Tales Told Out Of School. 3. On Being A Man In A Girls' School.

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There is a Swimming Pool?

Mr. Rutherford was always in and out of the school somewhere dealing with numerous small problems during the day, and for emergencies, as now. He always seemed to have a following of older girls close by, trying to flirt with him and endeavoring to attract his attention, except when there was a teacher or one of the older, more sensible girls in their final year with him and then the others kept farther back from him. This was a first for her. She was alone with him as no other of the girls ever were, and she felt the excitement of it.

She didn’t have to worry about something to say as he began the conversation, putting her more at ease as they walked. She hugged her books closer to her as though to hide her prominent breasts and their suddenly hard nipples because of him, and what he was unconsciously doing to her, intent on not dropping her books again as he spoke, always staying close to her in case she stumbled again. If he touched her again as intimately and familiarly as he had when he had caught her she was not sure how she would respond.

“So, are you settling into the school and its routines?”

“I am, thank you. And you?” It was a safe conversational gambit. Tit for tat. The weather, next. But safe... my foot. He must be able to see her blushing and her uncertainty when she came close to him.

Oh, god, She was being too obvious. He must be able to read her like a book.

“It’s a big change from what I was used to but it keeps me busy.” She would ask, some other time, what it was that he had been used to, but there were so many questions she wanted to ask. He continued.

“The food is good, and also better than I was used to, and there is always plenty of it. I need to get some weight back on.” He didn’t look like he needed to put any on. He was smaller in stature than her father who was very tall, but Steve... Mr. Rutherford, was much more solid. “I’ll soon get used to the routine once I get on top of all of the small things that have been neglected. The first week in a new location is always the worst. I like the quiet isolation here.”

It was rarely quiet where she was, but she took refuge in the library where it was quiet, and the time just flew by. She had almost missed lunch once, and would have done except one of the kitchen staff saw her and steered her into the staff dining area, empty at that time, and waited on her.

She heard, and saw that Steve was working somewhere in the kitchen as all of the dishes from three hundred girls were being washed up by hand and put away. There were so many girls, that they ate in three shifts, but she had missed hearing the last bell. Steve was repairing the water line leading to the automatic dishwashers.

When she had finished eating, she heard them discussing how helpful he had been, and if they’d had to get an outside contractor in it might have taken days to get it done, and what it would have cost. They’d even decided that no matter what he might want at any time after that he was going to get it, and that they’d put a few meals away in the fridge so that he could microwave a meal any time of day or night for himself if there was no one there to wait on him.

Margaret knew that the kitchen staff were always ready to do anything for him no matter the hour, after he had seen to several ongoing problems like that in their kitchen, and which made their lives much easier. She had heard them talking about how shy he must be, having to eat alone like that, after the others had all left, and wondered why he didn’t eat with the teachers or even in the main dining room with the older girls on that third call. Most men would leap at the chance. Why didn’t he eat with them? He didn’t seem that shy to them.

No. He shouldn’t eat with the others. He might have a large open space around him, or he might be mobbed, and some of the girls wouldn't be able to eat, pining away, watching him. She might be one of them. It would soon change. Mrs. Waring would see to that. She seemed to keep a motherly eye on him as well as on her girls.

The silence dragged on so she realized that he was giving her a chance to speak now. “Are you staying in town?”

He looked at her and smiled. He was always smiling except when he was concentrating of what he was doing.

“No. Not yet. I have a room there with a distant relative, but I only spent one night there so far, and I haven’t been able to leave here at a reasonable hour for days, not with the hours I decided I needed to keep to get the work done, but the pressure will let up in another month or two. Mrs. Waring is letting me stay in the Annex at those times, above the swimming pool where I can’t bother anyone, and no one can bother me.”

There was a swimming pool? She was suddenly attentive.

“I’m gradually furnishing the place and moving in there. It was used as an apartment at one time for one of the teachers so there was already a fully equipped kitchen as well as toilets and bedroom, and some furniture. It also lets me work on the swimming pool of an evening to get it functioning, and then I can get back to swimming again before I turn it over to the school. I desperately need the exercise.”

So did she. “I didn’t know there was a pool here.”

“It was donated about twenty years ago. I knew about it because I was here, briefly, as a pupil, ten years ago when it was a boy’s school and it was in use then, but it hasn’t been used for about five years or more. It was drained and it needed repairs.” He continued to tell her more of the school’s history.

She hadn't known he'd been a pupil here.

“Five years ago was when the girls’ school next door; Mrs. Waring’s school, took over the property and moved into these premises, and it went from being a boys’ boarding school to a girls’ boarding school. The only thing that had needed to be done then was to upgrade the heating system, and to transform all of the toilets.”

Of course. Girls had no use for urinals, but one or two of them had mischievously decided to try and use them standing up to pee like boys did. It had generally been an unqualified failure and they did not try again.

He smiled at her again with that smile he had, causing her to clutch her books harder. Her nipples felt like mini Mount Everests. He must be able to see them!

The girls would never know what had gone on in the toilets there, or in the dormitory with all of those hordes of horny boys dreaming about naked girls and sex, and wanking off; masturbating endlessly in the toilets and bathrooms, and in their beds, as boys, most boys, did. They couldn’t help themselves. If they didn’t do it for themselves there, then it would happen when they were asleep. A wet dream it was called. Damned unsatisfying!

The girls would never sleep if they could sense any of those fluids on their sheets to discomfort their squeaky little quims. He almost laughed at the way his thoughts were going. If Margaret knew what he was thinking, even about her, from time to time after seeing her damp panties as he had when she had sat on that top step, and even now, she would be blushing again and so would he. She would also decide that he was not someone she should want to know.

“Room twenty–nine is that door there.” He pointed as he touched her arm. “It’s a small classroom, no more than ten desks. I am needed here.” He indicated the computer lab.

“Until our next accidental meeting, then.” He watched her walk away, entranced by the way she moved and the way her hips swayed. She had gorgeous breasts, and he had noticed her nipples standing out as they had... and her blushing confusion. She had the same effect on him but hadn’t said anything about him ‘bulging’ anywhere.

He’d been expelled for what had happened in that small classroom; room twenty-nine. Expelled for assaulting a teacher!

Mrs. Waring had known about it. In fact she had passed him his file as a student from the old archives that remained from the boys school and let him deal with it himself. She didn’t ask him about it. It hadn’t seemed to bother her that he had been expelled. She obviously knew more about him and that incident than he had realized, and it had got them off on a good footing. At least she knew the worst about him, so there would be no surprises for her there.

She hadn’t needed to warn him about any of the girls, and what they might be capable of doing to try and attract his attention. He’d find that out for himself and she’d always be close by, somewhere. If she had to intervene, she would know who to blame, and it wouldn't be him.

When he left the lab twenty minutes later after solving their problem, he bumped into Margaret again.

He seemed pleased to see her, and brightened up. “We meet again. No class?”

She felt more relaxed now, with them having broken the ice between them. She had been pleased to see him too, and it gave her another idea.

“No, there was a class, but I am the only student, and the teacher was not there but she left me an assignment to do before next week. Boolean Algebra.” She smiled at him. He was easy to smile with. He seemed to understand what that abstruse subject was, which deepened her interest even more.

Now was her chance. “You say you are working on the swimming pool?”

He nodded.

“Would it be possible for me to see it? I miss swimming and I have no classes to go to.” She was being daring. He would put her off, of course and keep her at arm’s length as he did with all of the other girls. That would be the safe thing to do.

He surprised her. “Of course it is possible. If you dare be alone in my company again.”

Her fear had dissipated like a morning mist in the warm sun. “I think I can risk it. When will it be ready for swimming?” They walked slowly back to the main entryway.

“I just filled it again after repairing some of the tiling and cleaning the drains out. The heating system works, and so does the chlorination system. It will take a while to heat it, but I should be able to turn it over to the school in a few more days, once I get all of the showers functioning again. It’s almost there. I’ll get the painters in tomorrow before it gets too warm and humid in there.”

“How have you managed to do all of that in the short time you’ve been here?”

She knew how. He never seemed to stop. He had even got the bicycle track which criss-crossed the property, cleared of fallen branches and trees and opened up for use once more. It would serve as a cross-country ski track when snow came. If snow came.

“I stay busy and I have a long list of things to do. I need only a few hours sleep a night, and the swimming pool was a priority for me. Don’t forget I used to attend this school so I know all of it’s secrets, peculiarities, and attractions, and what needs to be done. There are too few distractions for the girls here, just as there were too few for us boys, and I need to remedy that before winter comes or everyone will go stir-crazy.” He smiled at her again.

“I’ll take you over there once I drop these things off with the Headmistress and let her know where I’ll be, and that you will be with me (to avoid any awkward complications and questions afterward), and then we can go over there. I’ll make sure you are back for the evening meal, and so that Mrs. Waring can see that you survived my company, though dinner’s still a couple of hours away.”

What did he mean, survived his company? Of course she would survive. He had a sense of humor that no one else saw.

She looked up at him. “Then I’ll meet you here in five minutes if that’s alright? I need to drop these off in my room, and change.” She indicated her books from the day, but didn’t need to tell him that because of him, she needed to change her damp panties and put a better quality bra on, that hid more of that other problem with her rebellious breasts.

He nodded and watched her walk quickly away, admiring everything he could see about her; the way her hips swayed; and that, on top of the way she'd looked at him. He wondered if she could sense how he felt about her already. Hopefully, not. It could get dangerous for him if she did.

He turned and walked to the school office to let the headmistress know where they would be. Mrs. Waring didn’t need any surprises about where he was, when there was an older girl not accounted for and he was nowhere to be seen either, although she usually did know where she could find him.

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