Could It Be Destined?

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Once upon a time there was a kingdom that was graced with three sons, three princes. The brothers were raised knowing they would one day marry for the kingdom's sake. The youngest had other plans.

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Royal Runaway

Once upon a time there was a kingdom that was graced with three sons, three princes. The brothers were raised learning that they would each take care of a part of the kingdom. They knew as well that they would have to marry before they could be granted the right to rule their part. So when the time came the two older brothers felt it was their duty to uphold their family's rules. Both brothers married their betrothed brides and luckily found love with their new wives. The youngest brother, however, was not interested in the least about marrying a girl he would only meet on their wedding day.

One night the youngest brother slipped out of the castle, unseen, in order to find another way he could prove he was ready to rule. The prince made it to the woods just outside the town around the castle and slowed his pace along the dirt road mainly used by the horse drawn carriages. Further down the road he could hear noises, like people yelling and thundering hooves. Continuing down the road he was able to see that it was three bandits fighting with guards protecting a carriage on their horses. The bandits looked like they had the advantage over the guards, so without hesitation the prince leaped into action. In his head he thought that maybe this would be a step toward proving himself and it was a good thing he remembered his best sword too. The bandits were very skilled, while the guards were growing tired.

The prince danced right into the battle managing to frighten one horse enough to buck off it’s bandit rider. With that the other two jumped off their horses to help their partner. This was the guards’ chance to catch their second wind. The prince caught the rider, who fell off, by the back of his shirt and yanked him back sending him to the ground. In doing this the bandit clumsily dropped his weapon and stumbled to get back on his feet. Before the bandit could recover the prince came swiftly in bringing his knee to the man’s chest, knocking the wind clean out. Then the prince turned to the other two that came at him with swords raised high. Against the two the only thing he could do was dodge their blades, luckily just fast enough on several occasions.

At one moment the prince thought he was not going to be able to move fast enough but with quick action one of the guards came to his defense. Looking more closely at the guard, the prince realized how much bigger he was to the rest of them. In an instant the second guard came up behind one of the bandits and with the hilt of his sword hit him at the base of his skull, only enough to drop the bandit where he stood. It didn’t take long for the last bandit to be subdued. The three rejoiced in the victory but failed to notice that the first bandit the prince took down had recovered and was closing in on the carriage.It was too late when they finally noticed that the bandit had jumped onto the driver’s seat of the carriage and took off into the forest. Moving as fast as he could the prince caught one of the bandits horses and gave chase. The bigger guard stayed behind to look after the subdued bandits while the other followed the prince.

Within the forest the prince couldn’t really make out where the carriage was going but luckily it seemed the bandit was having trouble driving for he left a path to follow. It seemed like an eternity as the prince kept riding through when he saw the carriage just in front of him. It looked like it had turned over on its side and was damaged badly. At this time the sun was starting to raise through the trees. The prince stopped the horse next to the carriage in order to examine it more closely when a gleam of light danced across his face. A little bit a head he could see something reflecting the sun’s rays. He dismounted the horse and carefully made his way closer to the source. The prince had his sword ready for anything that might happen, but what he wasn’t prepared for was the sight he saw next. There among the rays of the sun was more bandits surrounding one girl. The light he saw before was the glint of her two daggers as she fought the bandits off. The bandit from before must have either driven into camp or called on more to his aid.

The girl was swifter than any knight in the royal guard and the bandits were having a difficult time bringing her down. She had knocked out most of them leaving four left. The prince jumped in to help her out but by the time he got close enough to do anything the girl had already brought them all to their knees. To the prince’s surprise she had defended herself quite perfectly. He stood in awe by her own power and will, but not only just that. The prince found her to be a real beauty with the way her long dark hair shined in the sun and her deep amber eyes as they looked straight at him. That brought his mind back to the present, she was looking directly at him and raised her daggers in attack. She really believed him to be apart of the bandit’s group and so he quickly tried to find his words to explain, but couldn’t. The girl began to make her advance then the prince decided to do something he thought he would never do. He tossed his sword far from his side and raised his hands to show no resistance. For a moment she was confused by the action and started to yell something to the prince, but he could not understand the language she spoke. In his clearest royal tone that he could muster he yelled out his name.

“My name is Alan Dandridge and my only intention was to aid you.”

As expected the girl did not understand him at all and advanced a step further, daggers ready to pierce his skin. Alan thought at best she might have recognized his last name.

The girl then, without getting the answer she was wanting, lunged for the prince as he closed his eyes but to the prince’s surprise she did not stab him. Alan opened his eyes to see that the guard from earlier was standing in between them. The guard then bowed to the girl and spoke in a most serious tone. The guard seemed to be explaining things to her, that’s when he heard his name being spoken by the guard followed by another spout of words. The girl looked a little pale as she quickly stashed her daggers away. As the guard turned toward Alan the girl did everything she could to hide herself in her small veil, behind the guard.

“I am Curtis of the royal guard to the family Al-Na’im I would like to thank you for your actions to save Her Royal Highness Sarima Mayassar Al-Na’im. I would also like to apologize for Her Royal Highness’ actions toward you. I assure you she only thought you were with those ruffians because of the way you are dressed. Your Highness Dandridge, if we had known you were going to meet with us we would have brought more guards but instead you had to witness our poor display.”

The guard bowed his head in respect and then looked once again at Alan.

“Your Highness, if I may, what did bring on this meeting? We were told that you may not be interested in the idea of arranged marriage.”

It was those last words that Alan finally snapped back into his reality. Here he had ran away from the castle to escape his betrothal and yet there she was, the one he was engaged to.

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