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chapter 3

"Believe that you can and you’re already half way there"
- Theodore Roosevelt.

Aurora’s POV :

After jade left my room I immediately locked my the door and started planning my escape plan .
I quickly take a small duffle bag from my closet and take out some clothes that are enough to last for couple of days ... Not many because the less i take the more i can run. I take all my necessary belongings , cash which i had been saving from long time and my passport . I’m not taking my phone with me .. Because they can track me down easily . I kept everything necessary into the duffle bag and packed it
Now the time was currently 8 in the evening .. The time flies so fast .

Suddenly I hear a knock "aurora are you there ?" my mother calls me. Ohh shitt my duffle bag !
I quickly hid my bag under my bed "yes mother" relax aurora.. act calm smart !
I open the door and I see my mom beaming happily at me .

Ok am I dreaming or what??

" I am so happy you are getting married to Jacob ! You will be the Luna of the pack I am so excited !! Jacob is so in love with you when he told me about you I couldn't contain my happiness ! He said he will meet you tomorrow and confess his feelings for you aurora !!” she squealed happily.I take a step back, My eyes are as wide as the saucers with shock

What the actual fuck !!? I so want to roll my eyes .. But how can that manwhore love me ?? He is a liar !!! All he did in His 24 years of life is sleeping around with the pack’s females ! I somehow manage to give a small smile. god its so difficult to even smile !!! I didn’t want her to think something’s wrong with me I cant afford to ruin my plan .

“From now on you are not doing any work at home. you will just be with me and selecting clothes for the wedding. For now just take rest and come down at dinner time Ok ?". My mom says non stop! I wish this could be my life before."Umm .. Mother I’m not so hungry but I am very tired can I just sleep now ??“. I ask her smiling, hoping she doesn't see through my facade ."sure dear do as you please" she smiles at me . I gave a small smile "good night mother ” she just smiles at me again. and left the room . Ohh mother. Only if you would know what I am gonna do .

Currently its past midnight, i changed myself into comfy jeans and a loose t-shirt and I wore my shoes, ready with my duffle bag ... both mom and dad are asleep I quickly open the balcony door and jump out of the balcony.Jumping from just one floor is not a big deal for a werewolf as they are lot stronger and they can heal faster .

I dust my clothes and I quickly scan the surroundings for any people around . Thankfully at this time there will be less people for patrolling the borders . I take this as my cue to leave and I sneak past them after a short distance I start running as fast as I could . I plan on running in human form because its easier not to get caught by any other pack who are at patrol and they cannot smell the scent instantly if I am in my human form . thank god I did all that training back in the pack with Jade.. I am a fast runner in both human as well as werewolf form .

I try to run near the borders of the other packs .. I honestly have no idea where other packs are located I just hope I am not caught . I keep running continuously for 5 good hours and I start feeling very tired and my legs started to give up. ” I better search for a good place to rest for a while ” as it is still a little dark. Few miniutes later I find a large tree. ” yupp this will be good for now ” sat leaning to the tree ” aah this feels so good after all that running “.

I sit there for a while preparing to run for another 6 to 7 hrs run to reach the city....... ” once I reach the city , I will blend in with humans, I will find a suitable place to live and take up a job . its better than entering a pack and getting killed as a rouge ” . ” not every pack allows a rouge to enter in their territory... Their first punishment is death” . I shiver at that thought ..

My thoughts are broken when I hear shuffling of leaves and footsteps behind me .. What the hell ?? As far as I know I am in no Man’s land ..I mean I am not inside any pack’s land !! I quietly put my shoes on and took the duffle bag with me and prepared to run from this place . I hear a thick voice behind me

" my my my ... look what do we have here “. The man with thick voice says . I stop dead in my tracks .
shit shit shit !!! This isn’t happening .... god!!! I want to cry so bad !!

" Well hello to the beautiful lady may I know what is she doing all ALONE in the forest at this time you know it's not safe right ?? “. That man said seductively emphasising ‘alone’ maybe I should have just kept running .. I wouldn’t have landed in this position now !

" Who are you ?? Am I in your pack ?? Please excuse me I’m just passing by I mean no harm ” I tell that man facing him . god he looks so terrifying. His face and his look sends chills to my spine . he looks he is in his is thirties .
" with all the things happening now, all you can think is about his age ?? Are you out if you mind ?? Isabelle growl angrily in my head
" ooh , baby I am not from any pack ” he says scanning every part of my body . I feel extremely uncomfortable . "Then I -I -
I’ll just leave ” I tell him and I sigh of relief and I was about run he caught my hand roughly . "No my sweetheart heart you cannot go . I just said I am not from any of the packs, I didn’t say I am letting you go so easily, on top of that you look so delectable". He tells while licking his lips . I so wanna puke on his face "how can I let such a beautiful woman out of my grasp ". His grip on my hand tightens .

" P p- please let me go . I mean you no harm ” I try to wiggle out of his grasp. then I take a look at his face i realize he has big scar on his eye till his chin it makes him look even more terrifying !! ” not so soon my sweetheart not until I make you mine”. he smiles viciously at me .

You trained for this all your life aurora you idiot use it now and run or else give the control to me ! Isabelle growls at me
Then I realize I can fight this man ! " no belle I will handle it myself !” i say to her . I looked directly into his eyes Bring it on you filthy animal!

I quickly escape from his grasp and hit him hard where the sun doesn’t shine ” take that you moron ! May you never bear kids again in your life". I smirk at him . He screams with pain and falls to the ground clutching his damaged part ! Man... I hit him really hard ! I mentally pat myself . good job aurora .

I see 4 men emerging from the trees snarling at me as they stalk towards me dangerously . ohh god I can only fight 2 men and max 3 men in my wolf form at once ! I stumble back . “why are you just standing there you fools !! catch her and bring her to me alive .I want her ” that man’s voice booms and these men start chasing me !

I start running to my full speed . I have never run this fast before . after few seconds I can see those men are far behind me . thank goodness !! That was a close call ! I quickly scan the area and the next thing I know is that I am standing just few meters behind from cliff .

What !? How the hell can cliff appear out of no where at this moment !!??? I never knew there was a cliff here .. Where am I ? Seriously this isn’t happening with me again ! I am going crazy !

I can again hear those footsteps !! They are coming to catch me ! There’s no way I can escape from here. ” Noo I can’t let this happen . Once i am caught that evil man will do things I can never imagine . I saw it in his eyes .. His lust ! Its better to jump off a cliff and die rather than getting caught by that monster !! I guess this is how my life is gonna end “. I let my tears fall freely
I hear those footsteps approaching closer

"Mum, dad and jade I love you all so much !! Please forgive me , I couldn’t be a good daughter and or I could be a good friend . god please forgive me for any of my sins . I am coming to you". and with that I take steps further towards the cliff .

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