Tales Told Out Of School. 3. On Being A Man In A Girls' School.

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Could It Possibly Get Any More Disturbing?

“Now it is your turn, Margaret, now that we have got that more urgent business out of the way. I could never have focused well enough until now, to do anything about it.”

“My turn? In what way? How do you mean?”

“I am sure you noticed at the time, but I caused you an injury too, when I grabbed at you earlier and got caught up in your panties. My hands were not the cleanest after handling pipes and things, and I know that I scratched you after you dropped that wrench on me. I would not like you to become infected.”

No, she might just become pregnant instead, after having his cock into her, and what had happened after that when he had come; also within her.

She mused about that.

'Pregnancy'; a sexually inflicted condition, or infection. The three most entrancing things about sex? A drink before, and a smoke, after. Except she didn’t smoke. Where were these thoughts coming from? Tales told in the officer's mess of course, when they had forgotten she had been in there with her father, as a child.

'And what will you do when you get home, son?'

'Well, sir, the second thing, is that I will take my boots off.'

She tore her mind back to what Steve was saying.

“If you sit back, put a foot on the edge of each sink, I will see to you. You should imagine that your feet are in the stirrups in the Gynecologist’s office as she examines you. Or imagine that I am about to go into you again as I am still tempted to do.”

He could, if he wanted to. The invitation would always be there now. He knew that.

She had never been examined that way, ever, not even by a gynecologist. Steve could examine her that way if he wanted to, and any time. She would return the favor, later.

But she had never been fucked before either. If he wanted to continue that with her, he could.

He picked her panties out of the sink, and ran the hot water over them.

She sat back, and leaned against the wall between the mirrors.

He leaned in closer and began to dribble water onto her, leaning in to kiss her breasts as well as to kiss her on her naval. She liked the attention.

He talked as he gently touched and saw to her. He could even see where he had been into her there and that there was still some sperm leaking from her that he had missed.

He should talk to Margaret about taking precautions. It would not do for her to become pregnant, considering what was promised for her every night going forward from here.

“Unfortunately, there is not a lot of hair to protect you. I see several scratches, but none of them went into your vulva.”

Her ears were burning. She was sitting on a bench in a teacher’s washroom, stark naked, a naked man with a rod like a lance, was tending to her and he was leaning in, close to her vagina and inspecting her. He obviously wanted to be fucking her her again.

She felt him cleaning her off with hot water. She flinched every so often, when he went off script and explored out of sudden curiosity and touched her in a tender place. Everything was sensitive after what he had done to her, and she gasped. She was super-responsive to everything he did and touched on her.

He talked to her all of the time he was doing it.

As a final step he applied a smear of ointment along each scratch, and then put a generous daub of it inside her vagina and along her vulva, wiping his fingers off on his own penis. “Lubricant. Spermicidal too, but it doesn’t say that on the tube.”

She almost laughed, having a man tending to her there, and being gentle about it while discussing things she could never have imagined being talked about.

She felt his fingers gently finding out more about her as he moved her labia around, investigating, but not intruding anywhere again, just yet.

He was still inspecting her personally. But how would he not be curious about her? She wanted him to be curious. She wanted to be curious herself about his body too.

“I see no other injury that I caused, but there is so much more that I would like to be doing.” She felt him lean in and take her totally off guard when he kissed her there, upon her vulva and within it, moving down to her vagina to specifically kiss her there too.

He had grown again. She could see that much about him.

He was itching to make love to her again, and it would be making love after all of the time they had taken to reach this point. She could see it lurking in the back of his mind and in his eyes and she wanted him to do it again as well.

As though reading her mind, he brought her forward again and went into her once more, all of the way. It was so much easier this time and she was not worried, having got all fear about it behind her now. He still went into her slowly.

“We’ll do better this time, now that we took the edge off me with that first time.”

He was about six minutes before he 'came', that second time, giving him even more time to kiss her breasts, and touch her upon them, and in other places, as she felt her own excitement rising.

She smiled, not sure how she could smile as she kissed him and held him, even as she was herself, being so well fucked. She was the one who was now able to speak.

“So now we know that you are properly recovered from what I did to you when I dropped that wrench, and I am off the hook so to speak, but I am not yet off this particular kind of hook, am I?”

“Not until I come out of you you’re not.”

“When might that be?” He moved interestingly within her, and with less urgency this time.

“In about a week. I could get used to this.”

She laughed so delicately.

“We will send an order in to the cafeteria and have our food delivered. Do you think anyone would comment on our absence or speculate about what we might be doing in a woman’s washroom together for so long?”

He thought about something else. “By the way, where is your bedroom located, Margaret? I think I know, but it pays to be sure. I would hate to surprise anyone else when I crawl into her bed tonight.”

She was shocked as well as amused. What did he intend? To spend the night with her? He could if he wanted to. She liked that idea. She was in a separate and private bedroom with a window that opened onto the terrace around the edge of the roof. She would make sure he knew that. Whatever he was thinking of doing, it began to sound interesting.

“I’ll leave my window open for you tonight. I’m on the south side of the roof just back from the parapet. I’ll put a towel over the window ledge. I retire at ten. Lights-out, is at ten-fifteen. No one checks the older girls, so we will be safe, and I will lock my door. The older girls are allowed to do that.”

“I’ll be climbing into your window at about ten-twenty.”

That was when the conversation failed for them both as he went beyond a certain point, despite trying to distract himself by talking to her, and he came again, after warning her.

After he had backed out of her a few minutes later and cleaned all evidence of himself from her with her own panties, he rinsed them out again, squeezed the water out of them, and then used the blow dryer on the wall for a few moments to warm them up.

“They will be damp for a while, but they are at least warm.”

She felt him bring her feet together, slide her panties over them and then lift her off the bench. He brought them up on her body and saw them sitting where they should be (she wriggled, and adjusted them as he watched her) before he saw to putting her bra back on her, playing with her breasts first, kissing them, clearly loath to put them away and out of sight. Then her blouse, fastening the buttons slowly, and then her skirt, wrapping it about her and putting the large decorative safety pin at the hem, holding it closed where it overlapped.

As he had done that for her, she had been wiping him off with a damp paper towel; he was more relaxed now, and then she brought his underwear and shorts up on him, as loath to hide him away as he had been to leave her. She would let him fasten his own belt.

“He smiled at her. “You are a sight to drive any man wild, Margaret. Even when you are dressed.” One man anyway. She had known that, by the way that other part of him had responded to her each time.

She blushed, and nodded, to acknowledge that compliment. “We should have taken this step a year ago when we first met, Steve, but I was not sure about myself, or even you, then.”

He understood that. “Confess, Margaret. You dropped that wrench on me deliberately to achieve this, and then brought me in here to seduce me. As you did.”

Her eyes were wide. She quickly fell into the humor of it. “Alright. I admit it, Steve. I wanted you to do this to me.” They both knew she was joking, but he went along with it.

“What could a good lawyer not do with this? I could bring the entire school down with me, considering the tales of intrigue that I could tell of the temptations surrounding me all of the time. But then I would not be working here any more, and deservedly so. But that might happen anyway if Mrs. Waring finds out about this little wrestling match we both had. However, we did accomplish a lot together in the last twenty minutes.

“I could speak of the hordes of horny older girls and young women exposing themselves to me everywhere; as they do. Mooning me from the bushes, ambushing me out of a window, and not a piece of underwear in sight. Tits and quims everywhere I turn. I cannot move around the school without an escort to protect me from them. And me being driven wild by the haunting miasma of female pheromones from the smells of damp panties.”

He smiled again. “As I seem to have this thing sewn up in court already, I should push my advantage before we leave here and take advantage of you again. If you would like to continue this?”

She laughed, liking this new understanding between them. “I thought we’d already got that out of the way, and that you will be coming to me tonight to continue this.” And she didn’t even blush to discuss it with him.

“Yes, I will. And every night that I am allowed, from here.”

He looked her in the eyes and smiled. “I meant, now. It would be so easy to do. I could lift you back onto the bench, remove your panties again, open myself up, and let these two discover each other again.”

There was a flush upon his cheeks.

She felt like being reckless. “You can if you want to, but we risk being discovered here if you do.” She pointed to the clock.

“Then we’d better not. We’ll save some for tonight and for every night after this. I still have a lot to learn about you, and you, about me.” Although they’d got the difficult introductory part behind them. Everything else would be a gentle experience by comparison.

She had learned a lot about him too. She had the power to get him to do so much for her and would not have minded for it to continue, but the school bell would soon go.

Had they really only just properly met, and had come so far already? Her head was spinning.

He was looking at her in a different way now, and she knew what it meant. Her heart was doing what it should not be doing. Her mind was playing tricks with her body. Her panties were still damp, but it was not from him rinsing them out this time. Most of it was him still leaking from her. Some of it was her.

“I have two requests. Neither of which will harm you so very much more than I already did. At least not yet.”

She had not been harmed by what they had done.

He must know the effect he was having on her.

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