Pure Bliss

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Chapter 3: Wishing

Chapter 3: Wishing

A sharp light shown through my window as my eyes snapped open.

The curtains were a hue of baby pink and light shined through them.

I don’t remember ever adding curtains.

I sat up on the bed beneath me, which I don’t recall adding to my room, I recall just sleeping on the carpet.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom which had all of the essentials. I began brushing my teeth and took a shower in nice warm water. Had my parents already installed gas in our house, how is the water heating up?

I stared at the brunette in the mirror, my messy hair all over the place. I tied it into a braid and change into a jeans and a t-shirt. It’s surprising how my clothes are already in my closet.

I take a deep breath and make my way downstairs, preparing myself for whatever lies ahead.

Our new house was full furnished, the aroma of pancakes filled my nostrils. This is oddly strange.

“Good Morning Pure!” My mom said as she set a plate of pancakes in front of me.

I almost teared up at the fact that she said my real name, shrugging off the fact that it was the first time in 17 years.

“Hi mom.” My grin reached ear to ear. I couldn’t help but smiling.

“Ah, what’s this beauty got cooking for us this morning?” Dad walked in and kissed mom’s cheek as she handed him some pancakes. “Good morning sweetheart.” Dad smiled at me as he sat beside me. Mom joined us at the kitchen island and began eating with us.

“Do you want me to drive you to school today, pumpkin?” Dad asked as he began washing the dishes with mom.

“No thanks, I’ll walk.” I smiled, hugging my parents for a second too long. I didn’t recognize this loving behavior, but I wasn’t about to ruin that by pointing it out.

“Hey Pure!” The boy next door smiled in my direction as he walked beside me. Strange, I don’t believe I ever told Christian my name.

“Hi Chris!” I blushed as he intertwined our fingers. My heart rate shot up, this was unreal.

We began our one mile walk to Hillview High School. Everything seemed brighter, the flowers, the trees, the birds tweeting, even the dead squirrel I just passed. Ew.

Once we arrived, a giant group of Christian’s friends approached and welcomed me in with them.

The smile on my face was unbelievable. I finally felt loved, accepted, cared about.

This was like a dream come true, then it started raining.

I felt water on my face and tried to wipe it off. More water fell as everyone in front of me disappeared.

I was standing alone, soaking wet.

“Rise and Shine, Wendy.” Mom stood over me with a bucket of water in her hand. There were no curtains, no bed, no closet.

My body hurt at the realization that it had all just been a dream. A dream that I wished, with all my heart, would come true.

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