Pure Bliss

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Chapter 5: Bully Magnet

I stood over them as they lay on my floor. They didn’t even seem to notice me, or even care that I was watching.

Apparently, when mom had added stuff to my room, it was all an act. She and dad were just going to use it as another place to have sex. I glared at them silently for a few seconds longer before I walked outside. How could they do this? My life is like a roller-coaster, filled with many downs and ups.

I took a deep breath and walked into my back yard. It was almost midnight. I began walking toward the beach, when a voice came from behind me.

“Hey Pure!” Christian jogged up beside me.

“Oh. Hi Christian. ” I said, I knew sadness was written all over my face but in all honesty I came out here to be alone and think over my life.

“You doing alright?” He asked, walking beside me in the darkness. I could never figure out why he was being so nice to me.

“Yeah.” There I go again with my one-worded shut down answers.

“How was your day? Do you like the new school? Are people treating you well, because if they’re not, I swear I’ll. . .” He began, but I cut him off.

“Thanks for caring,” I started laughing at the determination on his gorgeous face. His brown eyes made the world fade away. “Yeah, everything’s great.”

“Yeah, how about at home? I saw you leave your house and you looked pretty upset.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck, sounding unsure.

“I’m fine.” I stated, not meaning to add the harshness to my voice.

“Princess, you’re crying.” He whispered. I hadn’t realized I was in his arms until the strong scent of cologne hit me. Nobody had ever called me princess before. I shut my eyes and allowed myself this one vulnerable moment. Just this one.

“I’m fine cowboy.” I smiled, pulling away. He had a confused look on his gorgeously structured face. Yeah, my jokes do suck.

“Hey, look, there’s the library, do you want to go?” He asked, the scratchiness of his voice sounded like he’d just woke up, it was so sexy. Oh my gracious, how could I let myself fall for any of this? What if he’s tricking me like Mike from my old school?

The memory hit me like a brick to the forehead.

“Pure, I really like you,” Mike smirked, his cocky smirk as he grabbed my hand.

We were hanging out in the library like usual. I never understood why he’d choose to hang out with me rather than the hoards of people that were his friends.

“I like you too.” I smiled, a shy smile as he hugged me.

“I like studying with you too.” He whispered, leaning closer.

“Me too.” I shut my eyes, preparing for my first kiss.

Nothing happened.

A bright flash from his phone told me he’d taken a picture of me.

That week, I stayed home. And when I’d finally come back, he had found himself a girlfriend.

It crushed my heart.

But I got over it. Life was too short to be sad.

“Hello?” Christian waved his hand in front of my eyes.

“I’m so sorry, I keep doing that to you. You’re just such a sweet guy and I don’t want to keep ignoring you. Honestly, I think it would be better of you stick with your popular crowd and let me be a loner, I’m used to it really.” I had no idea why I was saying this to him and I felt so bad for telling him this. Then I took off, I started running. I turned around once to see a confused look on his face but kept running.

It was almost midnight, I couldn’t go home or to the beach. I’ve upset everyone around me with my irrational behavior.

I wandered around the streets for hours until the sun came up.

I found myself in the school library. How did I end up here? Did I fall asleep here? Why am I in my pajama? Why doesn’t smell like flowers and bacon in here?

“Hey. Pure right?” A blonde girl came up to me with three other guys and two other girls behind her.

“Yeah.” I said, suddenly feeling the need to go pee.

“I’m Eleanor, Christian’s girlfriend.” She smiled, feeling the need to point that out.

“Hi.” I said. It was like deja-vu. Without the whole heartbreak because I will never allow myself to get too close too anyone again.

“So you’re new, What’re you doing sleeping in the school library?” Eleanor asked.

“I don’t know. I kind of just woke up here.” My cheeks turned a bright shade of red as I scrambled up.

“So, she sleep walks guys! And she likes sleeping I’m libraries! And Christian said you were cool. Ya, know I was about to give you a chance but, ew.” She said, flipping her blonde hair as her squad laughed. I could feel the tears trying to rip through my eyes, but I wouldn’t let them.

She reached the door and halted in her tracks, turning around to look at me, “Word of Advice,” She began, “Stay away from Christian, he’s got enough to deal with and he doesn’t need a desperate twat following him around all the time.” She laughed, stepping out.

My life pain never ends, first at home, then at the beach, now at school.

I’m like a bully magnet.

Everywhere I go, it’s always the popular girl who bullies me and gets everyone else to do the same thing.

As soon as she left, I walked in between two of the many bookshelves and sat between the teen fiction area.

I left everything at home and if I went back right now, it was most likely dad hasn’t left for work yet.

I groaned at the ground, wanting to punch my fist through it and feel like I’m in control for once.

“Are you ok?” A brunette walked up to me and sat beside me. She had glasses and a pile of books in her arms.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I smiled.

“Ok, great, just making sure. It’s not every day you see someone in this library.” She smiled a kind smile, “I’m Ashley.”

“I’m Pure.” I smiled back. “I’m new around here.”

“Wait, you’re Pure Bliss right? Oh my goodness, you should’ve heard what they were saying about you yesterday.” A wide smile was on her face, I started to feel uncomfortable.

“Who? What did they say?” I asked. I looked up at the high ceiling of the library, it had a bunch of square windows that brought light into the room. It looked more like a church than a library. I mean, if it weren’t for all the books and book shelves, I’d think it was a church with all its windows. I’ve never been to a church, maybe I should go to actually see what it looks like.

“Oh, nothing bad Pure. You looked kind of worried there.” She laughed, “My boyfriend was telling me how his friends kept talking about how pretty you are. I totally agree with them, you are really pretty.” She smiled at me again.

“Thanks.” I smiled as my heart filled with warmth.

“You don’t need to thank me, I bet you hear that all the time!”

“Actually, you’re the first person who’s ever said that to me.” I mumbled, staring at my knees on the ground.

“Really?” Her eyes widened, “That’s hard to believe, you could be a fucking model!” She smiled again, “Do you want to go get some breakfast? I came in here to return some books and my boyfriend is waiting outside.” She smiled, “He wouldn’t mind you joining us and his friends, besides, he’s scared of the librarian.” She snickered and I laughed along.

“Yeah, thank you so much Ashley.”

“It’s nothing really.” She stood up and grabbed her books as I followed her out the library door.

“Hey Ash,” A tall guy stood outside the door, he was leaning on it. I recognized him from math class yesterday. He was the guy that responded when Christian walked in, I think his name is Drewfus.

“Hey Drew!” She hugged him and he took a couple books from her hand. They were so cute together.

“Hi Pure.” He smiled in my direction.

“Hi, Drewfus right?” I asked. As soon as he heard that he burst out laughing and so did Ashley.

“Is Chris near here?” Drewfus asked.

“No, Drewfus?” I replied, my face heating up. I was so confused.

“Actually it’s just Drew.” Ashley replied, pinching his cheeks.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Drewfus, I mean Drew.” I blushed as he and Ashley laughed.

“Hey, Drew, baby, she’s going to be joining us for breakfast.” Ashley kissed his cheek as they began walking. I felt like I was walking beside my parents, but like a toned down version of them. Either way, I’m still the third wheel.

It was like everything I do never ends, my life just keeps repeating itself, going round and round and never ending.

I took a seat beside Ashley as Drew sat across from us. I stayed silent as a group of boys came and sat beside them and then the nightmare began.

Eleanor walked in with her group of friends and sat right beside me, moments later Christian walked in.

“Hey, Pure. I’ve been looking for you all morning!” He smiled as he sat besides Drew. The large table was full within a matter of seconds, with me in the center staying quiet and Christian across from me. It was loud in this cafeteria, ours was a huge group and people were turning around to look ever couple of seconds.

I smiled at Christian but noticed Eleanor staring at our eye contact. Her green eyes scanning back and forth between us.

“I warned you.” She whispered sharply, as she gave a smile toward Christian and got up.

I sat there, wide eyed, fear filling every bit of my being.

I am scared.

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