Alpha Zachary

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chapter 2

Aurora’s POV:

After I entered the kitchen I did all the work and prepared some bacons and sausages for the lunch as ordered my my mother . I made omelette for myself and I ate.. If your thinking my mom made breakfast why am I making it again ? Answer is yes but no because she made only for herself and dad yeah that’s my life.. But that’s okay I don’t like her cooking.
after doing all the work i am tired as hell .
My mom is currently sitting on the sofa and reading magazine .. Seriously ? Magazine ??? I rolled my eyes . I don’t know why I hate magazines . “mother” I call her in low voice . she looks at me as if I have disturbed her precious time . I chose to ignore her look . ” mother I prepared everything as you said . Umm.. Can I go to my room now ?” Please let me go to my room I say to myself . “yes you can go ” she says without even looking at me.
I dint need to hear it again I ran to my room and sighed of relief . No matter how small is my room but I love it ! The walls are painted in lavender 2 sides and white on other two sides. My bed is a single bed but its cozy enough to make me sleep . ” me and my sleep nothing can keep us apart ! ” I chuckle at my thoughts .

Ding !!
My phone rings
Jade: aurora you need to hear this please come to my house ! ASAP !
Huhhh ???
What could she have to tell ?
“Don’t stand here and think you idiot go and meet jade ” my wolf isabelle scolds me .
I roll my eyes, ” Geee thank you so much for telling me that ” I tell her but she doesn’t reply ..

I go the to the living room ... And no one is there .. Huh? My mom usually doesn’t go out this time . I better go meet jade .

Everyone is gossiping about something and I am not able to make out..!? What could they be talking about ? ... I ignore my thoughts and Knock jade’s door .

" Hey my lazy ass ” Jade tells me . "Jay I am not a lazy ass !We both are !! " I tell her dramatically . She Bursts out laughing “Yeah that’s true” she just hugs me . I am so happy I have her . I know that her mate will go crazy over her when he finds jade.

" Hey jay.. Do you know anything about what’s going on outside ?? All the pack members were talking about something and why did you call me here ? “. I ask her raising my eyebrows” That is why I messaged you to meet me aurora our alpha’s son .. Jacob is turning 24 and he wants to take the alpha’s title now .. “. Jade tells . ” But jade how can he take the title ?? Without his mate by his side how can he rule ? Its the tradition of our pack ! “.
" Yes auri i know , that’s why he is choosing one girl of our pack as his mate today . He is fed up of searching for his mate from 8 years “.. Jade says in a sad tone..
I was gaping at her with my mouth wide open . ” Seriously jade?? Is Jacob mad ?? How can he live without his mate by choosing another female??” I said getting frustrated at the thought . ” Has he chosen his mate yet.?” I ask her curiously
" auri he has chosen his mate that is why my parents and your parents and everyone are in pack house talking to alpha “. Ohhh
.. That explains my mom’s sudden disappearance ..

" Aurora come to pack house noww" my mom’s voice rings in my head .
I look at jade she has also got the message from her dad.
“Lets go auri” Jade says holding my hand

" Alpha” we both say in unison showing respect to him he nods his head seeing us..
I see my parents looking at me with smile on their faces .. Ok... whattt ?? Smiling at me ?? Am I dreaming ?? They have never smiled at me like that even in front of others.. I don’t know what’s going on right now .

" It’s a good thing you came aurora ” Jacob says in a husky voice .
eww even his husky voice is as gross as him . I wanted chuckle at that thought . ” Hey.. Jacob ” I say to him feeling uncomfortable around him . he just smiles at me .. What’s wrong with everyone today ???

" I had called a meeting as you all know my son has selected a suitable person for the position of Luna” alpha’s voice booms in the pack house .. We can hear loud gasps from the other females and pack members.

“I’m very happy to announce that he has chosen ms. Aurora Adams as suitable female as his mate as she is very beautiful,intelligent and strong wolf my son is very happy to have her as a mate . Two Days from now is the wedding date fixed by my son . After getting married to aurora, jacob will take the place as the Alpha of silver moon pack ” He finishes his talk and i stood frozen in my place unable to move and I can hear jade gasp after hearing the announcement all the pack members are looking at me shocked
My brain didn’t register anything that happened for a few seconds ago .

Whattt !!!! Mee ?? No no no no no this can’t be happening please god let it be a dream please !

“I wont get married to anyone except my mate !” Isabelle screams in my head !

What should I do ??

Tears were threatening to spill out but I held them back . Suddenly my mom comes and hugs me . For the first time I was just numb . Is she happy with what’s happening with her daughter ? And i see from the corner of my eyes My dad is smiling at me ? That man who refused to see my face from my childhood ? This is definitely a dream "I am so proud of you Aurora" my mom says smiling and I still can’t even form a word of protest against all this !! I am so shocked !
What kind of parents do I have ! I pull myself back from the hug and I glare at the person who I call my mother .

" I hope you are Happy with my decision Aurora ” Jacob says smirking .

THAT Asshole!

I wanted to chop his head off and feed him to the dogs! That's how i felt.

I could not bear it anymore.

"I’ll be back ” I tell him in a broken voice and i ran back to my house. I cry all the way to my house till my room. I don’t know what to do ! I cannot marry that pervert !

Deep down my Mind says to accept things happening to win my parents love which I always craved for !

But my Heart said otherwise.

"I will not let that happen aurora,or you will loose me forever ” Isabelle warned me .
What else can I do belle? Where can I go ? There’s no way for me to go ! I Cry my eyes out.
"We will run away today at night aurora . its better being killed rather than getting married to that jerk. I won’t let that happen to us . never “. Isabelle tells me again in my head ..

Jade barges in my room with an shocked expression "Auri i didn’t expect this to happen ! I am so sorry" she cries hugging me . I just stand there hugging her like nothing ever happened, I was numb. "Auri ?.. say something please!”

“It’s ok jade". I tell her without any tone in my voice. “Jade i just want to sleep,i will meet you later, Yeah ?". I tell her so she wouldn’t doubt my behaviour. "Yeah auri i understand after all that happened you need some rest . But please call me when you want to talk to me ok, we will figure something together like we always have, trust me, Yeah?” she assured me,i nod at her taking one last glance at her because i am probably never gonna see her again.

I am so sorry jade i just can’t tell you what i am gonna do because you will land in trouble . I just want you to be safe . someday we will meet again or maybe not, i can’t stay here and endure this even if i die when i escape its gonna be worth it but i will try . I will run away at midnight today.

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