Tales Told Out Of School. 3. On Being A Man In A Girls' School.

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Such simple requests.

She waited to see what he would ask. No matter what it was, the answer would be, yes, even if it was to go back a few steps and continue what they had begun as he went back into her again.

The door was still locked and the bell would not go for at least another few minutes.

“That you have lunch with me each day forward from here, where possible, and never mind the rest of the school seeing us. I notice that, like me, you sit alone in the Cafeteria when Mrs. Waring is not there. You can sit with me, if that will not embarrass you in front of your friends, and you can tell me more about yourself and learn more about me; if we leave anything to be discovered after what we will be doing every night. And, if you can stand the scrutiny of the rest of the school and the rumors.”

She nodded. “I can stand it.” Her eyes twinkled. “Granted. And what is your second question?

“A little more tricky and more personal.”

Could anything be more personal than having sexual intercourse; which they had already done?

“I would very much like to kiss you properly, without it being hurried or clouded by the other things that we were doing earlier. Will you let me kiss you like that, Margaret?”

He was asking if he could kiss her; asking her permission? No, she wouldn’t make any smart comment about him being a gentleman to ask if he might kiss her just after he had been into her body in another, exceptionally intimate, way.

“Though if we do that…. A kiss is a very dangerous thing. We might not be able to get out of here after all, but might get back to more urgent things again.” And they were becoming urgent once more. She could see that already. Already? Again?

Yes, she was beginning to believe that it could dangerous in that case, but no more dangerous for her than what they had already done.

“Why a kiss?”

“To thank you for everything. Helping me as you did, and having the courage to go even further. No one else in this school would have dared bring me in here, but you did; or dare to touch my balls or my John Thomas, and that, intrigues me even more about you. I would like to learn more about you as quickly as possible.” Was there anything else to learn that he did not already know?

“Why a different kind of kiss? How different?”

“You will see. Have you never wanted to live dangerously?” His eyes glowed and everything about him smiled as he asked that question of her.

She was not sure where this was going, but was game for anything, now. “I thought we already did that, and more, and that we would continue that intimate and heated exploration tonight?”

“We will. But what we did was only the first step on a very long path, and that new journey needs to start with a proper kiss and a better degree of understanding between us. Look at it as a contract, a promise between us. A commitment. Even promise of marriage... if you are not scared by that.”

She began to like the sound of this. What woman would ever be scared of the prospect of marriage to such a man? It was her most cherished dream coming true.

She blushed and nodded, accepting everything he was suggesting.

“I am not easily scared by anything after what we just did together, and I like what you are telling me.”

He leaned in and kissed her on the end of the nose taking her by surprise. He also gently touched her on her breasts. Her eyes flashed open.

“Was that it?” She sounded disappointed. “But…”

“No, buts. That was an exploratory venture only to see how you would respond to this new approach.”

“Oh.” She was getting wet again in anticipation. She shouldn’t have let him put her panties back on her. He wanted her again, just as she wanted him to have her.

Steve put his hand at the side of her face, moved close to her again, and she felt his warm lips close over hers.

She closed her eyes and forgot to breathe with what was happening to her, to her entire body. His lips were soft and warm. And gentle. She felt his tongue... begin to investigate ‘her’ tongue. It was marvelous. Why had she never experienced anything like this before? But how could she have done? It needed a man to pay her special attention as was now happening to her. She would never get enough of this. Her way forward... their way forward... was now very clear to her.

He did not move to find out more about her breasts following that touch, as she had half expected, or even to touch her below again. to move her panties to one side and go into her again as he could so easily do, and wanted to do, but continued to kiss her.

When he backed away from her, allowing her to breathe again, the clock on the wall showed that ten seconds had elapsed. Or had it been a minute and ten seconds or even longer, before he let her go from that kiss? She was heady and dizzy. It must have been longer.

He leaned in and kissed her again.

He took her by surprise when she felt him lifting her skirt, go into her panties, and to gently touch at her under there again. She moved her legs apart for him to discover more if he wanted to (she wanted him to), and to find out how damp she had become again. They might not get out of here so easily.

If he wanted her to, she would take them off again.

He smiled at her. “Your panties are still damp, Margaret. Don’t forget to change them.”

He constantly put her off balance, by doing and saying the unexpected.

And she was committed to him for lunch and then for the entire night after that, and for every night going forward from here. She was not sure she would survive until this evening.

He wiped off the counter-top with a paper towel and then let them out, picking up his toolbox.

The corridor was empty. The other girl had gone; knowing nothing of the heated personal drama and intimate intrigue that had gone forward, almost under her nose.

Steve touched her on the elbow. It was the most familiar gesture he would dare do in the open corridor. “Shouldn’t the bell have gone by now, Margaret?”

“Maybe, but that clock is fast by a few minutes.”

He paused. “Damn, In that case we should not waste any more time, but should go back, and pick up where we left off. I can easily move your panties to one side as I was tempted to do. We can lock the bathroom door again and we would not be disturbed.”

She smiled at his daring. He had become aroused again already. “We might miss lunch, and we should not both, miss lunch. That would set tongues wagging.”

He knew that too. “Yes. And we need to build up our energy for tonight. We have a lot of unfinished business to continue, you and I. That was such a promising and impressive beginning of this second stage of our relationship.”

Her eyes flashed to his face. Was there a third stage?

Yes there was, and it would start for them both, tonight.

“I was sufficiently impressed by what I learned about you, Steve, and I look forward to learning much more about that, this evening.” It was fortunate that there was no one else to hear them.

He took a risk by reaching out to gently hold her breast. “I can guarantee that you will. Admit it, that was better than a dry old biology lesson, wasn’t it?”

He had brought that subject of human sexuality to life for her, and there was still some life left in him when they’d had to leave. He could save that for tonight. Or they could go out into the grounds after lunch or after the evening meal. There were many places where they could be private with each other; even making love by standing up against a tree, except they might be followed by hordes of curious girls if they disappeared together.

“Yes, it was.” She blushed. “Now I must go and change out of my damp panties, I really must.” She was barely able to meet his eyes at daring to share that intent with him.

“Yes, you should, but perhaps you could wait for a few minutes while I rush outside, and put my ladder up to the roof, while you show me which is your room by hanging that damp pair out over the sill.” He gently touched her between her legs, lifting her skirt to do so while there was still no one to see them.

“I could even climb in and help you, but if I do, I might never be able to leave, and they would come looking for us both, and by then, my balls will be aching for an entirely different reason.”

She would soon find out all about that for herself.

“But I should not be so greedy. We already decided that I will come to you tonight, and we can continue this. I wonder what Mrs. Waring would think of that; the only girl that I would choose to have assigned to me to protect me from the rest of the school, seducing me, herself.

She had not seduced him. He had seduced her.

She would be happy to be the sacrificial virgin again, as she had been, to protect those other girls, but there was no picking up that particular baton again, and she was already fixed in that role.

They had so many secrets now. Was he serious about coming to her tonight? She had no need to wonder. She knew he would not be able to stay away. She would be watching and waiting for him.

He watched her walk away to get changed for lunch.

She would never dare say anything to anyone about any of this. But she knew that she had fallen in love with him. He may have seen it too, but she could say nothing just yet and nor could he. Not while she was here in the school. Another two weeks, and term and the school year would end, and then they could speak freely about anything. Maybe she would touch on it tonight when he came to her.

The bell went.

She would change both her skirt and her panties. Her blouse too; run a brush through her hair and a damp cloth between her legs (or perhaps not), and go and meet him for lunch.

It would be a beginning--and she would think about it as she got changed--that she had actually held a man; everything he valued, in the palm of her hand, had grasped him, guided him into her; that she had allowed him into her body without flinching over it, and had experienced the wonder of being intimate; of being ‘loved’ for the first, but not the only time. The first time of thousands.

He had also put his hand up her skirt and touched her—another first—but that was only minor, after what he had already touched of her and done to her with her sitting on the bench with no panties on, and her legs far apart for him as he had inspected her, touched her, tended to those scratches, washed her, licked her even, kissed her, and had then made love to her again.

Yes, he had made love to her, rather than that other vulgar interaction, but maybe he didn’t see it that way yet. Not as she did. He soon would. They would talk about that tonight; the difference between being ‘fucked’, and being made love to, though it was all in the eyes and desires of the subjects, and there was a time component to it too. Fucking, was of-the-moment... as between relative strangers; ‘making love’ was a longer-term commitment between those who understood each other.

She paused on the stairs and marveled at what had happened between them, and she had not uttered one word of complaint, or resisted. She had not been scared either. That was the most amazing thing about all of it. She had not been scared. She could still feel him in there, where he had been in her body. It was an exhilarating feeling. She should have left her panties with him. He’d wanted them.

She would not change her panties. She would sit there as they ate lunch, feeling him dribble out of her, and might be able to feel a few thousand, or a few tens of thousands of sperm thrashing around, and tickling her on her bum and within her vagina. She might even tell him that, if she dared, and that she was looking forward to being host to many more of them swimming around in her. They might have to rush outside about then, from the hordes of curious girls, and do something about it.

She should go back and check that she had cleaned everything up on that bench-top between the sinks, and recover that paper towel with his sperm in it, and that hint of blood. It would not do to have that found by the janitor, or there really would be an inquisition. Except Mrs. Waring would know where it had all come from and what had happened at last, so would not take it any further.

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