Pure Bliss

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Chapter 2: Not My Name

It was very crowded in our small van. My parents thought it was necessary to pack a lot of condoms because ‘they didn’t want to make another mistake’, so before we left, they went to Walgreens and spent about fifty dollars on forty condom packs. That’s a lot.

I sat quietly as dad drove our van. He usually never let us inside because it was strictly for work only. Mom fell asleep moments after we started driving. They were wearing their night clothes which meant undergarments only.

I looked at my book the entire time. I didn’t want to accidentally catch a glance of their old bare bodies.

I shut my eyes tight, these would be two very long days, maybe I can sleep through them.

I shut my eyes, knocked out. Hopefully Florida will be a chance for a better opportunity.

“Emma, we’re here, ” My mother said, again messing up on my name, she nudged my side as she pulled out her suitcase of bathroom supplies.

“Mom, you named me Pure.” I tried to fight back, but my feeble attempt did nothing.

“Yes, of course Candice.” She smiled, rolling her eyes and hopping out of the car, she looked like a stripper.

“Are we in Florida?” I asked, yawning.

“No Wood, we’re at a motel 6. We’re staying the night and tomorrow we’re going to finish, but good news, we’re in Texas now!!“A broad smile was on her face as dad walked out of the van and grabbed her almost-bare butt. I looked away, she was wearing a thong.

This was way too disturbingly gross. They started sucking face, making a lot of disgusting sounds.

“Dad, mom, can we go inside now?” I asked, stepping away gradually, it was extremely embarrassing being around these two and not in the typical embarrassing parents way.

“Just a minute,” Mom said, pulling away from dad for a slight second.

A minute to her would probably last an hour, so I took the liberty of grabbing my wallet and walking inside.

“Hi, do you need a room for one?” The receptionist asked, her eyes scanning me in repulsion as she gave me a dirty look.

“Uh no, I need two rooms, please make them separate.”

“Uh oh, trouble in paradise?” The lady at the motel 6 asked, chewing her gum rather loudly.

“No. How much would it cost?” I asked, trying to avoid the question.

“It depends, do you want conjoined rooms or completely separated? And why do you want two rooms for yourself? Are you 18 years or older? Because I’m not allowed to give rooms to minors.” The nosy lady asked.

“Miss, I just, please, it’s been a long day.” I groaned in frustration as a satisfied grin appeared in her sleezy face.

“Ok,” She laughed to herself, “that’ll be fifty-two dollars for both rooms and one person.” She smirked, smacking her gum between her teeth irritably.

“Ok,” I mumbled, grabbing five tens and a two from my wallet.

“Here you go kid, don’t go crazy.” She said uninterested, handing me the keys and a receipt.

I walked back outside to see my parents, I shut my eyes. This was too gross. Why does it have to be me that ends up with these parents?

“Mom, dad, I have a room.” I announced, hoping they would listen as I held the keys in front of them.

“Great, come on hot stuff, let’s go.” My dad winked at mom as he lifted her up into his arms and started kissing her boobs.


What did I ever do to deserve a life like this?

“Wow, this is nice Gina, good work.” Mom said to me as she and dad stepped into the room, shutting the door in my face.

“My names Pure mom, please. . . just.” I whispered at their door and began walking to my own.

My head hit the pillow and I fell sound asleep.

I could get lost in my dreams without them there to destroy them. And if I did get lost, I’d still wake up and be here.

Hopefully they’d just forget me here. Texas is pretty nice, maybe I could start my own life without them here.

“Rise and Shine, Melanie.” Mom yelled at my door. I didn’t even realize she knew which room I was in.

I opened the door and stepped out. Yawning as I grabbed the keys.

“We are going to Florida, we are going to Florida.” Mom sang, swinging her hips as dad grabbed a handful of her butt. I turned my head.

I walked to the front desk to drop off the keys.

“Your parents are disgusting.” The nosy receptionist from last night stated.

I felt the need to defend them, they are, after all my parents.

“Nobody asked for you opinion.” I angrily said, walking out and hoping I’d never see her again.

I felt nervous and shaky, maybe I shouldn’t have said that, I’m such a mean person.

Guilt welled up inside me.

We sat in the van as dad continued to drive. My mind wandered for a bit before I shut my eyes again. It was either read, sleep, or stare at half-naked old people and I’d rather not do the latter.

I was sitting beside a small bookshelf, thousands of books on it. I looked at my hands and a book I knew and loved was in my grasp.

“That’s my favorite.” A tall green-eyed boy approached me and sat beside me.

“Mine too.” I smiled at the boy as he placed a hand on my cheek and tilted my head towards his.

Suddenly we were in front of a locker as I placed the book inside.

“Come on, let’s go.” The same boy smiled, his blonde hair swept perfectly to the side. He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.

My heart was racing for no apparent reason. I liked this guy.

We ran around at the school until we reached a pool. There were old people swimming inside and doing aerobics.

“I like you Pure, you make me happy.” He smiled, leaning towards me.

“Blissful, you mean?” I smiled back, connecting our lips together, a smile present on both our faces.

“Wake up Jessie.” He said, he had completely pulled away and decided to shake my shoulders.

Cold liquid came crashing onto my face, I opened my eyes as my mom hovered over me with a glass of milk in her hand.

“Mom? Are we here?” I asked, a smile still present on my face as the memory of my fake kiss in a dream blew into my mind.

“Yes, Stacy, so I suggest you help us unpack. Ooh!! The beach!! Come on Bill, let’s go to the beach while Stella unpacks.” Mom shouted to dad, grabbing his hand as they ran inside the house.

“Mom, that’s not my name.” I whispered, unheard.

I grabbed the suitcases out of the trunk and began walking into my new house. It was dazzling, strangely rich in colors and character. I don’t understand how my parents could have afforded this unless they robbed a bank.

I walked into the empty living room, hardwood floor surrounding me. I stepped in the kitchen and looked outside of the balcony on the other end of our new home.

There was a beach in the backyard. How on earth did my parents afford this?

I noticed two blurs from afar, I immediately knew they were naked people on the beach. And I knew they were my parents.

I closed the shutters to the balcony and walked up the stairs. It was a beautiful home indeed. There was carpet upstairs, I walked inside the bedrooms and sure enough, they were huge.

This house must have been a million dollars.

There were only two bedrooms upstairs, my heart filled with joy. My parents hadn’t completely forgotten about me.

They did love me, their way of showing it to me was different than how most parents would do. My mom remembered to wake me up at the motel this morning, my parents remembered to get me a room in a house. My heart filled with warmth.

“Polly, come down here! We need you to go get the shit from the car.” Dad yelled, even he didn’t know my name.

I jogged downstairs and smiled at them, they were sitting on the kitchen island talking to each other.

“And Lucy, you start school tomorrow so be ready.” Mom added.

“Mom, that’s not my name.” I stated as she turned to dad.

“Ok, ok whatever, Marian, go get the stuff from the car. Better yet, go take the car, find yourself a nice boy and make me a few grandkids.” Mom smiled as dad nodded along like a lovesick puppy.

“Ok mom.” I quietly mumbled as I grabbed the stuff from the car and began to step back inside the house when suddenly a voice behind me spoke.

Ok, maybe I over exaggerated that a bit, no strange ghost voice said anything, it was a boy. And I would never let my parents meet him or else they’d force me to do stuff only appropriate for someone older.

“Hey neighbor.” He said, I turned around and almost dropped the suitcases in my hand. This boy was the definition of gorgeous.

“Uh, h...hi.” I stuttered.

“Need some help?” He asked, approaching me.

“No, I’m fine, please stay where you are.” I said as a confused look appeared on his face.

“Ok,” he said in a skeptical voice, “I’m Christian. ” He said, holding a hand out to me. I stared at his hand until he said, “Okay then.” And awkwardly placed his hand to his side. “What’s your name?” He asked.

“Kylie, come back into the house now, the sun is setting! We need our condom box!” Mom yelled, Christian started laughing, after a few seconds of me staring, he coughed to cover it up.

“Sorry, I, uh, choked on a fly.” He smirked as my mom stepped out of the house in her bra and underwear.

“Oh god, mom go back inside.” I said handing her the suitcases in my hand. Christian stood staring at us, an amused grin on his face.

“Give me my condoms!” She hissed, walking over to the van to get them herself. “Ooh, who’s this handsome beast?” Mom asked, winking at Christian.

“Nobody. ” I said, repulsed.

“Well, I’ll see you around Kylie,” He looked back at me and did a slight wave as he walked into the house next door.

“That’s not my name.” I said as mom grabbed her condom box and ran back inside.

I’m disgusted, especially by how humiliated I am right now.

I shut the trunk of the car and took myself and my bright red cheeks into my upstairs bedroom, resting my head on the soft carpet.

I just wished my parents could get my name right.

“Go to sleep Helen!” Mom said, I didn’t reply as I heard odd noises coming from the master bedroom.

That’s not my name. And that is disgusting.

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