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Bumble Bee: Bailey's Love Story

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A lot of laughs, a few tears, ooey-gooey romance at its best, and a whole lot of steamy sex make for an emotional, heartfelt read that is guaranteed to leave you smiling in the end. Bailey... Ten years ago, I saw him for the first time. I’m pretty sure I fell in love with that day. He pulled on my braid and called me Bumble Bee. The problem was that I was twelve years old at the time and he was eighteen. He was my brother’s best friend and college roommate, and was therefore off-limits and unattainable. That never stopped me from dreaming though. It never stopped me from planning a future with him. It never stopped loving him every day since then either. Six years ago, I tried to kiss him. I offered him my virginity. I was sixteen. He was twenty-two. I told him I’d wait for him until I turned eighteen. He told me not to, but I waited anyway. He was the only one I wanted and I’d never stop loving him. Three years ago, I gave up. I told myself I had to forget him. I was never going to have him. I needed to move on. But I couldn’t do it…

Romance / Humor
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Chapter One-Bailey

“Oh. My. God. Bailey, Jake Donaldson is so checking you out right now,” Liv says as I look up from examining my freshly painted navy blue toe nails. I’m nursing my third and final beer of the night and I’m wishing I wasn’t standing in the middle of the Sig Ep house because it is loud and hot and I want to go home. But I know I can’t walk alone and I know Liv and Ava are just getting started. Frat parties suck. Why do I always let Liv and Ava talk me into going to these things? They are my roomies and my best friends. Hell, they are practically my sisters, but I HATE FRAT PARTIES.

I roll my eyes, “Whatever, Liv. He is not checking me out.” Ava has her back to us talking to a cute blonde pledge who is on clean-up duty and apparently her bat hearing has kicked in because she does a one-eighty and has her back to pledge boy in under a second.

Now Liv and Ava are checking Jake out who is supposedly checking me out, oh my lord this is getting out of control. I manage to look up from my warm beer for a split second and yes, it appears as if he is staring at me.

Oh my gosh! He just gave me a head bob. No, this can’t be right, maybe we’re blocking the TV or something. I look behind me and there’s no TV, just a wall. I look in front of me and there are no other girls in his line of sight, so I smile and giggle and turn back towards Liv and Ava as if they’re saying something extra amusing.

Liv immediately starts in on me, “Bailey, oh my Lordy, he is still looking at you. You need to go talk to him.”

“I’m not going over to talk to him, are you crazy?” She has got to be crazy because it is Jake Donaldson, the Jake Donaldson. He is a senior, the president of his frat, and the most beautiful guy on campus. His dark hair is always perfect, it sweeps over to the side and makes you want to run your fingers through it. He has these dark eyes that are surrounded by long dark lashes and dimples that can make you melt with the smallest of smiles. Oh and did I mention, a perfect body. I mean perfect as in: he is the reason I go watch intramural football, just to see him shirtless.

Tonight apparently, he is the reason for my whole existence and I’m pretty sure I’m so nervous I’m about to pee on myself when Ava punches me in the arm. “Ouch! That hurt, what the f--,” I couldn’t finish my sentence because Ava interrupts, “Bailey, snap out of it! Do something, at least look at him, it’s Jake Fucking Donaldson.”

I manage to somehow look up at him and he waves me over and then like the complete idiot I’m, I do the whole “point at myself ‘do you mean me?’ thing” and turn bright red. Lord, I’m glad it is dark in here. Something’s not right with the world, I’m a freshman and Jake Donaldson is not ever supposed to notice me. If he was looking at Ava, I would completely understand. But this is outside the natural order of things. Jake chuckles and does this come hither thing with his index finger like I’m in trouble for something, and I’m pretty sure I am.

I walk over with my beer in one hand and tug at the hem of my mini skirt with the other while offering a silent prayer that I don’t trip or show my ass or do something else completely stupid. He’s sitting on the arm of a couch on the opposite side of the room where three other of the Sig Ep royalty are lined up beside him on the couch. As soon as I’m close enough, he grabs my free arm and somehow twirls me around so that I’m sitting on his knee and within about two seconds he has his arm around my hip with his hand on my left thigh. Again, I’m thankful for the darkness, because my face and ears are burning and I never thought it was possible to blush this hard.

The next thing I know he has his face buried in my hair, I feel the heat of his breath on my neck as he whispers, “what’s your name darlin’?” I barely squeak out “Bailey,” before he is slapping his buddy next to him on the chest. “Tater, go and get me and Bailey some shots!” Then Tater yells across the room to Ava’s pledge boy, “Baby Jesus—Shots. Here. Now.” I barely have time to wonder how Tater and Baby Jesus got their nick names before Baby Jesus is standing in front of us holding a tray full of shots all out of breath.

Tater reaches up to grab one and Jake hits Tatar again on the chest with the back of his hand, “Dude. Seriously, where are your fucking manners? Ladies first.” I giggle a little, feeling that he has somehow protected my honor. Then I look down at my beer, it’s almost gone. I have a strict three drink limit. It is a promise I made to my brother a long time ago and one that I would not break, even for Jake Donaldson.

“No thanks. I’m good,” I say smiling up at Jake. At this point I can’t stop smiling. Jake bends over and whispers something to Tater and they both start laughing and now I’m feeling really uncomfortable. Suddenly I realize that I’m way out of my league and I need to make a run for it. “I was actually just getting ready to head out.” Jake leans into me and whispers, “Bailey, don’t leave, you look too hot for your own good in that little skirt you’re wearin’.” And as much as I’m dying inside, I know I need to leave, so I just giggle a little and say, “see ya’ later Jake.”

I get up and start walking back towards Liv and Ava and I hear Tater crack up with laughter, “Dude. She just blew you off.” The rest of the guys on the couch start laughing too and I look back at Jake and he is flippin’ them a bird as he says, “You wanna fucking bet?”

I hasten my steps and reach Ava and Liv just in time to blurt out, “Y’all about ready to go?” Not sure what’s happing or how to respond, they keep looking behind me until I turn around and see Jake standing there with a smirk on his face. “Y’all can’t be leavin’ yet, the party is just startin’.”

I look back up to him and he is smiling down at me with those perfect white teeth and impossible dimples and again and I’m thinking this is way too much. So as politely as I can, with my best southern manners, I say “thanks for asking, but I really need to get back to my dorm and finish a paper. It was really nice meeting you Jake.” He looks a little dumbfounded and then looks towards Liv and Ava.

I look over to Liv and Ava and they look equally as dumbfounded as Jake and the next thing I know, Jake hollers, “Baby Jesus—Shots!” and Baby Jesus is there in two seconds flat still holding the tray. Jake reaches out his hand towards Ava and Liv and says, “Hi ladies, I’m Jake, and you are?” Liv, who is never at a loss for words, stands there speechless as Ava takes Jake’s hand and says, “I’m Ava, and this is Liv,” as she elbows Liv in the ribs, trying to get her to snap out of her frozen state. Jake shakes Ava’s hand and then turns it over and leans down and kisses it. I’m watching Ava, who is now blushing as much as I am.

“It’s nice to meet you ladies, would you like a shot?” They both nod as Jake takes two from the tray that Baby Jesus is holding and offers one to each of them. Liv and Ava both say “thanks” in unison with one another and start laughing before downing their shots.

Jake takes off his Sig Ep visor and swipes his hand through his perfect hair and places his hat back on his head and then looks down for a second like he’s thinking about something and says, “So, Anna and Liv…” Ava interrupts, “Umm, its Ava.” “Oh yeah right, Ava and Liv, y’all aren’t ready to leave yet are you? Cause’ you see, I’m kind of sweet on your friend here and I was hoping y’all could talk her into staying?”

They immediately look over at me and I give them the ’y’all better back me up!’ glare and then all of the sudden Liv gets brave—probably from the shot she just had and decides to speak up. “Well, when Bailey has a paper to write, there is no keeping her from it. If it were up to me, we would be staying, but we can’t let Bailey walk back to the dorm alone.” I then look over at Ava who is looking at me as if I have grown two extra heads or something.

Jake looks back to his friends and then looks at me with a smirk, “well it’s settled then, I will walk Bailey back to her dorm and you lovely ladies will stay here and party.” I’m now looking at Jake like he has grown two extra heads or something. I then look to Ava and Liv, who are giggling and proceed to say “Okay,” in unison and then bust out laughing. And I just think to myself, ’thanks for having my back, bitches.’

With that, Jake puts his arm around me and starts walking me out the door and I hear a roar of laughter coming from the frat royalty on the couch and look back at them as Jake takes his hand from my shoulder and flips another bird towards the couch. When we get out the front door, he asks, “So which dorm is yours Bailey?” I answer, “Donaldson Hall.” Then I giggle. Because yes, it is Donaldson hall as in Jake Donaldson is who now walking me to my dorm that is named after his father. If the irony is not lost on Jake, he doesn’t bite. He just takes my hand and starts the walk across campus.

We make it across the front lawn of the frat house and I take my hand from his and cross my arms in front of my chest. It’s not that I’m cold, but I just feel strange holding his hand and walking, I mean we barely just met. I know I should feel giddy, but it is all just too surreal. He looks over to me, and says, “You are cold.” I start to argue, but before I can say anything he is taking off his Patagonia fleece pullover and says, “Arms up.” I’m again frozen, without words, and he laughs, and says, “Put your arms up Bailey.” So I do.

He puts the fleece over my head and I look at him, he has a tight grey t-shirt on and his muscular arms look even better close up. Then he leans down and kisses me on the cheek and grabs my hand and starts walking again and I melt.

On the walk across campus, he asks me what my major is and I tell him journalism and asks where I’m from and I tell him Springfield, explaining it is a small town outside of Nashville, and then he asks how long I have known Ava and Liv and if I had ever been to a party at the frat house before. After this long series of questions, I realize I’m doing all the talking and haven’t asked one thing about him. In my own defense, it is because I already know everything about him, I have been cyber stalking him since the first day I saw him without a shirt playing intramural football.

I’m not sure he has really been listening me, he seems distracted, so I figure I should ask him something so I’m not doing all the talking. I ask him a question I already know the answer to, “What are you going to do after graduation?”

He rolls his eyes and huffs, “I’m going to law school just as the Old Man has commanded.” I can tell the seemingly innocuous question I had asked had pissed him off leaving me to consider whether I should follow up, but I did, “You don’t wanna go to law school?” He just looks over at me and says, “You’re sweet Bailey,” and then he raises my hand that he is holding and kisses it.

I swear this is the most bizarre night ever, why am I walking across campus holding hands with Jake Frigging Donaldson? I just keep telling myself it will be over soon, we are almost there. When we reach the front steps of Donaldson Hall, I stop and look at Jake and say, “Thanks for walking me back.” I then go to take off his pullover and he stops me and says, “What are you doing? I’m walking you up to your room. I’m not leaving you out here on the street.”

With that, I’m now getting on the elevator of my dorm with Jake Frigging Donaldson. What now? I still can’t believe he is with me. I push the button for the seventh floor and he looks down at me and pulls me closer to him and leans down for a kiss, just one, just a peck, but this time on my lips. This is now the third time that Jake Donaldson has kissed me tonight. Once, on the cheek after he gave me his pullover, once on my hand on the walk here, and now on the lips right here in the elevator. I think I may lose it.

The next thing I know we are standing outside the door to my room and I reach down to take off the pullover and this time he doesn’t argue. I hand it to him and he drops it on the floor. I look up at him, wondering what he is doing and his arms are around me and he is kissing me. I mean not just a peck. I mean kissing me. His tongue is full on in my mouth and he is not letting up for air.

Before I know it, he has one hand cupping my ass cheek under my skirt and the other is inching its way up my back towards my bra strap. I mean it’s not as if I have not fantasized about this a hundred times, but in my fantasy, it was more like, a tender, ’I think I’m falling in love with you, I want to make love to you kiss,’ not an ’I’m so horny, I need to fuck you right now tongue down my throat kind of kiss.’ In that moment, I know I have a decision to make, do I take Jake Donaldson in my dorm room and let him fuck me or do I send him home? Damn it! I wish I could freeze time and have a phone conference with Liv and Ava right now. How can I be forced to make this decision with his hands all over me?

I’m still struggling with my decision as he moves his hand around my waist and up my ribs to squeeze my boob. I pull back a little from the kiss and he starts kissing and licking my neck and his hand moves from my boob to between my legs and he starts rubbing my in between my legs outside of my panties and now I’m thinking ’this feels good, I might want to keep going,’ then he moves his hand back to my ass. He now has both hands on my ass and he is pulling my hips into him and I feel that he is hard.

God I think he really wants me and I think I want him. And then it hits me that I’m standing in the hallway of my dorm and things are getting pretty X-rated. It’s not like I haven’t made out in the hallway of my dorm before. I mean it is almost the end of second semester of my freshman year. Who hasn’t made out in front of their dorm room door, right? I have even been felt up a time or two in this very spot, but this is the part where I usually stop and say goodnight.

Yes, I know what to do, I have to say good night. But damn, this is Jake Donaldson we are talking about. I manage to break free for a minute and I back up against the door and mumble something about my paper. Jake is looking at me now and practically has me pinned to the door. He is holding one hand against the door and the other one is unbuttoning the first few buttons of my blouse. Oh dear lord, I think I’m going to invite him in. “Bailey,” Jake says breathless, “let me come in a hang a little bit, you’ve got me all worked up.” I don’t even argue, I just take my key card out of the back pocket of my skirt and let him in.

Holly Hell, this is really happening. We get inside my room and I’m thinking should I offer him a drink, but before I finish that thought he has me lip locked again. Then his hands are under my skirt and he is rubbing me again and before I know it, my panties are around my knees and his finger is inside me. ’Oh God’, I think, ’that kind of hurts and feels good at the same time.’ His other hand is reaching under my shirt and unclasping my bra and then both his hands are on my boobs squeezing. He starts walking me back towards the bed. I think for a moment about whether I should tell him, but I can’t bring myself to say it.

The back of my legs are touching the mattress and I look down and I notice my panties are still hanging on one of my ankles. I look up at him. Oh my God he is undoing his belt with one hand and he is putting something in his mouth with his other hand. What is that? Dear Jesus, it’s a condom, he is ripping it open with his teeth. If I want this to stop, I need to stop it now. I can’t though, I’m too intrigued, I’m about to see Jake Donaldson’s junk. Oh and there it is. I imagined it bigger. He puts the rubber on, I imagined it would fit tighter, I hope that thing is going to work.

Before I know it, I’m spread eagle on my bed, my skirt is around my waist, my blouse is completely open and my bra is pulled up over my boobs and I’m completely uncomfortable and he is thrusting himself inside me. It hurts, although I had imagined it would hurt worse. I’m staring at the ceiling, my hands are down by my sides. I never noticed that there were brown spots on my ceiling. I count them. There are seven. What are those? Gross.

I start thinking maybe I should be doing something, moving or something and what do I do with my hands? I don’t know so I just wrap them around his back. I had looked at my phone right before I came in, it said 12:37, and I wonder what time it is now. My phone is on the table next to my bed, would it be bad if I reached over to see what time it is? Yes shit, Bailey, what are you thinking? Of course it would be bad.

Then I feel something wet drop on my face, oh my God, what was that? I look up at Jake and his eyes are closed and he is making a face like he is dying or something. Then I see it a bead of sweat hanging on by what? I don’t know another bead of sweat? So I close my eyes immediately and my mouth. Gross! Then Jake yells “Fuck.” Then he collapses on top of me. Then it’s over. Then I’m not a virgin anymore.

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