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She's always been the same. Always kind hearted. Always good natured. But sometimes things change, sometimes you just have to explode. How cruel is it to name your only child 'Pure'? Well, these parents did. When Pure and her parents move to a new town in Florida because "sex by the beach" would be fun, Pure is ecstatic. She hadn't exactly been the most popular girl at school, in fact, she was more hurt than any other time in her life. With daggers coming at her from all angles, will she survive? NOTE: May have a bit of sexual talk, not rated M. My first wattpad story! **************** "You look very beautiful tonight." A cocky grin spread across his handsome face. "Don't I always?" I teased, sticking my tongue out. "Of course you do!" He said smoothly, rolling his eyes at my foolishness. "So, how about instead of just sitting there, would you like to dance?" He beamed confidently. "With who?" I grinned, taking his hand.

Romance / Drama
Veronica Soliman
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Chapter 1: I’m Not Complaining

The sun shone bright above me as I lay on the sandy beach, listening to the waves crashing softly on the shore.

A calmness and tranquility filled every inch of me as I rested my head on the sand.

I smiled at the sun, yet a shadow took over, darkening everything and blocking my view of the sun.

“Hey babe,” he grinned lying down beside me, his fingers trailed across my bare leg, trailing my body until they landed on my chin. My heart beat loudly inside my chest as he lifted himself on top of me.

“What’re you doing?” I asked, my voice shaky, tears stinging in fear.

“Shh. . .It’ll be over in a minute.” An evil smirk made its way onto his sharp features. His brown heartless eyes staring holes into me.

His hands began searching for a way to remove my bikini top.

“Stop! Please,” I shouted, struggling to get out of his strong grasp.

“Shush baby, it’ll be over soon.” Both his hands went around my neck, tightening as it became difficult to breath.

“Stop, p. . .please,” I struggled to say, frozen in place.

His evil grin turned into a snarl as he pressed me down against the sand, I felt like dough.

Everything around me disappeared as an annoying ringing went off in my ears.

I gasped, returning to consciousness and shutting off my alarm.

I sat up in my bed and glared at the blue-eyed girl in the mirror. Her messy brown hair speaking unspoken words.

Silent tears fell out of my tortured eyes, as my nightmare came rushing back. It seemed so real, I wiped the sweat off my forehead, returning to reality.

“Hey Pure, are you single? I bet you are, because nobody would want to take your virginity,” a boy that I had crushed on once said to me, the insult sticking in my mind like glue to paper.

“I don’t want Pure around. She’s not Blissful enough.” They teased me as I silently sat in the cafeteria. I never understood why they wanted to tear me apart.

“The bitch is so poor, I bet she works as a prostitute, not so pure are you Pure Bliss?” I tried to disregard those comments, but I know they’ll always remain a scar in my memory.

“Good morning Pure,” I mumbled to myself, deciding to get ready for school.

I made my way downstairs, propping my sky blue backpack onto my shoulder.

My parents were in in the kitchen, my father clutching my mother’s breast as they lay half naked on the kitchen table. I certainly want to say I wasn’t shocked after 17 years of witnessing my parents doing things to each other, but each time comes with newer and more disturbing sights.

I shuddered in disgust, repulsed at the two forty year olds in front of me, my father reached for the hem of her shirt, beginning to pull it off. Both of my parents have always been oblivious to my existence.

“Good morning.” I gave a forced smiled, knowing they could care less, as I took a seat on our kitchen stool. At least they still love each other, that’s the least I could wish for.

They didn’t even bother to look up, as I’d expected, I made myself a plate of cereal.

I quietly ate my cereal, being extra careful to avoid looking at the two as they began stripping for eachother.

Leaving my half-full cereal bowl in the sink, I decided it was time to leave before I witnessed anything else.

I stepped out of the house and onto the driveway, approaching my old, red 97′ bug. It barely worked and took me three summers to earn the money for it. I started the car, it’s weak engine spouting and sputtering to life. I slowly backed out of the driveway in my rickety car, heading toward the school.

I arrived at school with a mere two minutes until classes started. My life is bad, but I’m not going to complain, it’s pointless. I rushed to class, the empty halls telling me I was going to be late. I ran into class the second the bell rang.

The start of the day zoomed past me, up until lunch time.

I took my school lunch and headed straight for the library, like usual. I normally met up with Mike here.

Mike was president of many clubs, he was one of the few people who showed me kindness, sadly he wasn’t here.

I quietly sat alone, a book laid out on the table as I ate my somewhat bland tuna sandwich.

Being a senior in high school definitely means you need a social life, which I don’t have.

Then she walked in, Amy Barnes. The school’s Miss Athlete of every year. I remained seated in the silent library, wondering how she got her blonde hair so bouncy.

She was on many sports team and had joined many clubs, not to mention her participation in cheerleading. She walked toward me with her clones following after her, seeming to savor every one of her steps as though they were made of pure gold.

“My, my look Pure Bliss is eating alone. Aw, shouldn’t you be a little happier Bliss?” She looked at me with a look of disbelief. I was lower than scum to her. I never understood why she hated me, I guess she’s just a mean person, a bully.

“Hi Amy.” I simply said, staring at the table.

“Hi. . .Amy? Pure here knows my name everyone. Bravo. Now tell me something else Bliss, or should I say blissy, what were you planning on doing with my boyfriend?” She flared her nostrils as anger filled her eyes.

“Your b. . .boyfriend?” I stuttered, completely confused, I didn’t talk to anyone, much less boys.

“Yeah. Mike.” She hissed sharply slamming her hand on the table, shaking the ground, and causing some books to fall.

“I’m s. . .sorry, I didn’t know you guys were dating. I’ll leave him alone i. . .if you want.” I stuttered, barely above a whisper but she heard, I know she did.

“You’d better be sorry. Stay away from him.” She hissed. She snapped, her mean personality winning. No love at home, in school or anywhere. I ran out of the library, leaving my beloved tuna sandwich alone with Amy.

“Yeah, you better run.” I heard her yell, it was as though I could picture the evil glint in her eye, the devil smile on her face.

Blinded by my tears, I stupidly ran into the boy’s bathroom. It was a total mistake that I never would have done intentionally. Like ever.

Sitting in a stall crying my eyes out, I hadn’t realized I was in the boys bathroom until I heard the door open and a guy (obviously because it was the boys bathroom) walked in.

“Am I going deaf or do you cry like a girl, dude. Why the hell are you crying anyway?” His voice spoke.

I quickly quieted myself, biting the inside of my cheek to hold back sounds of sobbing.

“Hello?” He said again, now pushing every stall. My eyes shot up to the lock of the door. Fear filled inside me as I reached over to lock it, swiftly.

“I know you’re a girl, what are you doing in here?” I felt him lean against the door as I bit the inside of my cheek harder to stop from crying.

“I lost my tuna sandwich,” I joked rather bitterly, giving in, he already knew I was there so there wasn’t a point in hiding.

“Open the door,” He ordered, an edge to his voice, “Or I’ll open it for you.”

I winced, tasting blood in my cheek, feeling as though I’d just got stabbed in my face as tears began to flow again. Why can’t he just leave me alone?

My parents don’t give me the time of day. I have no friends, and now this. I’m so, so stupid. I should just die and stop this torture.

No, you can’t do that because then you wouldn’t live.

I stupidly argued with myself as the door began to open, slowly, slowly I anticipated what he would look like.

“Pure Bliss?” he asked looking at my form. I looked up to be met with an intense pair of blue eyes. I knew who this was. Zach Newcomb, the school’s star baseball player, also known as the heartbreaker. He was a major player. His eyes danced with humor.

I nodded as the humor in his eyes escaped through his mouth, he started to laugh, “In all my years at this stupid school, I never guessed you’d stoop so low as to desperately throw yourself at any guy. Why the hell are you in the boys bathroom? You desperate little...”

I curled myself up on top of the toilet biting back tears, I want to be left alone.

“I’m joking, but why are you here?” He stepped inside he small stall, fake concern in his eyes.

“Because I can be.” I said, teasingly.

“No, you’re not, you’re not a guy, this is the guy’s bathroom.”

“You wouldn’t know that. ” A small smile appeared on my face as I declared him to be a girl.

“Interesting point Pure, You know, for such a pretty girl I never understood why nobody likes you.”

“Way to make things better.” i mumbled, pushing him out of the stall.

“Your welcome. Poor Pure, dang that’s a tongue twister. Say it really fast ten times.” What this guy was up to I knew not, but what I really wasn’t expecting was the little surprise I got when I got home that day.

“WE’RE MOVING!” My parents announced as I walked in.

“To where?” I asked, I was kind of happy. A new chance to be a different person, someone less like me.

“Florida, we’re going to have sex by the beach and eat their oranges all day babe.” my dad said looking directly to my mom. This is just not something I’d appreciate to hear. Especially from my own parents.

“When are we moving?” I asked, disregarding their last comment.

“Once we find a new house in Florida, we’ll move.” Mom said as she raked her eyes over dad’s body and then looked him hungrily in the eyes.

“That’s great, mom and dad. I’ve got to go do homework,” I smiled at them and slightly nodded as I made my way up the stairs to my room.

I hope we can move soon.

Maybe life could take a change for the better.


“Good morning Jenny. ” My mom walked into my room, “You’re not going to school today be-CAUSE we found a house so pack your bags!!”

“Mom, I wasn’t planning on going to school today. It’s a Saturday. ” I said, tearing up on the inside at the fact that my own mother got my name wrong.

“Well, great then! Start packing Holly!” She yelled as she walked out of my room.

I frowned at myself in the mirror for what seemed like ten minutes, but was probably just a few seconds. Then I went downstairs and grabbed an empty suitcase and several boxes and began putting my life into those boxes.

My memories of when my parents had actually loved me...had actually talked to me without forcing each other to do so. Maybe a few days after I was born.

“Ready to go? Pack what you can carry, That’s all we’re taking.” Mom said as she patted my head and left.

Diary Entry 245 Date: Saturday March 30, 2015

Today has been such an awful day. Packing took me a couple of hours and I’m still not done. My hollow parents expect us to be done by tomorrow but moving from California to Florida will take over two days. I’m actually really scared. What if the people at my new school hate me there too? And dad said the reason for the move was because he got promoted and he wants to have sex with mom on the beach. That’s actually really, really gross, if they wanted to do that why not on the beaches here in California?? What kind of parents tell their kid that? I mustn’t complain, they give me food, water, shelter, and allow me an education. Anyway, it was great talking to you, I have to go finish my boxes of sentimental stuff which isn’t much. Talk to you later.

Love, Pure Bliss ♡

Tomorrow would be a long day. That was for sure, possibly the next week would be but, I’m not complaining.

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