Tales Told Out Of School. 3. On Being A Man In A Girls' School.

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Time to be Decisive.


Had she actually said that?

That was definite enough.

“There is no urgency about leaving here, Steve. You are still recovering. We will leave, when I am sure about you. Later.”

That was even more definite. But sure about what? Could this be her saying those words? She was not going to let this moment pass. It might never be presented again, and they had unfinished business that had been building over the last year.

She took a deep breath and reached out, taking firm hold of him, despite his earlier caution about touching him there, taking him by surprise, feeling his hand tremble against her.

He did not criticize her boldness or try to stop her.

She noticed, and could feel for herself that he was big enough around, that her finger ends did not meet her thumb around it, and that, was another sobering consideration.

She had not expected this part to be so hard or rigid, or to come to life again so fast. There was almost no 'give', in it.

That part of him changed again almost immediately, stiffening even more. But of course it did, with her attention.

She made up her mind and went even further. “You don’t have to fasten that button on my blouse, Steve. You can unfasten them, please. All of them, and then my bra. The door is locked. We have lots of time. I don’t have enough hands to do that for you, and this as well, or I would, but you can.” There was a flush on her face, matching that upon his own. “You shall make love to me. Properly make love to me. Please. Here!”

“Oh lord.” He was a lost man about then.

As she gently moved him, moving the skin upon him with her left hand, continuing to hold his balls with the other, she felt him begin to undo her blouse as she wanted, and then reach around her to unclip her bra. Teasing it gently from over her breasts. She was hot under her skirt, and was suddenly even more moist. They both felt the urgency of this, and the danger of where they were, as well as the limited time available to them.

To get them off her, she would have to let go of him, which she did not want to do, but eventually relented, though only for a second or two.

He slowly peeled her blouse and bra off her, dropping them beside the sinks, and then he felt her return to holding him again, as he leaned in to kiss her breasts, wondrous breasts, seen fleetingly only a year earlier as she had dropped her bra and then took her panties off in the shower. He began teasing at her nipples with his lips, and then gently, with his teeth.

He was pushing his erect member into her hand now, just as he wanted to be pushing it into her body. There was about to be a ‘first’ for a lot of things here. 'First time' she’d even seen a man erect like this; 'first time' she’d held him in her hand, and it would be the 'first time' she would be be made love to, and not as vulgarly expressed as those girls described that raw activity. Yes, it would get that far if she had her way, and she would. It was time.

He began on her skirt next, unfastening the straps at the side of it, unwrapping it from her, and then began to touch her there again. She moved her legs wide apart. She knew she was wet with excitement. He would find that out for himself, and he soon did.

She knew what was about to happen to her; this intimidating event that he'd mentioned, though she had never thought it could get to this between them so quickly, but there was an urgency about it now.

The bell would go in about fifteen minutes and then the corridor and the school would be alive with students. How long would it take? This was one of those turning points in the life of every girl. If she did not do this now it might be lost to her forever, and she did not want that. It would hurt, possibly, but it happened to most females eventually. Why not get it over with now?

He kissed her under her neck and then upon her breasts again, before lifting her to sit between the two sinks, perching her at the edge with her legs apart and him between them. She had let go of him as he had done that. He felt his clothing drop to his ankles as she began on his shirt. Soon, all they had upon them were their socks and footwear. She hoped they would not be heard by anyone walking by.

Steve wasted no time but moved toward her, holding himself, moving himself up and down along her vulva, discovering what her body there was telling him about where he needed to be. She was wet, and ready. Then she felt him push into her to get started, but he stopped, looking into her face, hearing her gasp.

“Stop me if am hurting you too much, Margaret.”

She nodded, but knew that she would not stop him; could not stop him. She could not even speak. This was the next inevitable step in life for her, and if she held back at any stage the moment would be gone, perhaps forever. She had intervened to make sure nothing like this would happen to any other girl in school, and here she was, doing it with him instead. She felt triumphant. She was about to be fucked for the first time and by this man that had captivated her from the very first moment.

She would not watch, but would just put her arms around him, feeling him moving into her. Her own body had been changed, by what she had been doing for him, and he was going into her only slowly, giving her vaginal muscles (tensed like iron at first, at the surprise of it) time to relax before they tore, or felt like they would tear with what he was doing to her. They would stretch. They had no choice.

“Breathe through your mouth. You will find this first time easier if you do.” He had paused for a moment and had stopped pushing. Only the first inch of him, if that, was already in her, and that already stretched her more than she had ever been challenged before.

Why should she breathe through her mouth? What was he telling her? But that was to make it easier on her, of course. And how did he know that?

She could not believe it, but he was actually managing to go into her there, slowly, fortunately, and she was not climbing the wall yet, or screaming as she had expected to be doing about now. It was unbelievably tight, but she was very moist, and he was sliding into her, distending her almost magically and without a lot of difficulty.

She wanted to at least slow him down, but he was already going slowly, thinking of her, and she should not interrupt this necessary process. Everything was at the limit of what she could bear as he slid into her, pausing often, retreating just a little before advancing again, but she said nothing to change what he was doing to her. This had to be put behind her. She would not get another chance like this one.

She closed her eyes and prayed; anything to take her mind off what he was doing to her down there and up here, mouthing at her breasts, teasing at her nipples, kissing under her neck, feeling herself gently rocked back and forth on the bench as he adjusted his position constantly with her, pulling at her to bring her closer to him and pushing at the same time. It did not get any more uncomfortable, but seemed to become easier the more she gave in to it, and the more relaxed she became.

Then, after what seemed like no time at all, though at least several minutes must have gone by, he was in her, all of him, and just as far as he could go and was even then beginning to come. It had been much easier than she'd thought it would be and had been led to believe. It was also unbelievable. All of that, was in her body down there? She could feel that it was. She also had him in a grip of iron.

He had been eager for her, but she had been just as eager for him to have her, and she had propelled him along to do this with her, by everything she had done to provoke him.

“I’m coming.”

She knew what that meant, and was relieved to hear it.


She almost laughed in relief. The other girls had mentioned what that meant, and how their boyfriends always had to warn them for some reason, as though the words were inextricably linked to the action, but the difficulties were mostly over when that started to happen.

He did not need to tell her that he was coming. She had sensed a change in him once he had fully entered her, and already knew it was happening, even though nothing like this had ever happened to her before. The other girls seemed to talk of nothing else, but boys and boners and what happened when they came, and how you had to be careful where it went, when he did come.

'If he withdraws from you before he comes, keep it off your clothes and out of your hair…. There might be a lot of it. Catch it in your mouth if you have to.'

But what did you do with it after that?

Swallow it of course!

There was nothing to worry about this time. It would all be in her, and would not going anywhere else to be discovered, and she didn’t care.

He stiffened up and drove even harder into her with an audible groan, and then froze upon her for a moment, before pushing a few more times, hesitating just before each push.

She breathed heavily, taken by surprise at the force of it which physically moved her on the sink top.

Then he did it again, and again, and yet again. She felt something more inside her, but no discomfort. They had succeeded. They should have done this a year ago in the showers and saved so much time. How much further along with each other they would now be, if they had done this in the showers that first time?

Could it have been that easy and so fast? She was no longer a virgin, but she didn’t care. It was a time for rejoicing, but she would save that for later when she was in her bed tonight and could go over in her mind what had just happened, and how she could make sure it happened as often as possible between them after this. She swore at herself for wasting a full year after that first opportunity. She had been so naïve then. A complete year of this wondrous sensation and this exciting and breathtaking, intimate closeness between them, lost!

He had his eyes closed, standing there, recovering his breath. He was breathing as though he had just completed a hundred yard sprint.

He opened them and looked at her, coming down slowly off that high, and trembling with relief, spent, for the moment.

“Well, we now know that this thing of mine is working as it should be, so you did not do too much damage to him, and we also learned something about each other that we will need to do something about, and to build upon from here. And often.”

She nodded in agreement as she stroked his head and smiled at that, feeling him still moving slowly in her. He had not entirely finished doing what he was doing, and was still hard. Would he be able to do that again, before they left here? She hoped so.

They both smiled at his relief and his humor about it.

What had he learned about her? She wouldn’t ask. They could discuss it later. She would spend the night in the Annex with him, somehow.

She knew what she had learned. She wanted this man in her life and in her body like this for the rest of her life, doing this to her every chance they could get; holding and kissing her breasts. They could even do it in the swimming pool when she went over there after curfew, and under the shower; in the bath; on the lawns. The possibilities were endless.

“How long do we have, Margaret?” She dragged her mind back from fantasizing.

What else did he plan on doing with her? She hoped this could continue until the bell went. She looked at the clock on the wall.

Had it taken only five minutes? He hadn't come out of her, so maybe he wouldn't, before he was able to do it again.

“Lots of time.” He could stay where he was and do it over again if he wanted to. She would like that.

He reached out for a paper towel without moving from her, and folded it.

“I’m going to come out of you soon, and replace myself with this for a few minutes. I won’t be able to come again for a while, though I can try. It will be nice to try. Hold it tight between your legs. It will soak up most of what I left in you and stop it spreading everywhere for others to slip on or discover. But first….” He leaned over her again, mouthing her breasts, kissing them.

He was pushing steadily into her again, rethinking about leaving her just yet, as well as moving rhythmically, as though building up to repeat what he had just done. Surely he would need to recover, or could he just keep going? She felt that he was still very hard. Did he have to leave her? She didn’t want him to. He’d only just got into her.

“No. Too soon to do that again. I’m being too greedy.” He paused, not wanting to leave her, but knowing that he must. “Are you ready for me to come out of you?” She nodded, even though she didn't want him to.

“Three... two... one.” He slowly backed out of her, and then put the paper towel tight up against her as soon as he withdrew. She felt some fluids run down between her cheeks onto the bench. His sperm. She looked at him as he left her. It was glistening wet, from her. And all of that... all of it... that gigantic, wonderful thing, had been in her once-constricted and tight vagina!

She reached out and held him, not wanting to see him go, seeing a whitish fluid still leaking from him into her hand.

She should take some of him up to biology and see what human sperm looked like under the microscope (except other’s might ask where she had got it, so she’d better not label it 'Steve’s,′) but now was obviously not the time to do that. Some other time. And there would be another time, many of them.

He looked into her face, seeing that she was as flushed as he was, as he kissed her.

“That should have got most of it by now.”

He gently took the paper towel away from her vagina and tossed it into the waste can. She noticed that there was some blood on it too. That was normal for the first time, and she was not surprised. Her hymen could not possibly have survived that onslaught from such an appendage (it continued to amaze her), but she had not felt it tear.

Oh, the tales she could tell now, as she and those older girls sat at the edge of the dormitory sipping their hot chocolate before they retired to brush their teeth, and then went to their separate beds or bedrooms to dream of, what? Being held tight in the arms of a naked man; and getting royally fucked, of course. Except she had not been... 'that'... as they described it... they had made love. That was how she would always think about it.

No, she would never dare say anything of this. This was something she would share with no one, but would just listen, as she usually did. She should be careful, however, from her perspective of having actually experienced what being made love to, truly meant, not to correct any obvious mistake or misperception that they might make, and she now had learned that there were many of those misperceptions, concerning what had just happened.

Each day and night that went by now, her store of knowledge about men, one man, would steadily improve, and it would all be happening on the school premises and under all of their noses, however she could contrive to make it happen. If they were careful, no one would know a damned thing about it, or how often they were together in her bed or his, or how many times of a weekend they were intimate, or where!

She would dream of even feeling him leaking from her as she sat and ate breakfast with all of her friends, having seen, and felt him leave her body not ten minutes earlier, and sometimes, there would be that same feeling at lunch too and at dinner. At the moment, however, it was just a wished-for dream that would soon be made real.

Unthinkable and wondrous!

Steve brought her attention back to what needed to be done.

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