Pure Bliss

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Chapter 4: Miracles Happen

I lay on the carpet for a couple more minutes before deciding I have to get up and go to my new school.

Hillview High School. Like in my dream.

I went to the bathroom and washed my mouth out with listerine. I hope my parents have some time between doing the nasty to actually furnish the house, and put a toothbrush in my bathroom.

I walked downstairs to see them on the kitchen island kissing. Don’t they ever get tired of this? They’re both 40 now, so they shouldn’t have this much energy in them.

I stepped out the door with a phone in my hand, the school was about a mile from here. I skipped breakfast and walked out the door.

“Turn left in 100 yards.” My phone’s GPS said.

I walked on the flat pavement, staring at my phone.

“Hey, Kylie right?” A familiar voice said from behind me. I tried to ignore him and kept walking. But that wasn’t about to stop him. Just like my dream, except in my dream I was actually social.

“Actually, my name is Pure.” I said, turning around to look at intense brown eyes. My heart skipped a beat. I’ve never felt anything like this before.

“Yeah, I agree, Kylie sounds like a pure name.” Christian chuckled, now walking beside me. He had his Jansport backpack hanging loosely on one shoulder, a beanie on his perfectly tousled brown hair. He was radiant in his striped blue shirt and really hot jeans.

I mean, not that I was checking him out or anything.

“No, Christian, my name is Pure, not Kylie.” I said, a look of worry on my face.

“But your mom called you. . .” He stopped himself from saying another word, maybe something on my face spoke to him. He scratched the back of his head as he kept walking beside me. “So, uh, do you like your new house?” He asked.

“Yeah, it’s ok.” I smiled down at the ground because I knew if I looked him in the eye, my face would turn into 50 shades of Red. I snickered at my own dumb joke.

“I didn’t think my dogs running away was that funny Pure.” He said, and then I realized that I had completely blocked him out. I hadn’t been paying attention to a word he was saying. Holy egg yolk, if I keep blocking things out, there’s no way I will ever make any friends.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I said, I knew for sure my face had gone tomato.

“No, it’s cool, they came back a week later anyway.”

“That’s great!” I smiled at him, actually allowing myself to witness the beauty that was Christian.

“Oh, holy shit!” He yelled, “We’re late!” He grabbed my hand, sending tingles on the area he touched, and pulled me into the school.

“Wait, I don’t have my schedule.” I said as he let go of my hand and brought his hand to the back of his neck.

“Oh, I’m sorry Pure, do you want me to walk you to the office? I have to get a late pass anyway.” A smirk appeared on his face.

This boy was very different from the other boys I’ve ever met. He seemed friendly but had an edge to him that I wished I could see more of.

“Yes, please.” I smiled at him again, trying to show my gratitude, as he walked toward the office.

“Hey Monica.” He said to the office lady, he must’ve been in here a lot to be on a first name basis with the office staff.

“Ah, tardy again Christian, this is the fourth time this month.” She shook her head in disapproval as she handed him a piece of paper marked in large letters with the word: TARDY.

“Yeah, I don’t know,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “This is Pure, she’s new.” He introduced me to the office lady, “She needs a schedule.”

“Oh, I was told you’d be joining us next week, but I mean, you can never be too early for education.” The office lady, Monica, snorted as she began laughing. With a few touches of the keyboard, she printed out my schedule. “Ok, here you go sweety. Christian will show you around,” She turned towards Christian, “since you’ve missed ASB this morning, I suggest you have an excuse to tell to Mrs. Donna. And you’re welcome, because she’s your excuse.” The office lady said, gesturing towards me.

" Thanks Monica, so I can throw this away then?” He gave her a half smile as she nodded. He threw the Tardy slip away and led me to the exit.

“Ok, Proper introductions.” He mumbled to himself, before turning toward me with a wide grin on his handsome face. “Hi, I’m Christian, class president of Senior year, and I’ll be showing you to your classes.” He gave me a wide grin before taking the schedule from my hand.

“Hi.” I whispered, barely audible.

“Oh, you have Mr. Hartford first, yikes. I suggest you switch to Ms. Jackson for math. Her class is an easy A.” He said, walking through silver hallways with anti-drug posters everywhere. “This is Mrs Hartford’s class. Come on in.” His smile was hypnotizing, and very contagious. He opened the door and stepped inside. I couldn’t help but notice the amount of people that said ‘Hi’ to him or bro hugged him.

“What might we owe this disruption to?” Mr. Hartford, an old man with a full beard, and a british asked.

“Well Mr. Hell of a math teacher, I’d like to introduce your new student.” He smirked as everyone began laughing, even Mr. Hartford.

“Ok. Go ahead Mr. Anderson.” The old man had a wide smile on his face as Christian put an arm over my shoulder.

“This is Pure. She’s new here and she’s from,” he said, pausing for a split second to whisper, “Where are you from?” in my ear. The close proximity to him made my heart race. Holy shit, what is going on to me?

“California.” I whispered back.

“California!” He repeated louder as the class started laughing. I don’t know what they’re laughing about, hopefully it wasn’t me.

“Ok, well miss California, please take a seat over here.” Mr. Hartford pointed to a spot in the back beside a long haired boy. I quietly walked over there and sat beside the guy.

“Hey, how’s your first day going?” He smiled at me, a wide grin.

“Good.” I replied, taking out a notebook.

“Ok, well, bye Mr. Anderson.” Mr. Hartford said to Christian as he opened the door and stepped outside, then peeked his head back into the room.

“Go away Mr. Anderson.” One of Christian’s friends said, impersonating Mr. Hartford’s accent.

“Hey Drewfus, see you in detention.” Christian replied as the class laughed, I couldn’t help but smile. Christian was a pretty funny guy, with a very sexy voice.

As I stepped out of Hillview High School, I think I might be going insane. My whole world is turning upside down with all these friendly people all being kind toward me and I shut them down with just one worded answers to their questions. Never in my life have I met people who actually take an interest in me.

I was grinning like a madman, or madwoman, as I began my mile trip back home. All that guided me was the sound of my phone’s GPS.

I stepped foot inside a house full of used condoms. I was so disgusted by the nasty liquid inside each little packet. I almost puked.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel and a small garbage can as I began picking up each used condom with disgust all over every part of me.

“Is that you Leah?” My mom asked as she stepped downstairs, fully dressed, thank the Lord.

“Yeah mom, I’m home.” I said.

“Well good, because your father and I have been trying to furnish the bedrooms all day but we need help setting up.”

“Ok.” I quietly said, walking up stairs, my mom silently following behind me.

“Ok, Emily, come here.” She smiled, pointing at my room as she ran there, excitement in her voice. “We have a surprise for you, since your dad is at work right now, I took the liberty of cleaning your new room.”

“But my room was already clean.” I stated.

“Yes, but not this clean!” She squealed as I stepped inside my room.

She was definitely right to squeal, this room was beautiful. She had bought new rugs and placed them underneath a gorgeous bed, she even added beige curtains on my windows, making the view of the beach even more spectacular.

“Thank you mom!” I said, hugging her.

“You’re welcome Amelia.” She hugged me back as the sounds of the garage opened started, “He’s home!!!” She squealed again, rushing downstairs to the garage.

A few minutes later, my dad walked up stairs in his work suit. Mom was dragging him to come check out my room.

“Wow, it’s lovely darling.” He said, putting his hand on mom’s hip, or butt. I couldn’t see anything thankfully.

For once in a long time, I felt like our family loved each other and my wishes came true.

Miracles do happen.

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