Tales Told Out Of School. 3. On Being A Man In A Girls' School.

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Settling In.

Steve spent the first week doing an inventory of the maintenance store room, and buying in, needed tools and supplies. He had been given a surprisingly generous budget and more responsibility than he had first expected as he had listened to Mrs. Waring describe what she wanted to see, and then left him to get on with it.

He would have a free hand to bring in contractors for some of the more picky, unskilled jobs around the school, like painting or tiling, as well as for general construction; they needed new front steps and the portico lights needed replacing. Within as little as two days Mrs. Waring knew she had made the right decision about him, and he began to feel that he had landed in the right place too.

He knew that the eyes of this all-female world were upon him, judging him, waiting for him to put a foot wrong as he worked in this vulnerable environment, and so he generally kept out of the way of the more busy areas of the school during the day and did most of the work in the school of an evening, working in the attics, on the roof, or on the outside of the school during the day.

The school was used to contractors being brought in to work in various areas, but with him taking over most of those responsibilities, there were fewer of those, and the girls began to see more of just him, and to get used to him.

He had a list of those larger jobs that needed to be done as time and opportunity permitted, including security cameras in most of the corridors and classrooms, all of which fed back into the main office. Other jobs were added to that list as he discovered them, or as Mrs. Waring thought of something else she wanted done.

Mrs. Waring saw that he was more than capable of deciding his own priorities and kept out of his way, but was always aware of where he was and what he was doing. That, was essential in a girl's school. One could never be too careful where a man was concerned.

She had a copy made of his list of activities each day so that she knew of his schedule and where he would be. She even gave him a set of keys to match her own, giving him access to all areas of the school at any hour, including the offices and all laboratories. He would use them only if he needed to.

He wasn’t even vaguely interested in any of the girls, except, Mrs. Waring had noticed a spark of interest between him and Margaret on that first day when their eyes had met. There was always one problem ready to develop like that in every school, so she’d watch them both. There had been nothing in Margaret’s records to suggest any difficulties that way, so maybe she had been mistaken.

Apart from that first list of jobs that Steve worked from, there was a second list of emergency jobs that absolutely could not wait. There were several of those jobs that cropped up each day, with doors that would not open or close, light-fixtures and bulbs that needed replacing, light switches that no longer functioned, and electrical plugs to bring up to date, ongoing plumbing difficulties (common, where girls tended to plug the toilets with items that should not be discarded down toilets, despite what discreet notices told them about not disposing of feminine items in the bowls); leaking faucets, and a few issues in the dormitories that a group of mischievous girls had caused, to get him in there. He always sought to have an escort with him at those times. It was the same when he had to go into the toilets to fix anything.

Whenever he had to go into those toilets he always had a teacher with him to ensure no one came in while he was there. Certain of the girls were becoming interested in him and were gradually becoming more adventurous and daring around him to try and attract his attention to them.

He ignored them. They didn’t exist. Lint!

He also took on the task of bringing the neglected swimming pool across in the unused annex, back into use and making sure that the heating system and the automatic chlorination worked. The girls would be pleasantly surprise to learn that there was a swimming pool that they would soon be able to use.

From that very first day he worked such irregular hours that Mrs. Waring decided that he should be given accommodation somewhere, but in the Annex, and in apartments above the swimming pool, well-away from the girls and where they slept, and tried to ensure that none of those girls knew it, or they might try to pester him.

She also saw that he had full access to the cafeteria to take all of his meals there, but he chose to do that before the girls flooded into there, or just after they had gone back to classes. There had been no obvious difficulties with that routine yet, but there was nothing stopping him from eating at the same time as everyone else, other than his own preferences. He found the environment too noisy and couldn’t take it. He liked peace and quiet.

On his fourth day there he bumped into Miss Gilbert again late in the afternoon. He recognized her and had been pleased to see her, which quite surprised her. He was able to speak, as there were no other girls to overhear them or to spread tales. She was in her school uniform and looked to be settling in, as he was. She looked lost in an empty corridor with no one to ask for directions and was studying her curriculum, so he paused in what he was on his way to do.

She looked very attractive, dressed in the uniform, but he knew he should not say anything about that. Young women were very defensive that way if an older man spoke to them, and this was neither the time nor the place. She might resent it and suspect his motives with her.

“We meet again, Miss Gilbert. May I help you? You seem uncertain of where to go.” He was soft spoken, which she already knew, and always expressed himself well when she had overheard him on that tour with Mrs. Waring as they had come through the library, where she had first settled herself to wait for her first class, revealing his formal education.

She would always be curious about the conflict between his obviously excellent education and the job he was choosing to do. She was puzzled by this conflict and would eventually learn more about him. She would like to ask Mrs. Waring about that but knew that she shouldn’t.

She stammered. “Mr. Rutherford.” Everyone knew his last name, and that that was how he was to be addressed. “I… I’m looking for room twenty-nine. I’m late for my class. That’s the only room I am unable to find in the school.” She had a feeling of prickly heat around her waist, and knew that she was blushing again. He must be able to see how confused she was, and not just because she was lost for a moment, but because he was looking at her in that way again, that she had first seen in the office. Did he look at the other girls like this? Did he give them palpitations? Make their nipples become erect? She had to clench her legs together, worried for a moment that she had wet herself, but she hadn’t. She'd suddenly become moist as well as breathless. That, had never happened to her before in that obvious a way. What did it mean? What was he doing to her? It was almost as though he were touching her; caressing her where no man had ever touched. She'd never felt like this before, and she didn’t like the feeling of helplessness that came over her.

He was still smiling, able to sense her confusion by the way she was looking at him, blushing and him, at her. She began to wonder if she had forgotten to dress that morning and was wandering the corridors stark naked.

He knew exactly where that room was.

“It is next to the computer lab where I am going—emergency problem again—and on the other side of the school. We can walk together if that will not present a problem for you, being seen walking with me, but at least it’s a quiet time with classes just having gone in. You can follow me if you like.” He was thinking of her possibly being embarrassed to be seen walking with him if anyone saw them?

She had no such concerns and found the courage to respond. “It won’t present a problem.”

No, it wouldn’t. “And I will walk with you, not, follow you. I am not that concerned about being seen in your company.” Being seen wasn’t the problem. If she were not careful he would find out too much about her and her obvious confusion when she came close to him.

“Good. Being defiant of what others might think or say is the best way.” What did he mean? She dared say nothing else for a few moments, and wondered how she could start up the conversation again, but couldn’t.

Then, she dropped her books while trying to go up only three steps to another level in the corridor. She almost went sprawling indecorously herself, except he caught her arm—moving very quickly; fast reflexes—and held her on her feet. He had large, strong hands and he steadied her with one hand holding her arm securely, and the other at her waist in front of her, touching into her blouse which had been forced open by his swift reaction as he had turned into her, stopping her hitting the floor. His hand was resting on the bare skin of her abdomen just above her skirt.

He was too close to her, and she felt light-headed. He was also touching her personally with his fingers splayed on her skin and even extending down into the waist of her skirt, where he could probably feel the top of her panties too.

It was the first time they'd ever touched, and her legs became so weak she almost could not stand without his continued support. He looked concerned for her but said nothing, waiting for her to recover.

When he found that she could stand for herself after a few seconds, he went down the steps and began to pick up her papers as she sat heavily on the top step, unable to help him for a few moments. He looked up at her every so often, concerned for her. Then she realized how she was sitting, and that he would be able to see under her skirt, which was well back on her knees; even see her panties (oh, god! they might be damp too, and that would be very obvious) as well as everything in her dazed expression. She brought her legs together and stood up quickly as he smilingly brought her books up to her. He had seen her response and knew why she'd stood up. She was still blushing and holding her skirt down against her legs, as though it were ready to fly up of its own accord as he came close to her.

What the hell was the matter with her? She tucked her blouse back in, as he held her steady once more.

“Thank you.”

“You are very welcome, Miss Gilbert.” He smiled so nicely at her with a sparkle in his eyes as though they both had been thinking the same things; intimate things, as he had looked at her and had seen under her skirt. He made his response sound so personal between them by putting that word, 'very' in there, and as though he were sincere about it too.

There had not been a time in his company; three times now, when she had not blushed and had to clench her legs when he looked at her, and she didn’t understand it. Though she did. She was attracted to him along with a hundred other girls no matter their ages, and probably a few of the teachers too, though he seemed to have no time for them. He seemed to be attracted to her, and did have time for her. The competition for his attention was fierce, though it was all very gentle and not so aggressive.

It was far too dangerous to bring a man like him into the school. Not dangerous for the girls, but for him, except he seemed to ignore everyone.

Whenever she had seen him at a distance in the corridor or when he was working outside, he studiously ignored all of the girls except her, as though he constantly singled her out and had been looking for her. Only for her, and his face seemed to brighten when he saw her. He had never spoken to any other girl in the school that she was aware of. But maybe that was just her imagination.

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