, slicing his head clean off. Then tossed it to Baldy. “Make sure she gets it.”

The headless body fell to a clump in the grass and caught fire. As the mist disappeared, so did the vampires. Dom’s head bowed, his back flexing with each breath, and then he faced her, revealing the blood that glistened on his face, dripped from his arms, and dyed his white t-shirt red. His inky gaze burned into hers, the murderous look in them making her throat dry.

Walking up the steps of the deck, Dom followed Jade inside the house and slammed the door behind him as the vamp's corpse continued to burn. He wrenched off his shirt and tossed it in the laundry room.

“What the hell were you doing out there?” He paced behind the island counter with clenched fists. “Do I need to set some goddamn rules for you?”

Jade leaned against the fridge with a cold soda pressed to her forehead, not looking remotely bothered by what just happened. “It’s not like I invited them over for tea.”

Her nonchalant attitude fueled his anger. He marched out of the kitchen. Jade’s footsteps patted behind him, and he could feel her gaze eating up his back as he made his way into the dining hall. She was slipping past him when he broke the silence.

“Sit,” he ordered, shifting a chair so that it faced the one beside it.

She hesitated before dropping into the seat.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” he muttered, heading into the bathroom and shutting the door.

The bright lights and white walls blinded him with their harsh light. He shed out of his jeans and left his bloody fingerprints on the crystal knob as he clicked the shower on.

He hadn’t anticipated murdering anyone tonight but apparently the fates had a different plan. As soon as that parasite slapped her, he saw red. Couldn’t even recall stepping off the deck. He just remembered shoving the blade into the fucker’s jaw.

And she saw all of it.

Disgusted with himself, he rinsed the blood off, the water running red as it swirled down the drain. He scrubbed harder with the soap and rag until the water ran clear. He cut the shower off and took a white towel off the rack and wrapped it around his hips. He wet a rag and swung the door open, startling Jade in the process. Her eyes lit up at the sight of him standing half-naked in the archway.

The look on her face almost made him drop the towel and pin her to the dining room table. Right then. Right there. With no one around. But he shook the thought from his head and refrained, because he was trying to be a good boy. And sadly, good boys did not do naughty things to young women.

With the white cloth in hand, he pulled out the seat beside her and altered it toward her. He sat down and tugged her chair closer to him with his foot, enveloping her between his legs. He caught her licking her lips as she peeked at his towel.

She had no clue she was consorting with the son of the devil. His self-control was borderline insanity, and his forehead persisted to trickle with sweat. If she made one wrong move, her ass was his.

And then he reminded himself, I am a good boy. Good boys do not fuck respectable women on dinner tables.

But the thought was appealing.

His eyes assessed the damage as he tilted her head up with his forefinger. He eyed the blood dripping from the corner of her bottom lip and the bloodstained skin beneath her nose. A bruise had already formed on her cheek, swelling just beneath her right eye. His gut clenched into a tight knot. He wanted to do some fucking magic on the dead vampire, bring him back to life, and kill him again. Except he’d string him up by his nuts and kill him slower.

He wiped at the cut on her bottom lip, all the while his instincts telling him to do something stupid. And he obliged them.

Because he was stupid.

Before she had time to catch a breath, he pounced. He leaned forward, pressing his mouth to hers and flicking his tongue over the velvety softness of her lips. Her mouth was sweet, the taste of her overwhelming him. Chocolate couldn’t compare, peaches didn’t appeal, and her swollen lips burned hotter than a kindled flame.

He tugged at her bottom lip with his teeth and heard her whimper. He pulled away—before he got carried away—and stared heatedly at her as she recovered.

“I don’t remember you being an expert,” he muttered.

“Hmm?” She rubbed the cut on her lip as she sat dazed.

Licking his own lips, he eyed her from head to toe.

He wanted more than a kiss. He wanted her naked on the table, on the floor—hell, he’d take her in the chair. Legs spread. Lots of moaning. Hard biting. Hot and heavy panting. But most importantly, the thrusting.

He swallowed back a groan, becoming distinctly aware of the growing bulge beneath the towel, and refocused on her wounds, wiping at the blood beneath her nose with the cold cloth, and then he held it to her cheek to ease the throbbing.

Her stare fell to his chest, concern filling her eyes. “He got you, too. That’s deep.”

Her palm rested on his pec, her fingers barely grazing the fresh slice, and he jerked at the contact, causing her to wrench her hand away.

“It’s fine.” He winced—not in pain—just denial and full urgency to have her whole body touching his. Rubbing, writhing, and squirming underneath him in that graceful, timely fashion.

“Again, what were you doing out there?”

Jade didn’t answer but squeaked as he pressed the cold rag to the bruise under her eye.

“Sorry,” he said, his mouth setting in a grim line.

She stared at the table. “I needed fresh air.”

“You’d be dead by now if I hadn’t walked outside.”

“Yeah, I know. My body parts would be lining the yard.” Her eyes widened for emphasis on the last word.

Seemed it wasn’t the first time she’d come across bloodsuckers.

His gaze drifted toward her throat. “Is that how you got that scar?”

She shook her head. “Sperm donor gave it to me when I was a kid.”

On impulse, he gripped the rag tighter, the mental picture making him livid.

“How’d you get all of yours?” From the fucking pity look she gave him, he knew his brothers had already dropped the ball on that one.

“Don’t give me that goddamn look.” He threw the cloth on the table and placed his elbows on his thighs and leaned forward. “Why ask a question you already know the answer to?”

“To see how you’d react.”

“What—so you can poke the bear, maybe get a rise outta me?”

Her gaze ran over him like he was a specimen to be marveled with. “Just to see if you’ve moved on from it.”


“You haven’t?”

He swiped his tongue along his teeth. “Am I supposed to be?”

“No, but you should want to be.”

“Right. Like you’ve moved on from yours,” he said in a sarcastic tone.

Her lips thinned. “Don’t get me wrong—you have every right to be angry. But letting all that anger control you . . . that’s not healthy.”

“Not healthy?” He chuckled humorlessly. “Tell me, was it healthy when your father slit your throat?” A hint of sadness glinted in her brown eyes.

And goddamn him but a slice of satisfaction slid its way into his chest.

Leaning even closer, he glared. “Don’t act like you know where I’m coming from.” With a swift push, he forced her chair back with his foot and stood to go to the kitchen. “I’m not the one to be fucking psychoanalyzing.”

“I wasn’t trying to. I was just wondering what you would look like if you weren’t so miserable all the time.” She remained in the chair.

“I’m not!”

“You sure about that, wolf-boy?” No.

“Do all you humans spout off on that Dr. Phil shit or is it just you?” For some reason, the thought of taking his towel off and throwing her up on the table came to mind again.

“Jason says it’s just me.”

He sighed, gaze scanning over her bruised face one more time. “And where is he? I told him I wasn’t playing babysitter with you.”


“’Course.” Dom cut his eyes. “Him and my brothers are gonna be blaming me for the way you look. Put some ice on your face.”

He left her there and made his way through the kitchen and into the laundry room. He stripped off his towel and took a pair of jeans out the dryer, not having a second thought about finding somewhere decent to change.

“Thanks for—” Jade’s words hung in the air as she walked into the opening of the kitchen, her eyes zeroing in on Dom’s toned and bare backside.

With a slow and torturous turn, he faced her with his jeans in hand. Licking her lips, she did a quick head to toe, following his broad shoulders down to his wide chest and then to his hip bones, which led her to a certain happy appendage. Holy fudge and crackers, he could knock somebody out with that thing. To look away or not look away? That was the question.


Hung like a stallion, she thought, gazing in awe at his master piece going on below.

Dom tilted his head to the side with a smirk playing on his lips.

“Like what you see?” His eyes flicked downward.

Every possible comeback emptied from her mind as her voice caught in her throat.

“I thought you would.” He smiled as if she’d given him an answer. Taking the jeans from off his shoulder, he stepped into them and pulled them up his muscled thighs, “Now you don’t have to wonder what’s just below this zipper.”

She nodded, hypnotized as he zipped himself up. In as little as three strides, he stood a few inches away from her. His eyes studied her as he brought up his hand and brushed a strand of hair off her forehead.

“Anytime you want a wild ride,” his thumb skimmed her lips, “I’ll give you one.”

His head dipped down and his mouth smothered hers, leaving her with another spicy taste of his tongue. Abruptly, he broke the kiss and stepped around her, the dark scent of him drifting away as he walked back into the dining room. She stood there dazed and stunned, not wanting to move in case all of it had been a dream.

Voices floated from the foyer shaking Jade back to the real world.

“I need a drink,” she muttered, letting out a deep breath.

She scratched her forehead and grimaced, unsure of how she’d explain the mess. Aidyn walked in with a case of drinks in his hand and Erica on his arm. When they saw the mess of the kitchen, they paused by the island counter with a puzzled expression. Zeke followed soon after, carrying five boxes of pizza and eating a slice at the same time. And just like his brother and her sister, he too stopped and looked around.

Cabinet doors lay on the floor, pots and pans were spread over the counters—and right on time, the light fixture in the middle of the room broke and swayed with a creak. And instead of Dom standing in the middle of it all . . . this time it was her.

“I had a wild party while you guys were gone.”

The chandelier behind her suddenly fell, crashing onto the wooden kitchen table. She jumped as the crystalline glass shattered into millions of pieces and sprinkled onto the floor.

“The most expensive room in the house and he has to trash it,” Aidyn said, looking bored as he glanced to Zeke. “I’m not fixing it this time.”

So . . . this did happen often.

“Uh, so how was the fair?” she asked.

Her sister kissed Aidyn’s cheek. “Zeke rode all the rides with me because Aidyn’s a pansy.”

“I’m not a pansy. I just don’t see the hype of rollercoasters.”

“Cuz you’ve never rode one.” Zeke bit off another piece of his pizza and popped open a can of Pepsi.

“And how was your night?” Humor shimmered in Aidyn’s eyes as he looked at Jade, but they suddenly dulled and narrowed. “What happened to your face?”

Zeke threw his pizza on top of the counter and marched over. “Did Dom do that to you?”

She knew it looked bad: standing in a room that had been destroyed by Dom and having a puffed, red face to boot. “It’s not what it looks like. A pack of vampires decided to stop by and say hello.”

“Don’t cover for my brother, Jade.” His nostrils flared.

Why did he think Dom was capable of something like that? If it wasn’t for him, she’d be dead.

“I’m not covering for him. If you don’t believe me, look out the backdoor.”

Zeke didn’t move, but he looked to Aidyn who peeked out the french-doors. “Mm, fried chicken,” Aidyn said, grimacing. “I’m not shoveling that up either.”

“I’ll take care of it,” Dom’s deep voice answered. He stood in the archway, expression void of emotion. When no one spoke, he stepped to the island and opened the top pizza box and grabbed a slice, “From now on, how ’bout you keep a muzzle on that whore of yours, Zeke? Or I’ll put her down.”

Zeke’s face twisted in confusion. “Who—Tara?”

“She let everyone at T’s know we’re harboring humans.” His eyes flitted to her for a fraction of a second and slid back to Zeke. “That’s why they were here.” Dom closed the box and started to walk off with it.

“And, uh, what about this kitchen?” Aidyn asked with a hint of sass in his voice.

“Get Jason to fix it,” Dom said, both his brothers eyeing him as he left.
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