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The moon goddess meets the moonman two people meet up in the wrong place at the right time

Romance / Other
Brianna Kilzer
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chapter 1

I was at the dancing club with one of my friends, the other two that were dating disappeared, we all know what they were up to. Me and her were catting away, when I got tapped on the shoulder by someone. I looked to see that it was the moonman. “Hey there” he said to me “hi” I said shyly. “I know who you are, you are my queen” how did he know who I was, I never told anyone that I am the moon goddess. I gave a shy smile my friend stepped in and said “will you leave, you’re making her uncomfortable.” He didn’t get the message and wrapped an arm around my shoulders and said “aw come on you don’t need to be shy, I’m not as bad as everyone says”. I sighed and looked around, “okay whose next on getting a lap dance from someone they know” said the dj from the mic, he pulled me up to the stage, my face was beat red. “Here we go, we have this lucky pair, now remember you do have to do this on each other” said the dj again, moonman sat me down on the chair, and they played body party, when the song started going he came up to me and spread my legs open and gave me the lap dance. He even went so far that he tilted the chair back, I had to admit I was getting turned on by this. When it was my turn to do the dance they turned on say yes, by God who knows who they were, I breathed heavily and my face was even redder then before. I went and sat on his lap and did a small twerking movement, I turned around and did the same. He grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him, I could feel him getting bigger. “Ooh it’s getting spicy up in here” I couldn’t take it anymore, I got butterflies and so turned on that when the song stopped I got up and pulled him to the bathroom. “Is everything alright?” He asked I nodded, I grabbed his dress shirt and pulled him down into a hard make out session, he then picked me up even though I am slightly heavy and slammed me into the wall. He felt good, even for my first time, I’d still say that, he was big.

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